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Sunday, September 20, 2020

Mantid Takeover

Do aliens live among us? Technologically advanced creatures from another star or dimension which have the ability to appear human but are, in fact, extraterrestrials? Could they be hiding in plain sight?

What's their agenda; power, wealth, world domination and the enslavement of humanity? The gradual replacement of mankind with a race of freakish hybrids, drones of the hive mind collective which slavishly do their off-world rulers' bidding?

Are they present in the very institutions we hold dear? The Armed Forces, our revered political class, media and entertainment industry? Even Hollywood itself may not be exempt. To say nothing of our financial institutions, perhaps you remember Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

Some say aliens, Mantis People or Mantids, can even be found at the highest levels of our Holy Mother the Church, where they subvert and twist the Gospel for their own purple-robed, insectoid ends.

Here at the Compound we reached out to Lambeth Palace for comment, but spokespyrsxns for Archbishop Justsin Welby refused to return our calls. 

Were they too busy purging systemic racism, tearing down statues, and creating gender neutral safe spaces for once innocent CoE students? 

Possibly. Never forget, Mantids do not think as we do.

Ad Astra,


Saturday, May 9, 2020

So What Next?

The states are starting to open up again as we discover the Chinese Plague bioweapon's not going to kill everyone. Thank God. So, what next? Don't forget, readers, anything could happen in the next few months and let's hope it's not a shooting war in the South China Sea.

In the meanwhile, the former head of the CIA, Commie, Islamist John Brennan is getting poetic on social media, and the Magic 0's making panic calls to try and keep Ukraine quiet. 

Some argue space aliens live amongst us.

Ad Astra,


Sunday, October 13, 2019

Church of England Seekers Flock to Hill in Thailand

It may sound like science fiction but UFO seekers are flocking to a hill in northwest Thailand in the hope of spotting the venerable if illusive Church of England. They say it's the same old rock and a journey.

"We use a crocodile-infested lake as a portal from their planets, " said one user, "Pluto and Loku. And while it may sound like science fiction, messages from aliens arriving in spaceships include plenty of off-beat if culturally normative religious teachings too -- yes, I believe they are actually from the Church of England."

"It's all happening three hours by road or rail north from Bangkok in Nakhon Sawan, there it is, the Church of England," opined another church-watcher, "which translates to 'Not The City of Heaven.'" Others aren't too sure.

"Without all the UFO hype, it's just a laid-back small town, risible joke," said a local expert, "But followers believe that if you meditate on Khao Kala hill, outside of Nakhon Sawan, you'll hear the talkative silver bishops as voices in your head, speaking whatever language your thoughts usually chatter. Ignore them."

Ignore them? As you were.

Ad Astra,


Monday, July 29, 2019

Abductee Says Do Not Contact Evil Aliens

Alien abductee Daryl Sims has issued a dire warning to humanity in an explosive online interview, do not contact aliens because they are malevolent and evil con artists: 

"When people have a positive contact experience, that means you have accepted the program. Some people have died as a result of attempting alien contact while others have been injured. 

  They Come to Help!

"You will experience a feeling of awe and that the aliens are here to help the planet and all these wonderful things – none of which they have ever done."

Sims continued, stating that abductees have been kidnapped by space aliens and regret the experience, they "don't like what happens":


"On the other hand, there is another group called alien abductees, who feel they have been kidnapped or taken without their will. These people often remember parts of the event, sometimes all of it and they don’t like what happens."

 A Typical Grey

Spokespersons for the Episcopal Church, Anglican Church of Canada, the Church of England and Pope Francis declined to comment.

Here at the Compound we urge extreme caution when interacting with extraterrestrials.

Ad Astra,


Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Time Traveler Brings Back Photos Of Life On Mars

Proof has finally emerged that life exists on Mars, in the year 3812. Photos brought back by a young time traveler known only as "Mary", reveal buildings, a cathedral, and humanoid creatures living on the inhospitable surface of the red planet.

