Thursday, October 31, 2013



A church person once told me that Halloween was Satan's birthday. I tried to explain that it's just the Eve of all Hallows, the first night of the Triduum of All Saints, when Christians remember the faithful departed and the Saints. She wasn't buying. For her, Halloween was just a paean to Old Scratch.

This goof supports gay marriage because he's conservative, apparently.

Others think that Halloween isn't about the faithful departed, God, Satan, or anything else. They think it's Celtic. Some people have convinced themselves that the Celts were all about gay marriage, a bit like David Cameron but more tribal.

Scary As You Like

I won't comment, but I will leave you with a picture of a famous witch stateswoman; people are saying that she'll be President one day. Pretty scary, eh?

God bless,


Where's The LSP?!?

Good Old KLM

"Where's the LSP?" I hear you ask, in that worried, angsty kind of way.The answer's simple, Nairobi, London and now... Aberystwyth! "Aber" is a Welsh seaside town and a member of the famous rock band, the Scorpions, had a mansion here. He had to sell it when he started running out of ready money.

All Saint's Cathedral, Nairobi

Nairobi was interesting and made me want to go on a horse safari in the Great Rift Valley, which is the stuff of legend, mystery and adventure. You can do that for around the price of two return tickets from Calgary to Toronto, so I'm saving up. I liked the Anglican cathedral and the coffee, which was absurdly strong; useful if you're slaving away over a hot computer in the press room. 


Then it was back to the endurance test that is modern air travel. When we got to Heathrow, via Schipol, the pilot announced that there'd be a delay while "Military Police" conducted a "security check." Two cops in flak jackets and machine guns boarded the plane; one stationed himself aft while the other advanced down the craft. He took an African woman off the plane. Hey. Welcome to England.

Someone, please, invite me on a horse safari.

That said, London was huge fun. The city's now home to all these novelty skyscrapers, which the comedic Brits have  given pet names to, like the Gherkin, the Shard, the Walkie-Talkie and so on. 

The Shard, built by Robot Hesse

The Walkie-Talkie's a menace and apparently caused fires during the summer by reflecting sunlight onto cars and trash, like a massive laser. Who knew that mad Sci-Fi Nazis had taken over Britain's architectural establishment?


Two days later I got to Aber. It was raining. I stood by the lighthouse and watched the waves crash into the pier.

More later.


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Government's Back!

And the Government's Back.

I see there's been some sort of deal, in which members of the government have voted to bring... the government back! Remarkable.

Who was it that said, "The turkeys keep voting for Christmas."

Illuminati Shill Bear

In related news, one of the little people in Miley's neat bear act left the stage "shivering and crying" because she was treated as "less than human", like some kind of fake bear. You can look it up on the internet if you doubt me.

Real Bear

Well, there's bears and there's bears.



Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Revelation & Morals


I apologize for the flippant shallowness of this blog, well, except for the posts about NWO shills like Piers Morgan, the Government (please stay shutdown), occasional UFOs and the usual "God, Guns, Church and Country Life" bit. All that's fine, but here's something serious to make up for the rest; it's from a talk given by a church member who argues for ethics based on the revealed word and holiness of God. A bit long, for this sound-bite of a site, but have a read:

"On the biblical view, a durable account of 'rights' requires something more than is provided by Thomas Paine or Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Succinctly, pace their successors, including John Rawls, a transcendent authority is necessary, an eternally dependable Giver of moral law, not least because merely human authority cannot provide the security of right relationship except in shifting, transient terms. The answer that Israel’s Revelation gives to questions about how to achieve a flourishing life is not merely, 'God said it,' but rather, if I may paraphrase, that God has disclosed something profound about his own nature in the Torah, namely that he is Holy, and he wills our participation in his health. His call to us to imitate him is detailed as it is because holiness of life – as distinct from knowledge of a right or definition of meaningful agency – must be a matter of sustained living practice. Moreover, and for the entire Judeo-Christian tradition this cannot be stressed too strongly, the commandment to be holy applies not just to individuals, but to communities. Biblical revelation offers no blueprint for political order, but something without which no political structure can be sustained, namely the moral authority of a higher ideal. It has thus political implications, and this is precisely the point in contention for successors of Paine and Rousseau, who wish to substitute another source of absolute obligation, namely government.

