Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year!

Wishing you all a blessed, joyous and happy New Year
from the bucolic Mesquite Groves of
Olde Texas!

Be safe and God bless,


Friday, December 30, 2016

Obama v. Putin: Small, Weak, Spiteful and Lame

Everyone knows that outgoing President, Barak Obama, is small and weak compared to Russian strongman, Vladimir Putin, but the comparison grew more invidious still when the lame duck architect of hope and change decided to expel 35 Russian diplomats in retaliation for alleged spying. 


Rather than reply in kind and escalate tensions between the US and Russia, Putin wrote this:

The diplomats who are returning to Russia will spend the New Year’s holidays with their families and friends. We will not create any problems for US diplomats. We will not expel anyone. We will not prevent their families and children from using their traditional leisure sites during the New Year’s holidays. Moreover, I invite all children of US diplomats accredited in Russia to the New Year and Christmas children’s parties in the Kremlin.

And in conclusion:

It is regrettable that the Obama Administration is ending its term in this manner. Nevertheless, I offer my New Year greetings to President Obama and his family.
My season’s greetings also to President-elect Donald Trump and the American people.
I wish all of you happiness and prosperity.


What can we say. Obama decides to end his presidency by bullying children and attempting to reignite the Cold War, all on the premise of Russian hacking in the US election. Hacking for which there's not a shred of evidence outside the anguished snarls of Team Hillary, who weren't too happy about their emails being made public.

A Typical Putin Obama Selfie

Putin, on the other hand, looks forward to working with America and its new President and chooses to not engage in "kitchen sink" diplomacy.

A Familiar Spanking Scene

Which person looks small, weak, spiteful and lame, Vladimir Putin, or Barack Hussein Obama?

Your call,


Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Carrie Fisher is Dead

Bye, Princess Leia. 
Yea, you were once our hero 
But now you are dead.

The best cinnabon
Means almost nothing to you
Now that you have died.

Ave Atque Vale.


The MAGA Snow Globe!

Giving and receiving gifts is one of the beauties of the Christmas season, especially if the gift is a Make America Great Again (MAGA) Snow Globe, featuring our new President in full Napoleonic regalia.


Hold the MAGA Snow Globe still and look into the resolute eyes of our new Commander. So different from the shifty glance of the last miscreant to hold office. 

Winter Wonderland

Then shake the globe and let it snow!

If you want to play your part in making America great again, get a genuine MAGA Snow Globe by emailing the Compound with your order and our hardworking team of specialists will rush one to you in the mail (price on request). Satisfaction guaranteed.



Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Melania Mondays!

My not-so-smart-phone buzzed like an angry locust as a text came screeching through the ether. "WHERE'S MELANIA MONDAYS!" OK, OK, BW, calm down, no one's forgotten and here it is, the next installment of the ever popular series on Melania, America's attractive and popular First Lady.

Melania, Looking Typically Good

What's Melania been up to? Going to Christmas Eve Mass in a mini dress, for a start, and guess what, the crowd cheered. Who can blame them? Not us, that's for sure.

But what do you think. Was the stylish and kind presidential consort somehow inappropriate in her impeccable dress sense? Not according to the cheering congregation, no doubt about it.

Merry Christmas, Melania!

Here at the Compound, we wish Melania the very best Christmastide.

There's that 'phone again! "CHOP, CHOP," it says. 



Sunday, December 25, 2016

Firing up the Mess...

You know what it's like on Christmas day in LSPland. Open up the gag gift from Putin (a Hillary action figure, thanks, Vlad...), put on a fresh H&H shirt (Harvie & Hudson, check out bargain sale) and make sure the Mess is order. And that's all good.

Sorry Elitocracy. Ho, Ho, Ho!

Crystal, silver, linen, candles, a turk in the oven and friends and family converging from around the world. I love that. It's all good.

In #TrumpsAmerica

Merry Christmas!


Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas!

Eternal God,
who made this most holy night
to shine with the brightness of your one true light:
bring us, who have known the revelation
of that light on earth,
to see the radiance of your heavenly glory;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Merry Christmas and God bless,


Friday, December 23, 2016

Check Out This Piece Of Trash


Check it out, a piece of trash I found in the street as I was walking Blue Steak Eater. There it was, lying in the gutter, along with the cast-off weaves, rusting needles and associated curbside debris which is all that remains of the Democrats' wanton lust for power.

