Monday, April 19, 2010

Fire on the Mountain

Being a fan of Velikovsky, and catastrophism in general, I was struck by pictures of Iceland's volcanic eruption - of biblical proportion.

According to Ayatollah Sedighi, disasters like this (especially earthquakes) are caused by sin and the notoriously lax morals of Persian women.

That's ridiculous, everyone knows they're caused by Episcopalien Boy Bishop Jefferts Schori and her diminutive pelosian ally, ACoC.

In the meanwhile, ash is falling over Europe. Stay tuned for the next Ice Age - just you wait and see.

God bless,


Friday, April 16, 2010

Ordain Them All!

My old friend, the Fact Compiler, reminded me of the latest Episcopalien addition to Holy Order; you can read about her here. Now, where's the gay deacon doll? Apparently in the making.

On a different theme, had a thoroughly enjoyable encounter with horse and gun yesterday, achieving a "counter canter in a ten meter circle." Evidently it's something to be proud of - I wasn't aware of that, just cantering about in a circle before galloping fast and foolishly in the direction of the stables. The beast was picking up speed, which I encouraged, before sensibly obeying the signal to turn away from a near invisible 'hotwire.'

We'll have to see if WAC (Worldwide Anglican Communion) has as much sense.



Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Space Junk

Broken Down Space Junk ACoC?

According to the Sun newspaper, a British stargazer has taken an amazing video of a UFO crossing the face of the sun Anglican Communion.

"Malcolm Park was taking a series of photos of the huge star through a specially filtered telescope when a strange object began to drift across it.

Malcolm, of South West London, said: 'I was recording activity on the sun when I caught this strange encounter. It looks like an irregularly-shaped lump of rock and is clearly rotating very quickly.

'I wondered if what I captured was a piece of space junk or, with the way it was tumbling, a small asteroid the Anglican Church of Canada (ACoC).'

Malcolm said he had ruled out the possibility of a plane or a bird because of the strange shape and absence of any wings."

Due to its unpredictable course, experts wonder if the tiny but erratic ACoC will fall into the Sun and explode, or hurtle into deep space.

Head Astronaut +Michael Ingham

ACoC's scientific expert, The Rt. Rev. Michael Ingham of the Diocese of New Westminster, was unavailable for comment.


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Churches I Don't Like

I know this is old, but some things need repeating. The words "errant foolishness" spring to mind, and just in case you're a glutton for punishment, here's another.

Have a blessed Sunday,


Friday, April 9, 2010


Tom, at Boomers, rebuked me for a grievous lack of angling posts. The reason for that is simple - I hardly ever go fishing, but I feel as though I should and enjoy it when I do. To partially make up the deficiency, here's some words of encouragement from Mr. Walton:

"You are assured, though there be ignorant men of another belief, that
Angling is an Art: and you know that Art better than others; and that
this is truth is demonstrated by the fruits of that pleasant labour which
you enjoy, when you purpose to give rest to your mind, and divest
yourself of your more serious business, and, which is often, dedicate a
day or two to this recreation." Compleat Angler

Thanks, GWB, for the fish photo. It's an incentive...

Just noticed via the All Seeing Eye that the United Kingdom is interested in aliens, and that Maine is evidently infested with space creatures. This blog continues to stand against ongoing extraterrestrial attempts to wrest power from the human race.



Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Good old Detroit

You know the way it is, people 'phone in to send Easter greetings and it's all well and good. So it was with me, lovely to hear from old friends and family, including a close relative who persists in the Motor City experience. Our conversation ran something like this:

"Alright LSP, happy Easter!"
"Alright chap, great to hear from you! How's it going?"
"Good, you know, church, work..."
"Well, that's Easter for you."
"Yeah, you know..." awkward silence, then the first animal is jettisoned, if you'll forgive the phrase, "Yeah, I've gotta go to court on Tuesday."
"My shotgun went off."
"I've hired a lawyer."
"Right. So you'd been drinking?"
"Unnh, yennh."
"Just tell them that it went off in your back yard while you were cleaning it," said I, innocently. "Uonh, but it wasn't in my house," replied the gunman. "What do you mean, 'it wasn't in my house'?"
"No, it was, ummm, in an abandoned building down the road." He was feeling sheepish, you see, "But no-one was hurt!"
"Well that's alright then," I replied, as gruesome pictures flashed through the LSP cranium, "You know, there's this basic rule - don't mix booze, ammo, guns and the ghetto; keep them all separate, old boy.It's important."
"Yeah, well, they've got my shotgun now..."
"That's probably a good thing..."

There you go, an everyday tale of life in central Detroit. The wonder of it is that anyone bothered to call the police and a miracle that no-one was hurt. Why was he messing around with a loaded gun in the ghetto, we ask ourselves? Who knows - exploring, probably.

I tell you, much as I enjoy firearms (a lot) and support 2nd Amendment rights and say 'no' to the nanny state, 'progressives' etc. - I sometimes have to wonder if certain people are qualified to own weapons. Also, it seems to me that the holy Guardian Angels, which I believe in, have a vastly unfair workload.

I, for one, was fortunate to leave Detroit unscathed. But that was a very long time ago.

Shoot safe.


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

I always find that the desolation of Good Friday increases yearly, but so too does the underlying glory of Easter - a welcome antidote to the dark barbarism of the spirit of the age. Then again, I believe in the resurrection.

But whatever my thoughts, have a great and joyful Easter!

Off to grill lamb chops now and enjoy a 'cold one.'

God bless,


Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday

I was struck by the following, from Rebirth of Images, by Farrer:

"On the sixth day of the week, and the sixth hour, says St. John (Jn. 19: 13-22; cf. Rev. 13: 16-14:1), the kingdoms of Christ and Antichrist looked one another in the face in Pilate's court, and the adherents of the False Prophet (Caiaphas) firmly wrote on their foreheads the mark of the Beast, when they said, 'We have no King but Caesar.' Presently they saw the Lamb uplifted with his true Name over his head, 'King of the Jews': and for all they could do, they could not get it erased: 'What I have written,' said Pilate, 'I have written.' Christ's Friday victory is the supreme manifestation also of Antichrist."

Do note that Antichrist is captain of the losing team.

Have a blessed Good Friday!