Monday, January 20, 2020

A Gentle Richmond Reflection

A lot of people, to put it mildly, were worried about the 2A demo in Richmond today, including me. 

Would a Deep State asset cook-off and provide the lying, pugnacious, venal, corrupt, hypocritical, elite Media with an excuse to launch a vicious anti-freedom campaign? Would there be some kind of false flag as thousands of heavily armed men and women descended on the Old Capitol of the Cause?

Governor Blackface Northam Father of Lies certainly thought, at least publicly, that there'd be trouble and declared a state of emergency. Maybe, ran leftist rhetoric and perhaps genuine comtard paranoia, gun people would storm the Capitol in a fit of white nationalist supremacism. But no, 25,000 armed patriots turned up, made their point, picked up their trash and went home.

Relieved but not utterly surprised by this happy outcome, I drove to Dallas with Blue Second Amendment. I35 was a beast because of ongoing and perennial roadwork but no one got hurt, not dissimilar to Richmond when you think about it.

Before you could say "an armed citizen's a free citizen" we'd arrived at Ma LSP's place, where a crew of Mexicans were replacing wood, sanding down paint and generally making themselves useful. Well done Mr. Gonzales, give the compound a respray. 

Congrats to the 2A crew today and right thinking Virginians in general. Shoot straight and run Ralph "Minstrel" Northam outta town on a rail, use votes if you must. And have you noticed?

Meghan Markle makes Wallace Simpson look good. No easy task, all hail Sabo.

Gun Rights,



Adrienne said...

I watched the whole thing live. It was wonderful!!!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Congratulations to all who held a peaceful drama free rally in Richmond. Will it have an impact on the (P)regressives? Doubtful, they have sold their integrity for the Bloomberg brass shilling.

LL said...

Megan reminds me a lot of Yoko Ono, who admitted to having a fling with Hillary Clinton. I'm sure that Megan and Hillary could get something going. It would be very progressive. Good bye Huma.

Brig said...

Good to hear that fellow 2A people acted in a civilized manner, but then I would expect no less.

LSP said...

I liked it too, Adrienne. Mind you, if this gun grab nonsense isn't put back in its box things could get nasty. Let's hope Virginians are able to vote their ruling crew of mountebanks out of office.

LSP said...

Bought and paid for, WSF. Even odds the Mountebank Bloomberg Shills will double down.

LSP said...

And LL, where is the DJINN?!?

LSP said...

Same here, Brig, and LL puts it well over at VM. All good, law abiding, decent people, but what happens when they're pushed too far?