“Mars was very interesting and at the same time very frightening," stated Mary, 37, "It looked like a desert with many buildings and York Minster, I immediately took a photo. You can see the spaceships on which we came, you can also see the buildings."

The time traveler met with one Mars creature who called himself "Justsin" and wore a black coat. The humanoid took her for a ride in his flying car to see "the Sentamu."

“I was walking through the city when a man came to me who was wearing a black coat. His name was Justsin, he asked me to follow him to see 'the Sentamu' and we walked away and went to his car. 

"I couldn’t forget that emotion when I was flying above York Minster, on Mars.”

Ad Astra,


Thursday, May 3, 2018

Time Traveler Exposes Grey Aliens!

A mysterious time traveler from 2030 has made the shocking claim that space aliens from another planet are living here on earth.

Wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, the time traveler, named Roman, told Apex TV that the aliens are called Greys and are typically tall, with bad eyesight, high foreheads and receding hair. 

And while some are already living on earth, Roman says more will come in the near future:

As I said, in your time there are already Greys inhabiting Earth, and whenever they see that it is peaceful for them, they decided to come here in multitudes.
At first we thought it was an alien invasion. We thought it was an attack on planet Earth.

While skeptics dismiss Roman's claims,  truth might be stranger than fiction, with Grey aliens hiding in plain sight.

Lambeth Palace declined to comment.

Ad Astra,


Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Bishops Abandon ACoC!

Do you remember ACoC, the tiny Canadian Anglican franchise? Perhaps not, you've been busy watching Ice Ice Baby on a continuous loop. But press pause and listen up; ACoC's bishops are abandoning their dimunitive denomination in droves.

ACoC Bishop Figures

Archbishop Fred Hiltz, ACoC supremo, has announced his resignation. Michael Bird, Bishop of Niagara, Colin Johnson of Toronto, Donald Phillips of Rupert's Land and now Archbishop Privett of Kootenay and The People, have all told the world they're Xing out of ACoC.

Why are these bishop figures leaving the church they helped to destroy build? Here's Samizdat:

Time We Left This Planet

They are all liberal and heartily endorse same-sex marriage. Why have they all decided to leave now? Do they know something we don’t about the fate of the ACoC? Are they concerned that there is no future for them in the ACoC because they are all heterosexual? Have they reached that stage in life when ambition yields to the sad realisation that all the ecclesiastical mayhem that can possibly be inflicted on the Anglican Communion in one lifetime has already been wrought during their climb up the greasy clerical pole?

Return To The Source!

All good questions but let's apply Occam's Razor. Could it be that, work done, the Mothership is calling them home?

Food for thought, eh?


Thursday, October 12, 2017

Amazing Pyramid Church Caught on Camera!

Amazing camera footage has captured a skyborne pyramidal structure, which appears to be the Church of England. The pyramid has been seen in multiple locations.

Josh Edbow was startled when he saw the Church of England zig-zagging in the air above Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.

"I was minding my own business when all of a sudden it appeared, zig-zagging in the sky. It was shaped like a giant pyramid," said Edbow, "The Church made a kind of whistling noise, it sounded like 'con-seq-uences.' Then it disappeared behind a water tower."

The same object was seen above the Hebei Luannan power plant in Tangshan City, China, spinning rapidly before becoming invisible.

"The Church of England span very fast," stated one power plant worker, "Then it vanished! There was a wind, the Church was still there, but invisible."

The Church of England was accompanied by a strange smaller craft in the China sighting. 

This too became invisible after spinning wildly. Experts speculate it was the Scottish Episcopal Church.

Ad Astra,


Thursday, July 27, 2017

Alien Invasion

Are there aliens living amongst us? Technologically advanced creatures from another star or dimension that have the ability to appear human but are, in fact, extraterrestrials? Could they be hiding in plain sight?

A Hybrid

And what's their agenda; power, wealth, world domination and the enslavement of humanity? The gradual replacement of mankind with a race of freakish hybrids; drones of the hive mind collective that slavishly do their off-world rulers' bidding?

