Friday, January 31, 2020


Some said it'd never happen, that the European Union globalist, bankster, New World Order superstate and its bought and paid for elite shills would keep Great Britain under the heel of its rainbow wellie forever. 

Oh look, a racist

It sure seemed that way, with Theresa May and assorted NWO stooges sabotaging Great Britain's biggest ever democratic vote. And in the name of "democracy," all hail doublethink. Then Boris Johnson happened, the Millionaire Socialists got wiped out at the polls and Britain left the God-hating, nation-erasing, banker-enriching, corruption-dealing EU this evening. 

BREXIT Girls Rock

Americans on both sides of the political divide can find this perplexing. On the right of things, we tend to think of the Sceptred Isle as a kind of roll-over-and-die Sweden, a country fast and irretrievably in the grip of replacement strategy multicultural enrichment, and lesbian theatre workshops in Tower Hamlets. On the left, consternation, fear, loathing and gnashing of teeth as England asserts its sovereignty as a nation.

Typical UK Street Scene

So be it. To the Comsymp, pinkoid Left, suck it up and stop pretending that resistance to your corporate sponsored deconstruction of Christian culture is some kind of fascist trick. On the contrary, the reverse applies. And to the right? Don't underestimate the power of hearth, home and the spirit of the British people, to say nothing of our own here in the New World.

Independence Day

BREXIT/MAGA? Howling from the people who support infanticide up to and including the point of birth. Loud cheers from everyone in favor of solidarity and subsidiarity, that nations and their people should be sovereign.

And note this. Remarkable, isn't it, that a populist movement should be, you know, popular. Unlike the BBC. Let's see a landslide MAGA 2020 in the Fall.



Thursday, January 30, 2020


The Diocese of Fort Worth's annual clergy retreat was held at the Montserrat retreat house on Lake Dallas this year. It's always held at Montserrat and that's fine by me, I like Montserrat, it's tranquil.

That's partly because the retreat's silent and I like that too, time to reflect and pray and, for me, to take a near total break from "tech" as well as the news.

Silence notwithstanding, by tradition we tend to meet up after Compline for a drink and a laugh and I got to know one of our military chaplains. He's just retired and once celebrated the Mass at Saddam Hussein's shell-shocked palace. Quite a thing.

Similarly, chaplains to the Knights of Malta can say Mass on a shield on the field of battle, the shield acting as an altar. I pointed this out and everyone was impressed, perhaps our new bishop will extend the privilege to diocesan priests. After all, we're all about the Church Militant.

Then, all too soon, the retreat was over and it was time to leave the peace of Montserrat and venture into the metrosprawl maelstrom which is I35E. And that, by the intercession of St. Ignatius Loyola and Charles Stuart King and Martyr, is the story of that.

God bless,


Sunday, January 26, 2020

A Late Sunday Sermon - Swords About The Cross

There we were in the church hall after Mass in Mission #2, just enjoying the fellowship which flows naturally in the Mystical Body of Christ. One of the guys had returned from a trip to Israel, where he'd visited the Holy Sepulchre.

"It was amazing, they'd built this church over the place where He died!" Another churchperson, Colonel Z, seemed a little skeptical, "I'm told that if you put the pieces of the True Cross together they'd circle the world several times."

Needless to say, I have a great devotion to the True Cross, disastrous defeat at Hattin notwithstanding, and replied, "But Colonel, if you put the lies of the Democrats head to head in the last week alone, how many times would they circumnavigate the globe?"

He laughed, "My, at least a 100 times and that's a modest estimate." We all laughed and here, fellow warriors in the battle against evil, endeth the lesson.


Saturday, January 25, 2020

Trump Talks Life

Can you imagine a US president or for that matter any leader of a major Western power, unashamedly, brazenly acknowledging their faith in God and the sanctity of human life, speaking out against abortion? Hard to to imagine, isn't it, but that's exactly what 45 did yesterday at the March For Life. He talked life.