A Typical Texas Street Scene

In associated news, President Putin has sen a cordial letter to President Trump, sensibly implying an entente between our two powers. Note that the Russian strongman and former KGB Colonel signs off his missive by referring to President Trump as "His Excellency." 

Obama had a rather different treatment at the hands of the Russians, but that's another story again.

Your Friend,


ISIS, Naughty or Nice?

ISIS, the famous Muslim terror group, naughty, or nice? Watch this short infovideo to see what Santa says!

Thanks, TC, for the tip.

Aloha Snackbar,


Jihad Savage Shot Dead

Anis Amri, the crazed Muslim savage who went truck jihad in Berlin, has been shot dead in Milan by police.

Amri, left Tunisia in 2011 and entered Italy, claiming to be a Syrian refugee. He was subsequently jailed for arson and robbery and became radicalized in prison. Amri then took his newfound faith in the religion of peace to the streets of Berlin, where he killed 12 people by ramming a truck into a crowded Christmas market.

Jihad Savage Shot Dead

The Jihad savage released a video, pledging allegiance to ISIS and vowing to kill "crusader pigs." He was stopped at a roadblock in Milan and killed when he opened fire on police.

Look at all those peace loving members of the Religion of Peace!

Listen up, Germans, and everyone else. If you don't want more Muslims killing people at Christmas markets, you'd better wake up and take the Jihad seriously. That means eradicate the threat. 

I'll leave you, the reader, to reflect on method.

Deus Vult,


Thursday, December 22, 2016

Ivanka Abused by Rainbow Rider

Two rainbow riders, Dan Goldstein and his "wife", Matthew Lasner, weren't too happy when they noticed that Ivanka Trump was flying commercial with them on JetBlue. So Matthew's "husband," Dan, decided to verbally attack President Trump's attractive daughter.

Gay Dan

"Your father is ruining the country," said Gay Dan to Ivanka as she looked after her children. According to one account, Degenerate Dan then started screaming, "Why is she on our flight. She should be flying private."

Pink Matt

Gay Dan and Pink Matt were subsequently kicked off the flight for their rude and abusive behavior, even though Ivanka, who is known for her kindness and good looks, asked that the airline didn't make it a "thing."

You can read the whole sordid tale of two rich homosexual libs abusing a woman who was looking after her children, here.

Ivanka before she was attacked by Gay Dan

What do you think should happen to the two degenerate rainbow riders, as you ask yourself why the Secret Service didn't shoot Gay Dan and Pink Matt. Here's Sig's take:

An example needs to be made. Limbs must be broken, teeth forcibly excavated and ears removed to tag them for further study.

Good call, Sig. 

What do you think?


It's a Wrap

Driving to the metrosprawl down the kamikaze Corridor of Fame, I35, is never fun but sometimes you have to do it. For example, perhaps you have to get presents for people, the kind of gifts you can't get at Walmart or the pawns.


So I took life in my hands, climbed in the rig and drove to Dallas on a quest for gifts. That meant a bookshop.


North Park mall, insane traffic, a return to HQ and placing the carefully chosen items under the tree. I thought it looked good, Christmas style.


There also seemed to be a lot of presents this year, far more than usual. Why is that? The answer's obvious, there's a new sheriff in town. More gifts for everyone in...



Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Obama Fights Daesh

Good work, Commander-in-Chief, and you didn't win the War on Weather, either. There's a book out by a Secret Service agent that says Barack Hussein Obama was and is a Muslim.


ISIS laughs,


Winter Solstice Pagan Hi-Jinx!

Guess what, readers. It's the Winter Solstice! That means you get to worship the rebirth of the sun on the shortest day of the year and goof-off at the sacred circle, where the wizard sages sat. And steal stuff, along with all the other hippies.

Cheer up Pagans! Someone steal your Giro?

Don't bother about taking a shower or anything: 1. There isn't one and 2. You don't do that anyway. But go right ahead and get down with all the other thieves druids, just don't freak out when you end up in a Wicker Man and it's on fire.

Moonsong. A Priest of Pan

In related news, a self-described "priest of Pan," called Moonsong, wasn't too happy when Maine's Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BVM) wouldn't let him wear goat horns for his photo i.d. 

A Typical Pagan State i.d.

So Moonsong got in touch with the ACLU and before you could say "lawsuit," the BVM backed down and Moonsong gets to wear his goat horns. You can read the whole thing here.

What do we think about that, here at the Compound? It's obviously a great victory for pagans everywhere. But here's a thought, worshipers of the Horned God. What'd you do if the real deal turned up?