A Mantis Person 

Evidence points to their presence in the Church, the Armed Forces, our revered political class, media and entertainment industry. Even Hollywood may not be exempt. 

Space Alien 

Some argue that the burgeoning New World Order itself and its transnational billionaire socialist elitocracy is nothing less than an off-world cabal, hellbent on subjugating the human race.

Speaking of hell, others claim that space aliens aren't to blame but demons are. And note this, Baphomet is trans. Food for thought, eh?

Out Demons, Out.

Your Pal,


Monday, July 17, 2017

Sightings Reveal Diocese of Oxford And Communion Hybrids

Newly declassified files from the UK's Ministry of Defence reveal a close encounter of the bizarre kind, detailing a chance sighting of the Diocese of Oxford.

An Oxfordshire resident saw the off-world diocese hovering over a field in 1998, where it made crop circles. According to the anonymous witness, the mysterious object was 40 foot tall, pink, covered in flashing lights and decorated with the diocesan logo, a large Egyptian Ankh.


The observer sent drawings of the strange craft to the MOD, stating,"I have developed contact with these craft and their enemy forces." However, the MOD did not investigate and the object disappeared.

Communion Hybrid

In related news, ET xenologists have discovered a new form of semi-extraterrestrial life, the Anglican Communion Hybrid. Communion Hybrids are believed to be part human, part alien Grey and have "telepathic" powers.

"The being (Communion Hybrid) seemed to be telepathic," stated one expert, "And his appearance was rough and weathered as in premature aging."

A Grey

According to an eyewitness' drawing, the humanoid appeared to be malformed and suffering from a form of mental illness. These apparent physical defects reveal that hybridization is potentially vulnerable to error, indicating that the Grey's genetic program experienced random error beyond their control.

Random Error

When questioned about their part in the hybrid program, the Diocese of Oxford refused to comment.

Ad Astra,


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Bishop Bruno's Shadow Caught in Space?

Remarkable camera footage from the International Space Station (ISS) shows what appears to be a dark shadow cast into the icy void of deep space, which some believe comes from the outsized Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles.

"Some call him [Bruno] a compassionate champion of social justice. Others see him as a cunning bully. Many Episcopal hierarchs around the United States have similarly bifurcated reputations," stated one pundit, "It's no wonder he cast a dark shadow in space."

The ISS spacecam shows the dark shadow thrown by Bishop Jon Bruno gradually fading as a small blurred object moves into view. 

Bruno has announced his intention to retire after this year's diocesan convention. He will be replaced by Rev John Taylor, a former Chief of Staff to Richard Nixon.

Now fading, Bruno is famous in church circles for selling church property to developers, suing congregations and appointing lesbians to positions of power. 

Ad Astra,


Monday, January 16, 2017

Anglican Instruments of Communion Flash Past Space Station!

UFO enthusiasts were stunned when live footage from the International Space Station (ISS) revealed the Anglican Instruments of Communion flashing past the spaceship like bright lights.

In live footage uploaded by ET experts, mysterious glowing lights can be seen moving across the backdrop of planet Earth. However, when the strange Instruments of Communion get too close for comfort, an astronaut appears to block the camera's view.

The Instruments of Communion

This has led some experts to speculate that the long lost Instruments of Communion do, in fact, exist. However, conspiracy theorists claim that the lights are part of an elaborate "cover up."

"These are some incredible clips, I've never seen any of them. How could anyone possibly debunk these?" said one UFO pundit, while a conspiracy theorist stated, "No one's fooled. It's an elaborate cover up by Lambeth Palace, they don't want us [to] know that the Instruments are lost in space."

Cover Up?

The enigmatic Anglican Instruments of Communion are: The Archbishop of Canterbury, the Lambeth Conference, the Primates Meeting and the Anglican Consultative Council. 

A Space Alien

These were reported missing in the 1970s when the Episcopal Church (TEC) ordained women clergypersons and have been sporadically sighted over the last 40 years.

Justin Welby's Tailor

Archbishop Justin Welby was unavailable for comment.

Ad Astra,