Wednesday, January 31, 2018

You Dirty Little Beast!

It's all very well owning enough deadly assault rifles to equip an irregular fire team in the case of an EOTW scenario or the Eschaton itself, but you do have to clean them. A clean gun is a happy gun, you see.

With that in mind, I hauled out a section of the arsenal and got to work. First things first, the lowly SKS is considerably easier to clean than the AR and its allies, by a factor of a lot. And it got me thinking, maybe piston driven beats gas impingement?

Then I got to the 7.62 BCG (bolt carrier group). It's this massive thing, dwarfing the puny, toylike 5.56 equivalent. Go figure, it's designed to deal with a larger bullet. 

Still, it seemed harder to clean the same caliber FN FALs of yesteryear, which were notoriously piston. Saying that, this beast's way more compact than the old Broomsticks and you can clip things to it, like optics, lights and radar.

Point being? I'm no expert but maybe gas piston rules over gas impingement when it comes to weapons cleaning.

In related news, the FIB is blowing back a lot of hot gas in an attempt to impinge on the release of the House Intelligence Committee memo, detailing FIB corruption. Well go figure.



Melania Wednesday! SOTU SPECIAL

Here at Melania Mondays! we're delighted to bring you a State of the Union Special. No doubt about it, Melania dazzled in white from the moment she made her entrance.

Described by some as "floating", America's attractive and glamorous First Lady took her place in the Chamber to rapturous applause, where stood with guests such as Preston Sharp, Corporal Bradford, Staff Sgt. Peck and Ashlee Leppert.

Some have salaciously described Melania's choice of a white Dior suit as a protest against her husband, which is absurd; the First Lady smiled, waved and radiated self-assured pleasure at the President's speech.

"As ALWAYS Mrs. Trump YOU looked exquisite! Thank you for being a First Lady we can ALL look up to," wrote one fan on social media and we agree.

Well done, Melania, for doing your part to make America great again.



Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Trump Rules Kennedy Drools

President Trump took to the podium tonight to give his first State of the Union address. Tax cuts, energy independence, respect for the military, law enforcement,vets, God, the lowest ever recorded African American unemployment  and on.  

Trump came on like a blast from the American past, like the old America striking back. Speaking of old America, the Democrats trotted out their new pony, Joe Kennedy, by way of response.

Frat Boy Joe drooled and channeled Obama, jerking, stuttering and sounding just about as sincere. 

Spot the drool?

Memo to Joe, no one's convinced and why were you drooling? That aside, the Dems refused to stand for the President's speech.

Black unemployment? No, scorn it. US manufacturing? Can't stand. More money in your paycheck? Despise. Pull together to make America great? How hateful. Not unlike millionaire socialist, Nancy Pelosi's face itself.

Trump fans chanted USA, USA at the end of the speech. Democrats walked out.



Waiting For The Memo

Calm b4 the storm.

Tick Tock.


Libs Shake And Cry Over FISA Memo

The FISA memo, outlining FIB corruption, isn't even airborne, it's merely standing on the runway waiting for takeoff and liberal tears are starting to flow while Alex Jones drinks champagne.

Shocked libs are shaking, wailing and gnashing their teeth as the soon to be released memo claims its first scalp in the form of FIB Deputy Director, Andrew McCabe. He's had to resign.

FIB Director, Christopher Wray, is shocked too, "shocked to the core" over the four page document's revelations.

Maybe more heads will role once the memo gets airborne. But of course it's all the Russians' fault; Putin infiltrated the House Intelligence Committee like a master spy and set about destroying American democracy using his "swirling vortex of anxiety" ray.

You can read the whole thing here on 4chan and Infowars but before you do, reflect on the three stages of Resistance grief, explained in pictures.

Chop, chop, drain the swamp. #WeAreRussianBots



Monday, January 29, 2018


Years ago, back in the halcyon days when the world was young and UKLF still had county regiments, I was praying, intensely, before the Sacrament. It was before an ecumenical service with local Baptists in Reading, England. 

My Father, rest in peace, was praying beside me. He was part of the service, maybe "guest preacher," and he looked at me, locked in white knuckle prayer effort and said, "Don't you believe in grace?"

Sheepishly, I replied that I did and relaxed.

We filled that church on the night with hundreds of people, it was packed. The Baptists pulled out of the project later because there was a statue of Virgin Mary in the church. Such idolatry!

Make of this what you will.

Gratia plena,


Melania Mondays!

Here at Melania Mondays! we're taking a break from weapons cleaning and the curious relationship between Jay Z and Marina Abramovic to bring you up to date on the life of America's popular and glamorous First Lady.