For the first time ever a US president addressed the March in person, standing for God and against infanticide. Unthinkable during the last administration, which was notoriously hand-in-glove with Sanger's eugenicist, racist Planned Parenthood, and apparently unthinkable to every other president since the fateful Roe v. Wade ruling in 1973.

So at last we have a leader who's unashamedly pro-life and against the Pink Moloch demon who's infested the culture of what was once Christendom. Does this make 45 a new Constantine, a ruling defender of the faith in the face of today's neo-pagan heathen?

Some say yes, though I'd argue the prize belongs to Putin who champions the Church and is, to boot, a Mass going catholic Christian, Byzantine style. Trump? Something less than that but still, he's nailed his colors to the mast and they're for God, life, and the country he serves.

The Opposition, on the other hand, are precisely against all of this. They hate our country, the West, its spirituality and religion, its life itself. They want to destroy all of this, they are the playthings of the Devil, which is why they gleefully applaud murdering babies at the point of birth and beyond.

It's become, as it's always been, a fight of good against evil, of light against darkness. Go for light and do not waver.

Your Friend,


Friday, January 24, 2020

Trump Unveils Space Force Logo

It's been a momentous and historic day. President Trump's finally unveiled the logo of the Sixth Branch of our Military, the SPACE FORCE. Here at the Compound we think a picture's worth a thousand words.

All this to say nothing of 45's address to the March For Life, the first president to do so in person. But more on that later.

MAGA 2020,


Thursday, January 23, 2020

Possible Coronavirus Reported in Texas

A Texas A&M student is under observation in Brazos County after showing possible signs of the deadly coronavirus. The student had traveled to China's Wuhan province, center of the contagion, where video's emerged of overwhelmed medical facilities and people collapsing in the street.

So far 8 cities in the province, representing 23 million people, have been quarantined and the death toll has risen to 25 persons with over 800 reportedly infected. The actual figure could be far higher, in the 1000s.

Wuhan province is home to a level 4 biolab which studies deadly pathogens and tests them on monkeys. Richard Ebright, a molecular biologist at Rutgers University in Piscataway, New Jersey notes, "They can run, they can scratch, they can bite." Think about that. Zerohedge reports here.

Cases of the virus have so far been reported in the Middle East, South East Asia, Scotland and the US. The World Health Organization has not declared a state of international emergency, yet.

Here at the Compound we predict coronavirus in Africa, which the Chinese have colonized, and recommend staying away from airports and major cities.



Wednesday, January 22, 2020


A fourth Rome there shall never be. 



Space Force Stardust

We are Stardust, we are golden and 45's SPACE FORCE is up and at it, weaponizing high orbit and beyond in the icy vastness of deep space. 

There's some debate about the new command's uniform but sources say it's space black with silver trim. Smart and somehow decisive, as in "we can and will take you out from SPACE. So take note and show some respect."

Speaking of which, anyone remember the earthquakes around Iran's nuke facility? They backed down real quick. Just sayin.

Ad Astra,


Tuesday, January 21, 2020

A Bit of This And a Bit of That

Everyone knows the Germans gave up their signature spiked helmets years ago but the tradition lives on, in South America. So if you're in the mood to see the infamous pickelhaube (point cap) in action, head over to Colombia or Chile.

Likewise, you're probably wondering about Imperial Roman standards, their Signa and famous Eagles. None of these have survived fully intact, though a gilded eagle (aquila) has been found in Romania. 

Remarkably, a cloth standard (vexillum) has come down to us. This square flag was discovered in Egypt and dates from the third century AD. It features the Goddess Victory but lacks unit designation. 

Vexillum experts tell us the flag would have represented a cavalry or auxiliary force or possibly the subdivision of a Legion, and was a significant if lesser emblem than the illustrious Signum or Aquila.

Speaking of which, it's said that the imperial standards lost at the disastrous battle of Adrianople (378 AD) were recovered by general Belisarius in his war against the Vandals. They were then paraded before Emperor Justinian in 534 AD at Constantinople's Hippodrome during the last Roman Triumph. So too were the treasures of the Jerusalem temple, looted by Titus and Vespasian and brought to Rome, only to be looted again by the Vandal King Gaiseric in the mid fifth century.