Thomas Paine

"Construing the goal of ethical standards as nothing more than an adequation of normative behavior, a kind of hyper-Baconianism, has become de facto the reflex of our current legal as well as political culture. If Hollywood is what most people appear to want, the Court will ensure that’s what all will get. If insufficient numbers want it, we will be scolded. Ironically, we have created thus a new absolute authority, effective not least because daily proclaimed by its own prophets, the media and entertainment industry. This oracular voice from the sky includes of course the “news,” which we consult each morning in order to learn what we are supposed to think. And do. And then encourage others to do. Nor is that enough; we are prompted almost daily to join in an obligatory chorus, celebrating those as courageous, even 'heroic' who invent a new, perhaps previously unthinkable 'norm.' Defense of notorious in-your-face performance vulgarities by third-wave feminists as 'body-positive' exemplify increasing pressures to approve public behaviors such as might repel a hog in rut. Other, less vulgar displays attempt to seduce by behavior re-enforcement into private imitations of the unholy, ad nauseum et ad infinitum. But can we ignore the enormous costs that have accrued to this sorry substitute for civic idealism?

Go Miley! 3rd Wave Feminism?

"Whether we consider the disappearance of moral authority as Hannah Arendt construed it, or believe the issue of moral authority to be inherently problematic, we cannot evade the evidence that consequences attend not only upon ideas, but follow in real time from actual moral choices made by cultures as well as individuals. 

"It would seem that 'breaking bad' implies the possibility of the good, of a return to health, even of “breaking good.” And something else, perhaps: unacknowledged exhaustion with the ‘conceptual morass’ of an ethic whose highest principle is ‘thou shalt not criticize thy neighbor.’ What if a gesture of fraternal correction might be the only life-line we have to offer our neighbor in the hope he or she may avoid self-destruction? Keep your opinion to yourself, say the courts and the media. In this paralyzing context, the ideal of holiness – namely that the most whole and healthy way of life available to us is by way of imitation of something far higher than ourselves – merits at least a review. Perhaps we might include the texts of ancient Israel in our humanities curriculum, with thoughtful attention to the relation between holiness and moral order as there articulated, not least in relation to the inevitability of consequences. If, as George Weigel says, we are now in a widespread civil war over the very meaning of the human person, then perhaps any hope for a restorative resolution of our crisis of cultural authority must come, as he says, 'from a reformed culture in which Jerusalem is once again linked to Athens and Rome in the foundation of the West.'

East Side Detroit, Shape of Things to Come?

"Reason without Revelation hasn’t been working all that well for us. Perhaps those of us who continue to value reason ought to move beyond serial post-mortem analyses of our cultural demise to a fresh consideration of the legacies and ideals of Revelation that have formed and sustained us in healthier times. We might begin by acknowledging that no higher ideal for moral order exists than that which asks us to regard self and neighbor as made in the image of God."

I like that and will link to the whole thing when it's published.


Saturday, October 12, 2013

TEC Loses. Quincy Wins.

Boy Bishop

The Episcopal Church (TEC) has been losing lately, and not just members! After defeats in Texas, South Carolina and Quincy, TEC's lost again in a rearguard spoiler action against the small Midwest Diocese of Quincy. 

After the Diocese of Quincy withdrew from the the Episcopal Church, TEC wasted no time in suing the recalcitrant trads in 2009 for all their money and assets. Part of that meant writing to the Diocese of Quincy's banks and getting $4 million of diocesan money frozen pending a legal outcome in the courts. The court decided against TEC this September, allowing the trad diocese to break free of TEC with its property and cash intact. But TEC isn't one to give up and filed a motion with the courts to keep diocesan money frozen. 


That was defeated earlier this month, when Judge Orbtal ruled that the Diocese of Quincy was the owner of its money. 

TEC has spent at least $22 million in litigation against traditionalists in the last 10 years. During that time the incredibly shrinking denomination has lost well over 1 million members and now has an average Sunday attendance of maybe 650,000 people. 

Down You Go

Some people would say that TEC's tanking. Others argue that it's going to make a come back, like Detroit, or a bad pop star.

Well done Quincy. 

God bless,


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Kwame Goes Down!


As packs of wild dogs roam the once thriving streets of America's Motor City, former Detroit Mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick, has been sentenced to 28 years in the slammer.

Dog Pack

An estimated 50,000 dogs run wild in the streets of Detroit, abandoned by their owners and free to run through a city that's fast reverting to the wilderness from which it came. Now bankrupt, the nation's former automotive capitol is an urban wasteland of abandoned homes, blighted blocks and empty highways, with the few citizens that remain living in fear of savage dogs, crackheads and corrupt politicians.