Melania doesn't take insults lightly, far from it, and took time off from visiting the Holocaust museum in DC to blast "salacious & flat-out false reporting" by the "fake news" media.

"BREAKING:The laundry list of salacious & flat-out false reporting about Mrs. Trump by tabloid publications & TV shows has seeped into 'main stream media' reporting," stated FLOTUS spokewoman, Stephanie Grisham, on Twitter, "She is focused on her family & role as FLOTUS - not the unrealistic scenarios being peddled daily by the 'fake news.'"

Despite massive popularity at home and abroad, Melania has been attacked in the media for being in an allegedly false marriage to a philandering husband. Stories of President Trump's supposed infidelity center on a porn star, Stormy Daniels.

In a legal statement, Stormy denied that she ever had sexual relations with Trump or received "hush money" from him. Stormy, real name Clifford, also denied that she was "greedy or an opportunist," causing observers to wonder if her recent stripper tour, "Make America Horny Again," is non-profit.

In the meanwhile, Melania's East Wing staff costs are more than 40% less than her unpopular predecessor's.  

Well done Melania for doing your part to make America great again.



Sunday, January 28, 2018

Jay Z, Willing Slave of Abramovic?

Popstar Illuminati legend, Jay Z, has come out swinging against Trump on CNN, accusing the President of being a "superbug" who sprayed "perfume on a trashcan." The President's crime? Reducing black unemployment to the lowest it's been in history.

What a criminal. In the meanwhile, photos have emerged of Jay Z cowering before Marina Abramovic.

Does Abramovic own Jay Z? While litigation argues otherwise, pictures tell a different story.

As America's top art witch, Abramovic is famous for "spirit cooking" and a friend of the Podestas along with other members of the NWO Illuminati elite.

Jay Z is a deep thinking MillSoc celebrity with an estimated net worth of $180 million. Abramovic is a celebrity art witch and Gaga? Willing protege.

Kick out the JAMS.


Mimetic Sundays

What better way to relax after Mass than sitting back, taking a load off and looking at a couple of memes!

Nothing quite like mimetic street art, thanks Sabo.

And don't forget Senator Byrd, he was Hillary's friend. Speaking of which...

Don't say ambitious.

Donate instead.



Saturday, January 27, 2018

Liturgical Dance is So Very, Very Awesome

One of the best things about the liturgical reform of the '60s and '70s was dance, that's right, liturgical dance. Have a gaze at the above infofovideo's distillation of 2000 years of Christian worshiping expression, the best we can offer to God as an act of spiritual sacrifice.

No wonder the liturgical reform succeeded in filling the pews, except that it didn't. Similar, when you think about it, to women priest and bishop figures.

Do you remember how they claimed no one would take us seriously if we didn't ordain women and now gender fluid transsexuals? Said, and continue to say, the dancing bishops and their Mantid friends.

Regardless, this small kebab stand on the *net superhighway is dedicated to uplift as well as being a stealth site for Russian bots to take over our great democracy. So here's a counterbalance, the liturgy of the West.

Europe is the Faith. 

Ignore that at your peril,


Strip The SKS

Being a Russian bot's a lot of fun but it does involve work, such as exposing secret societies, FIB corruption and cleaning your various weapons systems. Not least the handy, fun to shoot SKS (Samozaryadny Karabin sistemy Simonova), designed in 1943 and still going strong today.

So here's a short infovideo which we hope you find as helpful as we do here at the Compound. #WeAreRussianBots #LockThemUp

Shoot straight,


Friday, January 26, 2018

Lock Them Up

Maybe Saudi Arabia is a pilot scheme? Is the Magic Kingdom showing us the way by locking up its corrupt elites? Yes, please.

#ReleaseTheMemo #WeAreRussianBots

Kick out the JAMS,


FIB Secret Society Unmasked

Anonymous sources have leaked shocking photos of a top level FIB and DOJ secret society, which allegedly conspired to bring down the Trump presidency on fake charges of Russian collusion.

Love at FIB Site

Two of the conspirators exchanged tens of thousands of texts detailing their visceral dislike of the incoming President. Some five months worth of these texts went mysteriously missing because "Samsung the Dog ate them."

Samsung the Dog

Then the texts magically reappeared after Samsung the Dog was fed with "forensic tools" and coughed them up.

A White Wolf

With this new photographic evidence, it appears that the secret society at what one intelligence community mandarin calls "Sodom-on-the-Potomac" won't be secret for very much longer.

Russian Bots Attack Secret Society

#ReleaseTheMemo #WeAreRussianBots

Your Pal,