Monday, July 31, 2023

Well They Won't Clean Themselves!


I stared at the guns and they stared at me. Impasse. "Well, we're not going to clean ourselves," and I had to admit the dirty beasts had a point so I set to. First up? An old Remington 700 ADL with a Redfield Lo Pro Accu-Trac scope, the reticle comes with a rangefinder of sorts and looks like this:

Hey, it shoots more than well enough. I call it "Shoulder Breaker" and I think the scope it came with from the pawn was issued in Vietnam. Glass is way better now but I've kept this optic because it fits with the gun's vintage and works.

Next stop, a "Desmond" or "TuTu," in the States it's known as a Twenty Two. This one's a Ruger American bolt with a fixed 4 power Hawke scope. I hadn't heard of "Hawke" until I bought the gun and the scope at Gebo's, now sadly shut. Whatever, an inexpensive solution, totally capable of shooting a shotgun shell off its perch at 50 yards.

Last but not least, a simple, lightweight AR with a cheap Primary Arms red dot, Fortis hand guard (light and easy), Hyper Touch trigger, Ballistic Advantage barrel, ancient CMMG BCG and Magpul this and that. Pretty much my go-to AR. Just a lot of fun to shoot, swift to target, light, and well accurate enough. 

And now they're clean. Unlike, say, our First Family.

Shoot straight,


The War Was Provoked?


The US/UK ultranarrative screams "Mad autocrat Putin invaded freedom loving Ukraine in an insane dictator power-play landgrab. So we have to stop him before he conquers the Rainbow Garden zhirself!" Or someting like that; long story short, unprovoked aggression. 

Jeffrey Sachs disagrees:

George Orwell wrote in 1984 that "Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past." Governments work relentlessly to distort public perceptions of the past. Regarding the Ukraine War, the Biden administration has repeatedly and falsely claimed that the Ukraine War started with an unprovoked attack by Russia on Ukraine on February 24, 2022. In fact, the war was provoked by the U.S. in ways that leading U.S. diplomats anticipated for decades in the lead-up to the war, meaning that the war could have been avoided and should now be stopped through negotiations.

Recognizing that the war was provoked helps us to understand how to stop it. It doesn’t justify Russia’s invasion. A far better approach for Russia might have been to step up diplomacy with Europe and with the non-Western world to explain and oppose U.S. militarism and unilateralism. In fact, the relentless U.S. push to expand NATO is widely opposed throughout the world, so Russian diplomacy rather than war would likely have been effective.

The Biden team uses the word “unprovoked” incessantly, most recently in Biden’s major speech on the first-year anniversary of the war, in a recent NATO statement, and in the most recent G7 statement. Mainstream media friendly to Biden simply parrot the White House. The New York Times is the lead culprit, describing the invasion as “unprovoked” no fewer than 26 times, in five editorials, 14 opinion columns by NYT writers, and seven guest op-eds!

There were in fact two main U.S. provocations. The first was the U.S. intention to expand NATO to Ukraine and Georgia in order to surround Russia in the Black Sea region by NATO countries (Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, and Georgia, in counterclockwise order). The second was the U.S. role in installing a Russophobic regime in Ukraine by the violent overthrow of Ukraine’s pro-Russian President, Viktor Yanukovych, in February 2014. The shooting war in Ukraine began with Yanukovych’s overthrow nine years ago, not in February 2022 as the U.S. government, NATO, and the G7 leaders would have us believe.

The key to peace in Ukraine is through negotiations based on Ukraine’s neutrality and NATO non-enlargement.

Biden and his foreign policy team refuse to discuss these roots of the war. To recognize them would undermine the administration in three ways. First, it would expose the fact that the war could have been avoided, or stopped early, sparing Ukraine its current devastation and the U.S. more than $100 billion in outlays to date. Second, it would expose President Biden’s personal role in the war as a participant in the overthrow of Yanukovych, and before that as a staunch backer of the military-industrial complex and very early advocate of NATO enlargement. Third, it would push Biden to the negotiating table, undermining the administration’s continued push for NATO expansion.