Mind how you go,


Lock Her Up

"I am appalled," he added.

Aren't we all, surely it should've been put in prison long ago. In the meanwhile...

Via ZeroHedge: We assume Schoenberg simply missed the following two paragraphs which point out that FBI agents, without reviewing contents, happened upon "thousands of emails" sent to/from Huma Abedin using State Department email addresses around the same time they know that classified information was sent out over unclassified systems.

Here's a picture of Hillary's exotic "right hand", Huma:

It's time. The nation's had enough of her criminality and vice. 

Lock Her Up. 


Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Putin On The Blitz

Russian strongman, Vladimir Putin, wasn't too pleased when his Ambassador to Turkey was gunned down by a Jihad murderer at an art gallery in Ankara. The former KGB Colonel said the Islamic "criminals" would "feel the heat."

Art Gallery Jihad

What would that look like? Hint, nothing to do with chalking peace signs on the road while singing All You Need is Love as you spill cocoa on your onesie. Here's an infovideo:

Good luck, savages, Vlad's coming for you. President Trump too, by the sound of it.

Get.It. On.


Berlin Truck Jihad

A Muslim cooked off and went Jihad in Berlin yesterday, driving a truck into a Christmas market and killing 9 people. According to police, the murdering Muslim Jihad savage is still at large. Well done, Merkel. That's 9 more innocent victims whose blood is on your hands.

President Trump was quick to condemn the attack:

Our hearts and prayers are with the loved ones of the victims of today’s horrifying terror attack in Berlin. Innocent civilians were murdered in the streets as they prepared to celebrate the Christmas holiday. ISIS and other Islamic terrorists continuously slaughter Christians in their communities and places of worship as part of their global jihad. These terrorists and their regional and worldwide networks must be eradicated from the face of the earth, a mission we will carry out with all freedom-loving partners.

How will Europe in general and Germany in particular react to the latest Islamic atrocity? Here's a helpful infographic:

Maybe, at some point, the West will wake up to the threat posed by Mohammad's violent ideology of conquest. How many more Muslim terror attacks will that take?



Monday, December 19, 2016


It's official, Donald Trump has won 304 votes in the Electoral College over rival Hillary Clinton's 228, making him the 45th President of the United States.

Do you remember the risible attempts of the Hillaryites to derail Trump's historic victory? Burning, looting, Jill Stein's absurdly losing recounts, resurrecting the Cold War, the Russians did it! Really, the Russians did it? PR team, you're fired. There they were, throwing their cocoa out of the crib as they messed their onesies on the way to the nearest safe space.

Go On, Hurry Up Then

One member of the intelligence community compared the spectacle to the suspiciously "pink" 5 stages of grief. Anger, denial, depression and so on; well get over it, Libs. America's had enough of your rainbow riding antics and enough of 8 whole years of the dead hand of the Obama administration. What did that achieve?

Chaos in the Middle East, appeasement of radical Islam, the continued slide of our cities into urban hellholes, less real jobs, ever more debt and race tension at its highest point since the '60s. But not to worry, the Supreme Court turned the country gay and we got a broken health scheme. Not so good, unless with Joe Biden you think that transsexualism is the "greatest civil rights issue of our time," and weren't forced to buy useless Obamacare. Then there was the famous War on Weather, massive unemployment, and on, and on, and on. 

It's a pathetic track record, one that left normal Americans poorer, and the rotten bi-coastal, millionaire socialist elitocracy was given a deserved whipping at the vote. But will the golden towered Trump make America great again?

I sure hope so. Maybe part of that means defunding the baby parts selling abortion mill, Planned Parenthood. Maybe it'll mean working with Russia to crush ISIS and the Jihad, and rebuilding our manufacturing industry. Let's see.

In the meanwhile, he wins, again. Don't forget to #LockHerUp.



Melania Mondays!

Hey everyone, it's time for Melania Mondays! and the latest news in the life of our nation's stylish and popular First Lady.

Unsurprisingly, designers are lining up to dress the glamorous presidential consort. Diane von Furstenburg, Tommy Hillfiger, Sam and Libby Edelman and now Calvin Klein.

When asked by a reporter if he would make clothes for Melania, Klein stated the obvious, "Of course I would." 

Michelle Obama in a gunny sack, right, with two women

Other dress makers have been less forthcoming, preferring to outfit Michelle Obama in what some commentators call "gunny sacks."

That's over now. Thanks, Melania!