As Gaiseric's defeated son Gelimer was led in shame around the Hippodrome under the gaze of thousands of cheering Romans, he quoted scripture, "Vanity, vanity, all is vanity." But Gelimer wasn't strangled per the custom of old Rome, instead the vanquished Vandal was awarded estates in Galatia. He died in 553 AD.

I find this interesting unlike, say, the bogus impeachment spectacle taking place in the Senate.



Monday, January 20, 2020

A Gentle Richmond Reflection

A lot of people, to put it mildly, were worried about the 2A demo in Richmond today, including me. 

Would a Deep State asset cook-off and provide the lying, pugnacious, venal, corrupt, hypocritical, elite Media with an excuse to launch a vicious anti-freedom campaign? Would there be some kind of false flag as thousands of heavily armed men and women descended on the Old Capitol of the Cause?

Governor Blackface Northam Father of Lies certainly thought, at least publicly, that there'd be trouble and declared a state of emergency. Maybe, ran leftist rhetoric and perhaps genuine comtard paranoia, gun people would storm the Capitol in a fit of white nationalist supremacism. But no, 25,000 armed patriots turned up, made their point, picked up their trash and went home.

Relieved but not utterly surprised by this happy outcome, I drove to Dallas with Blue Second Amendment. I35 was a beast because of ongoing and perennial roadwork but no one got hurt, not dissimilar to Richmond when you think about it.

Before you could say "an armed citizen's a free citizen" we'd arrived at Ma LSP's place, where a crew of Mexicans were replacing wood, sanding down paint and generally making themselves useful. Well done Mr. Gonzales, give the compound a respray. 

Congrats to the 2A crew today and right thinking Virginians in general. Shoot straight and run Ralph "Minstrel" Northam outta town on a rail, use votes if you must. And have you noticed?

Meghan Markle makes Wallace Simpson look good. No easy task, all hail Sabo.

Gun Rights,


Saturday, January 18, 2020

Virginia Cryptids - The Scallywagster

The Commonwealth of Virginia has a long and storied past, not least as home to a mysterious cryptid Old Dominion locals call "Scallywagster."

As far back as the 1700s, Virginia residents claimed a giant  carpet bag carrying, blackfaced reptilian bird would appear in the sky, and swoop down to attack freedom, pets, game, livestock, adults and sometimes even children. 

Eyewitness descriptions of the Scallywagster resemble that of a Mountebankesaur; an enormous flying monster with an absurdly claimed wingspan of twenty-five to thirty feet, a long smirking beak, and revolting, leathery, sagging, reptilian neck skin. 

The Scallywagster has tentacles, bloombergs, and carries with it the pungent scent of corruption, degeneracy and death. According to witnesses, its shriek resembles a drunken loser at the Kentucky Derby.

Reports of the Scallywagster are ongoing. Virginians be vigilant, wise and safe.

Gun Rights,


Friday, January 17, 2020

Knaves Charlatans And Crooks

There's no shortage of candidates for this nation's prestigious KCC (Knaves Charlatans Crooks) awards, but here at the Compound we'll get the ball rolling.

A knave, a crook, and a charlatan

Maxine Waters scored high. Yes, the KCC runs strong in this one, ponder her multi-million dollar mansion and tried and true record of corruption. And guess what? It's socialism. Try not to throw up in disgust.

Knave, crook, charlatan, cuffed

Michael Avenatti, popularly known as "Creepy Porn Lawyer" for his stalwart defense of prostitute Stormy Daniels, gets an award too. Yet another Millionaire Socialist, CPL got himself arrested in court a couple of days ago and led off in cuffs. Basta.

Note regimental tie. What a charlatan, to say nothing of crooked knave.

Al Sharpton gets a look in too, just coz it's obvious, and so do all the Congresspersons who not only enrich themselves on the public dime but also use your tax money to pay for their sexual adventures. Don't say hidden congressional sex slush fund.

Rachel isn't wearing an ankle bracelet, unlike Lev Parnas

And let's not forget the lying, venal, corrupt, elite, degenerate, hypocritical MSM.  Well done, "Rachel," you get a sturdy KCC award and them some.