The archives show irrefutably that the U.S. and German governments repeatedly promised to Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev that NATO would not move “one inch eastward” when the Soviet Union disbanded the Warsaw Pact military alliance. Nonetheless, U.S. planning for NATO expansion began early in the 1990s, well before Vladimir Putin was Russia’s president. In 1997, national security expert Zbigniew Brzezinski spelled out the NATO expansion timeline with remarkable precision.

U.S. diplomats and Ukraine’s own leaders knew well that NATO enlargement could lead to war. The great US scholar-statesman George Kennan called NATO enlargement a “fateful error,” writing in the New York Times that, “Such a decision may be expected to inflame the nationalistic, anti-Western and militaristic tendencies in Russian opinion; to have an adverse effect on the development of Russian democracy; to restore the atmosphere of the cold war to East-West relations, and to impel Russian foreign policy in directions decidedly not to our liking.”

President Bill Clinton’s Secretary of Defense William Perry considered resigning in protest against NATO enlargement. In reminiscing about this crucial moment in the mid-1990s, Perry said the following in 2016: “Our first action that really set us off in a bad direction was when NATO started to expand, bringing in eastern European nations, some of them bordering Russia. At that time, we were working closely with Russia and they were beginning to get used to the idea that NATO could be a friend rather than an enemy ... but they were very uncomfortable about having NATO right up on their border and they made a strong appeal for us not to go ahead with that.”

In 2008, then U.S. Ambassador to Russia, and now CIA Director, William Burns, sent a cable to Washington warning at length of grave risks of NATO enlargement: “Ukraine and Georgia's NATO aspirations not only touch a raw nerve in Russia, they engender serious concerns about the consequences for stability in the region. Not only does Russia perceive encirclement, and efforts to undermine Russia's influence in the region, but it also fears unpredictable and uncontrolled consequences which would seriously affect Russian security interests. Experts tell us that Russia is particularly worried that the strong divisions in Ukraine over NATO membership, with much of the ethnic-Russian community against membership, could lead to a major split, involving violence or at worst, civil war. In that eventuality, Russia would have to decide whether to intervene; a decision Russia does not want to have to face.”

Ukraine’s leaders knew clearly that pressing for NATO enlargement to Ukraine would mean war. Former Zelensky advisor Oleksiy Arestovych declared in a 2019 interview “that our price for joining NATO is a big war with Russia.”

During 2010-2013, Yanukovych pushed neutrality, in line with Ukrainian public opinion. The U.S. worked covertly to overthrow Yanukovych, as captured vividly in the tape of then U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and U.S. Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt planning the post-Yanukovych government weeks before the violent overthrow of Yanukovych. Nuland makes clear on the call that she was coordinating closely with then Vice President Biden and his national security advisor Jake Sullivan, the same Biden-Nuland-Sullivan team now at the center of U.S. policy vis-à-vis Ukraine.

After Yanukovych’s overthrow, the war broke out in the Donbas, while Russia claimed Crimea. The new Ukrainian government appealed for NATO membership, and the U.S. armed and helped restructure the Ukrainian army to make it interoperable with NATO. In 2021, NATO and the Biden Administration strongly recommitted to Ukraine’s future in NATO.

In the immediate lead-up to Russia’s invasion, NATO enlargement was center stage. Putin’s draft US-Russia Treaty (December 17, 2021) called for a halt to NATO enlargement. Russia’s leaders put NATO enlargement as the cause of war in Russia’s National Security Council meeting on February 21, 2022. In his address to the nation that day, Putin declared NATO enlargement to be a central reason for the invasion.

Historian Geoffrey Roberts recently wrote: “Could war have been prevented by a Russian-Western deal that halted NATO expansion and neutralised Ukraine in return for solid guarantees of Ukrainian independence and sovereignty? Quite possibly.” In March 2022, Russia and Ukraine reported progress towards a quick negotiated end to the war based on Ukraine’s neutrality. According to Naftali Bennett, former Prime Minister of Israel, who was a mediator, an agreement was close to being reached before the U.S., U.K., and France blocked it.

While the Biden administration declares Russia’s invasion to be unprovoked, Russia pursued diplomatic options in 2021 to avoid war, while Biden rejected diplomacy, insisting that Russia had no say whatsoever on the question of NATO enlargement. And Russia pushed diplomacy in March 2022, while the Biden team again blocked a diplomatic end to the war.

By recognizing that the question of NATO enlargement is at the center of this war, we understand why U.S. weaponry will not end this war. Russia will escalate as necessary to prevent NATO enlargement to Ukraine. The key to peace in Ukraine is through negotiations based on Ukraine’s neutrality and NATO non-enlargement. The Biden administration’s insistence on NATO enlargement to Ukraine has made Ukraine a victim of misconceived and unachievable U.S. military aspirations. It’s time for the provocations to stop, and for negotiations to restore peace to Ukraine.

RFK Jr. comments on social media, "Brilliant synopsis of the historical context for the Ukraine War. Can anyone read this and still maintain, as the Biden administration does incessantly, that the invasion was 'unprovoked”?

I'm with RFK on this but feel free to disagree.

Pax et Bonum,


Sunday, July 30, 2023

Non-Human Biologics


There's a lot going on right now, all of it important, the worship of God on Sunday, a major war in Eastern Europe, a coup in Niger, room temp semiconductor's and the ongoing Hunter Biden corruption Clown Op. Yes, all of that and more, but have you noticed the UFO thing?


Several former military whistle blowers have testified before Congress to the effect that USGOV has recovered "non-human biologics" from space alien craft. Said one observer:

There was a gasp

"There was definitely a gasp and everyone was definitely a little bit shocked," he said, "when Grusch was talking about non-human biologics." There was a similar response when Grusch later touched on the personal retaliation he suffered, according to the man.

Trailer Trash Grifter

Non-human "biologics." We have those here, apparently, but will we take any action to remove this off-world threat, root and branch? That, punters, remains to be seen.

Ad Astra,


Saturday, July 29, 2023

Recumbent Soldiery


The erstwhile Cadet passed NCO School yesterday and spun down I35 from Ft. Hood to visit, tell war stories and celebrate his victory. And celebrate we did, well done boy, you came out in the top 30% of the class of which, curiously, around 30% failed, some 100 people.

gull wing

"Why did they fail?" I asked, "Because they were fat and stupid." It's an issue, apparently. Regardless, we had fun and the dog had fun too, discovering a play towel and a plastic Walmart play bin. What fun. But what goes up must come down and the soldier successfully lay recumbent for much of today. 

Unh Hunh

Not me, off to a men's breakfast at Mission #2 by the lake this morning, what great guys, then Walmart, Tractor Supply Company, and afterwards installing a kindly donated toolbox on the rig in the heat of the blazing sun. 

I tell you, sweat was splashing down upon the bed of the truck like rain on the Sahara as I wrangled with the aluminium thing. Such is the coming Ice Age, sorry, Climate Change, that utterly settled science. Don't say Covid and experimental, mandated mRNA jabs.

typical boots on the ground scene

Regardless, there you have it. Good work on the NCO deal, kid.

Arduus Ad Solem,


Friday, July 28, 2023

45 Attack Ad


Just putting it out there, 


Do You Trust Our Rulers?


Serious question, do you trust beloved rulers, people like Acting Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland? Here, have a look at her before Satan claimed his own:

She progressed to this, proof positive for the outward and physical being a reflection of the inward and spiritual:

Nuland's considered one of the architects of our current proxy war on Russia. You might think this war a very good thing but if so, do you really want to be aligned with Nuland and her friends? 

To put it another way, are you on the side of the Deep State MIC (Military Industrial Complex) and its allies, or not? You know, the very same people who rigged an election against 45 who, weirdly, didn't start any wars.

Your call, readers. And remember, we build, they destroy.

Every time,


Thursday, July 27, 2023

Liturgical Slaughter


One of the ways Satan attempts to destroy the Church, the Ark of Salvation, is by deforming its language, the language of worship. We see this clearly in the liturgical revisions of the 1970s and '80s. These were supposed to make the language of corporate prayer available to all and succeeded in turning everyone off.