So there it is, for now. The list is big and this is just a small start, a beginning. Feel free to nominate your KCC and may the worst crook win the best prize.

Looking forward to your nominations,


Thursday, January 16, 2020

Traitors Mountebanks And Frauds

Here at the Compound we're making cornbread, sharpening kukris and handing out awards. That's right, the coveted Traitor, Mountebank and Fraud awards or TMF for short. And the first prize has to go to Nancy Pelosi and the impeachment crew. 

Well done, team, for doing your level best to make a mockery of our Constitution and polity. Let's see how that plays out at the polls in November.

Governor Ralph "Minstrel" Northam comes in a sturdy second. So much fraudulent treason committed by one, yes one fraud. Remarkable. Behold the traitorous, lying blackface of the Old Dominion's ruling party.

Then there's Meghan. She's off to Canada, which belongs to Kate, and pretends she's royalty. A mountebank, clearly, and a traitorous fraud to boot. Rumors of Prince Philip threatening to take a crop to the LA, D-List, semi-celeb before leaving Sandringham in a rage are just that, rumors.

The world's first trans doll comes in fourth place. Looks like a little girl then, "Oh dear Mommy, what have we here?" A fraud designed by mountebanks and you can fit in traitor where you will.

So that's our list, you may well have another, there's no "rule" and perhaps it'll change tomorrow when and if Betelguese goes supernova. Feel free to add or subtract from the above, and by the way, the cornbread was awesome -- no sugar, 2 eggs, 2tsp baking powder, buttermilk, only cornmeal. But more on this later.

Your Ally,


Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Virginia State Of Emergency

So what's the score? Governor Ralph "Minstrel" Northam's declared a "state of emergency" and banned guns from the state Capitol this Friday through Tuesday. He's afraid a Second Amendment demonstration on Monday's going to turn into an "armed insurrection."

Well now, it might just possibly become exactly that because Virginians who are already enraged at Minstrel's virtue signalling, Bloomberg paid-for gun grab aren't going to obey Governor Blackface Northam. 

No, they'll go to Richmond armed. And they'll do so because they believe a free citizenry is free to defend itself against tyranny. Not least from its own government.

2A justification aside, what does Minstrel hope to achieve by this posturing, is he trying to provoke a showdown? Possibly, "Just look at all those white supremacist Nazis, with guns! Good thing we've got the National Guard to shoot them all before some kind of goddam Richmond beer hall putsch!"

And that's just it. Since when are Virginian LE and the Guard going to fire on their brothers and sisters in defense of some fraudulant, MillSoc, Bloomberg pawn mountebank? I'd say never, I hope, and Minstrel has to know it.

So what's the score? I'd argue political theater and dangerous brinksmanship on Minstrel's part. He doubtless believes in gun control to the extent that he blackface believes in racial equality. What an utter fraud. 

The 2A crew are different, they really do believe and guess what? They know how to shoot. Poke that tiger at your peril. 

#VCDL forever,


Tuesday, January 14, 2020

First Fish Of The Year

As the morning's evolution drew to a close and sun shone through the mist like the warming hand of God, it seemed right to test the waters and fish. So I climbed in the rig and headed out to the dam in search of action, first time this year.

I wasn't expecting much, to be honest, it being deep Texas winter January and solidly off-season, so having the pier to myself wasn't unsurprising, pleasant though. Regardless, I cast off in search of fish, steeling myself for disappointment. As in "hey, it's really good to be outside in the clean air of the Brazos even if nothing bites" type of deal.

But no, they were on, and on and on and on. I stopped after three perch, three cats, two striper and one crappie. OK, they weren't huge but they weren't shabby either, especially the striper which put up a good fight.

So that was that, first catch of the year and it augurs well, I think, for 2020. Plenty of fish, Mini Mike B spends all his cash on a futile bid for power, hypersonic tech goes mainstream and 45 steams into the White House on a landslide of shattered liberal dreams.

Tight Lines and Full Disclosure,