Why? Because the revisions were rubbish, the language ugly, banal, and unprayable. Here's the modern, ahem, Nunc Dimittis from the 1979 Episcopalien Book of Common Prayer, I believe it's common to the Breviary:

Lord, you now have set your servant free *
to go in peace as you have promised;
For these eyes of mine have seen the Savior, *
whom you have prepared for all the world to see:
A Light to enlighten the nations, *
and the glory of your people Israel.

"These eyes of mine." Well isn't that just dandy, said no one ever who's tried to pray this deformed attack language. Here's the original:

LORD, now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace, 
* according to thy word.
For mine eyes have seen * thy salvation,
Which thou hast prepared * before the face of all people;
To be a light to lighten the Gentiles, * 
and to be the glory of thy people Israel.

Do you see the difference? One is hideous, the other is beautiful. Satan, punters, does his best to destroy our worship, in this case through language.

Here at the Missions we ignore demonic innovation,


Just Wandering Around In The Heat


One of the things we have to do here is get our vehicles inspected to satisfy some kind of state-driven "emissions testing" or, in other words, a tax. But it's not so onerous, 7 bucks, and while the rig was being checked out I took the opportunity to go walk about, in the heat.

"What's it like downtown," I asked myself, "in the heat?" No trees, for a start. Can't have those, thought the geniuses in charge of our small, bucolic farming community. No, can't have those, let's root them out and award ourselves concrete contracts.

Of course no one walks, how could they, but if they did they'd notice "Glitz and Glamor" is open for business, one of our few shops in the aftermath of asset-stripping. So is Texas Through The Ages, which I think's a kind of dinosaur fossil museum adjunct, nice.

Then there's the Discipline School, which sounds dangerously racy but is, in fact, a regular school room where ill-behaved teenagers have to wear a uniform, chinos and a polo, not speak in class unless spoken to and actually do their schoolwork. Huh, much like "school" as I recall it.

Resisting the urge to declaim on the utter failure of our Marxist controlled, taxpayer funded, fake-as-you-like education system, I wandered over to the old Presbyterian church. It gleamed whitely in the sun and comes complete with a little bandstand/outdoor worship area. Nice.

Next door lies the old courthouse and gaol, complete with iron shutters, a reminder of the days when this town was a notorious den of outlaws, rustlers, thieves, bandits and ne'er do wells. You see, some of these boys had just demobbed from the War and weren't about to give up the fight, in whatever form that took.

Walkabout over and strangely not melted into the sidewalk, I made it back to the shop, "Mr. LSP, truck's passed." Well done, shop, we move onwards and upwards.



Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Let's Have it Back


Hagia Sophia, Holy Wisdom, towers over Constantinople today, perhaps the most magnificent of Roman buildings, Imperial power set in stone under the sovereignty of Christ. Today this Cathedral overlooking the Bosphorus is a mosque.

Western Christendom, this is on you. You could have rallied to our eastern brothers and beat back the Moslem, barbarian horde. But no, First Crusade outstanding, you took a different path. The result is before us, Islam controls the Bosphorus under NATO aegis and GloboHomo apostasy grips the West.

Let's have that back, Hagia Sophia, Ἁγία Σοφία, and tell me, which Christian army's going to take it? The British, French, Germans, US and GloboHomo? Or some other force. Stand against that, when it comes and it will, at your peril.

Russia, you'll have noticed, has banned trans surgery.



The Office - A Short Wednesday Homily


The Office? No, not the excellent British comedy series which was hard to watch on account of its cringe making realism but rather the daily duty of prayer. St. Benedict of Nursia broke this up into eight periods: Matins or Vigils, Lauds, Prime, Terce, Sext, None, Vespers, and Compline, thus sanctifying the day on into the night.

In the Anglican world, the wicked if skillful liturgist Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Cranmer, conflated these into the twofold Office of Morning and Evening Prayer. It's solid stuff, especially in the language of the old prayer book (1928) as opposed to the horrific, banal, unsayable modern language variants cooked up by expert liturgists in the 1970s and beyond.

That said, consider the benefit of a set order of prayer, canticles, and readings from the psalms and the Old and New Testaments; every day, morning and evening. Not only does this free the person at prayer from having to cook it all up themselves, which tends to mean they don't, but also unites them to the common, daily, prayer of the Church.

Back to Cranmer, who was burned at the stake in Oxford for being a wicked heretic. Perhaps he was, but I'd argue he did a masterful work of making Benedict's Monastic Office accessible to the laity. Bold call: Look here, laic, you too can sanctify the day as well as priests and religious, provided of course that you can read. 

SSH High Altar, well done RW for bringing it back and so much more

And that's just it, provided you can read. This, punters, is at something of a premium right about now and forces the question: As we sink into barbarism, and we are, will the Church keep the light of civilization burning in the encroaching darkness? She's done so before and I'll wager she'll do so again.

We had five souls at Evening Prayer today in this small garrison style Mission we call the Compound, and there we were, praying with the Church, the Mystical Body of Christ, Mystici Corporis Christi, and you know what? The gates of hell shall not prevail.

God bless you all,


Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Wolf Man - Vril


I am the Wolfman?  No. That would be LL, under skies heavy with snows my eyes are convex lenses of ebony embedded in amber. 

Well, damme, someone's got to do it, what? Then there's the long-haired Vril. Seriously, Maria, Sigrun, Taut et al believed their beautiful long hair served as an antenna for aliens from Aldebaran, Tau Ceti. That's right, star children. 

Child of God? Are you sure, as opposed to Child of Satan? Guinea on the monkey and twice as fast. Joni, we all warned you

OK, translate the above as you will. But what about Vril power and the coming race?

Maria Orsic forever,


PS. Remember, punters, Jack Parsons, JPL, was a protege of Aleisteir Crowley. Like no kidding.

The Feast Of St. James The Apostle Matamoros


Today's the Feast of St. James the Greater, brother of St. John. He was beheaded on the orders of King Herod Agrippa around 42 A.D. and is thee patron saint of equestrians, soldiers and Spain. Here's a prayer:

GRANT, O merciful God, that, as thine holy Apostle Saint James, leaving his father and all that he had, without delay was obedient unto the calling of thy Son Jesus Christ, and followed him; so we, forsaking all worldly and carnal affections, may be evermore ready to follow thy holy commandments; through the same Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


According to legend St. James was buried in Spain and gave supernatural aid to the Christian army at Clavijo, defeating the Moslem Moors:

During the Battle of Clavijo, it is said that Saint James the Great miraculously appeared to provide assistance to an outnumbered Spanish Christian army, helping them gain victory against the Moors who had started their conquest of Hispania in AD 711. The battle is placed between AD 834 and 844, about 800 years after the death of St James the Greater. According to legend, Saint James, appeared as a warrior on a white horse amidst the Spanish army, wielding a white banner. Upon seeing him, the Christian army cried out “¡Dios ayuda a Santiago!” which translates to “God save St. James!” It is believed that more than 5,000 Moors were killed during the battle, earning St James the title Matamoros or “Moor-slayer”.


¡Dios ayuda a Santiago!


Monday, July 24, 2023

Are You A Burner?


Burning Man's coming up, punters, in just a few weeks. So we have to ask, what sort of Burner would you be? OK, I know only a few of us could begin to afford the huge cost of this elite hippy desert extravaganza or even want to go, but say you could.

Perhaps you would be a Flying Circus hippy.

A Running Swine hippy?

Maybe a Space Reich hippy by a dying tree.

Or just a simple Dome Head.

Then there's always the cowboy option.

down to earth, what?

Here at the Compound we like the cowboy track, allied with Safari Expedition: Tents, rifles, Pimms, Coronation Chicken et al. Then, when the wealthy zombified art hippies are shuffling to the denouement of their freak fayre, a giant burning man, we drop the boom. Recollected readers will remember the film.

Be careful out there,


Sunday, July 23, 2023

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?


Oh my, serious question. What do you want to be like, a beautiful trans rainbow unicorn or something else? Like, maybe, Pinochet? Hey, your call and here's some homework:

What a wise child! A young defender of freedom against the Marxist scourge which would chemically and surgically castrate him in the name of freedom. I say again, we're fighting against utter insanic iniquity. Really, your boy is a girl? Good call, let's get her to the surgeons to realize that dream. Then she'll be sane... or not, but there will be profit.

Though not her's, she'll have to live with a lifetime of Big Pharma medication and a 40%+ tendency to kill itself. And all in the name of freedom. Good work, satanic rainbow genius patrol.

I call Satan,


Let's Hear It For Kyle


What a brave and collected boy. Green haired, trans radical, Berkley, ahem educated mountebanks don't agree with this, they think hes a Nazi for daring to protect a town from the "mostly peaceful" antics of the radical left... How dare he. Some black people don't agree with this pathetic leftist consensus:

Gentlemen and women, as you were. This a mission. 

Take note,


How Do You Gender Identify?


Some brainy rainbow profs from Oregon State University decided to conduct a woke survey to test the representation of trans and gender nonconforming undergraduates in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) studies. They weren't happy with the result.

When asked about their gender, many respondents identified as "Attack Helicopters," specifically "Apache Attack Helicopters," though one student identified as a V-22 Osprey. You can read all about it on Zerohedge.

In the meanwhile, one of the brainiac research team has had to be taken into special counselling because of the trauma received from survey replies. Unsurprisingly, the gender boffins at OSU have published a paper slamming attack helicopter Fascism and promoting revolutionary gender Marxism. Here's a sample, via Zero:

“The university at its most ideal can be envisioned as ‘a central site for revolutionary struggle, a site where we can work to educate for critical consciousness’ using ‘a pedagogy of liberation.'”

"Identities such as transgender status in STEM teaching should similarly not be taught as 'single issues' but be conceptualized as one component of our multifaceted experiences with power and oppression—and that categories such as race, gender, and sexuality have roots in European colonial logics shared by fascist movements."

"Engineering graduates in the U.S. frequently work in fields such as fossil fuels, defense, construction, and technology upon graduation, and could be taught about these field’s relationships with national and global racial capitalism."


Imagine, all two of you readers, the sheer, vast, huge amount of money spent or borrowed by this academic genius patrol to achieve such... nonsensical, immoral, bizarre, iniquitous, risible drivel. Race, gender, sexuality; wow, how very utterly totally fascist.

I tell you punters, they've been driven insane. By Satan. And then some. So, how do you identify?



Saturday, July 22, 2023

Hippies - Is There Hope?


Hippies, typically filthy, unwashed, misguided and now trans blasphemous parodies of men and women. Yes indeed, but is there hope for these misguided denizens of Austin, San Francisco and Portland? Perhaps, and here at the Compound we've worked with Beans to suggest a template.

Lure them to a pop festival, a "freak fayre" if you like. Secure the perimeter, set up in force with tents, safari rifles and all of that. Next step? Drop the boom, I won't go into detail. And then?


Issue the wretched hippies with fatigues and boots, shave their hair, start remedial PT, get that drill going (they don't get real rifles at this point, obvs), issue ironing boards and starch. And carry on, all conducted by LL, the RHSM (Regimental Horse Sergeant Major) who's taken over the SOUND STAGE, with its mighty amplification.

Hear it, punters, "By the left... QUICK MARCH!" And watch them move like clockwork across the desert expanse. Think yourselves lucky, hippies. And what can we say, problem? Solution. Yes, there is hope.

Peace And Unity,


The War


All eyes are fixed on Ost Front and the war, where Ukraine launched an offensive in June in the hope of driving to the Black Sea and severing Russia's land bridge with Crimea. But the offensive stalled in the face of Russian air power, artillery dominance and massive minefields. 


NATO trained and equipped mechanized brigades floundered and died before they even reached the first  fortified lines of Russkie defense. Why, how could this happen? They had Leopard tanks, Bradleys, AMV 10s, MWRAPS, Mastiffs, M113s, HIMARS and so much more. It's cost you, the taxpayer, billions. That's right, billions, and it didn't break through. Why?

you fat, mad, fraud

Obvious answer. NATO equipment needs NATO officers like Major Rachel Jones to operate correctly. UKR needs to diversify if it's going to increase force lethality. Got that? Because diversity is our strength, see Major "Rachel" fake woman Jones above.

our depressed, suicidal command, trans them all

I say again, if we're gambling on never having to fight another big war again, why are we calling for moar war? Serious question, have we been driven insane by Satan?

In Hoc Signo,