Free Kwame

Part of the blame falls at the shackled feet of one-time Mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick, a rising political star who sank beneath a sea of old-skool graft and coke-fueled parties at his mayoral mansion. 

Well Done, Government

Judge Nancy Edmunds, who handed down the lengthy jail term, accused the Kwame administration of "devastating corruption" and stated that "That way of doing government is over."

Get it On

Well you never know. 

I like Detroit but I don't see it "coming back." Sorry, hipsters.


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Government Still Down. Wendy Davis Illuminati Shill!

Government Illuminati Symbol

Here at LSP Liberty HQ the party's still on, with our hardworking team continuing to celebrate as America takes a lead from plucky little Belgium and shuts down its Government. Belgium, famous for standing up against oppressors, managed to do without its despised Government for 589 days in 2010-11 and emerged none the worse. 

NWO Worship

But some feel the Government is a sham, only serving to do the bidding of a shadowy cabal of New World Order (NWO), Illuminati puppetmasters. ZeroHedge has this to say:

"And that’s because every serious investor understands that the US government long since abdicated any economic power to the banking sector. Everyone knows that the Fed is going to keep printing money, ergo they’re going to keep sending markets higher. And this debt ceiling charade only proves it. The secret is out there in the open. And now it’s completely obvious who’s really in charge."

Wendy's in Vogue

In related news, Wendy Davis, who rose to fame and the pages of Vogue for championing late-term abortion, is making a bid to seize control of Texas.

Wendy has a Demon

Supporters of Davis' July filibuster, that blocked legislation placing time limits on abortion, chanted "Hail Satan" and hurled feces around the State Capitol. 

Davis, who regards abortion as "sacred ground," has been photographed with a demon on her shoulder, revealing the power-seeking politician as little more than an Illuminati shill and a craven NWO puppet. 

Crazed Government Supporters

She is presently shutdown, along with the rest of our Government.

Let's keep it that way.


Friday, October 4, 2013

Government Bans Mass on Military Bases


Apparently the Government isn't shut down enough. In an unprecedented move, the State has banned contract catholic chaplains from celebrating Mass on military bases.

Despite offering their services voluntarily, at no cost to the state, contract chaplains have been forbidden from ministering at military bases during the current Government shutdown. Some see this as an example of the Obama Administration's deep-seated hostility to catholicism.

Not Allowed

According to the President of the Catholic League, Bill Donahue, “In American history there has been no administration more anti-Catholic than the Obama administration. For them to deny Catholic men and women the opportunity of the sacraments and to deal with their prayerful vocations is really a stunning statement.”

Do This, Get Arrested

Catholics account for 25% of U.S. armed forces, but only have some 230 full-time chaplains. To make up for the shortfall, the military hires priests to serve on a contract basis. 

These contract clerics are banned until further notice because the Administration claims it doesn't have the money to pay them, even though the clergy are offering to serve for free.

Yet another reason to shut down this government.

Thanks, Third News, for the tip.


Less Government, Please. We Can't Afford It!

Random Bear Partisan

I'm hearing these unsettling rumors that the Government is still somehow functioning, even though it's shutdown and closed. How can this be? 

Here's how much our Government spends, visualized as stacks of $100 million pallets. Thanks for the image and figures, Demonocracy:

Spend, Spend, Spend!

Here's the breakdown: 

Defense (Attack) $902.2 Billion
Health Care $846.1 Billion
Pensions $819.7 Billion
Welfare $451.9 Billion
Interest $224.8 Billion
Other Spending $199.6 Billion
Education $153.1 Billion
Transport $102.6 Billion
Protection $62.0 Billion
General Government $33.6 Billion

Just hypothetically, if the Govenment ever starts again, which I hope it won't, I guess it'll keep on spending increasingly astronomical amounts of money. Where will the cash come from? Print on demand?

Less Government please, we can't afford it.

Have a blessed Feast of St. Francis,


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Government Remnant Barricades Capitol

Last Ditch Defense

Remnant government loyalists have barricaded themselves into last-ditch defensive positions in the nation's capitol, Washington D.C., in a desperate attempt to fight off war veterans.

World War II vets braved threats of arrest and flimsy, ineffective government opposition to pay honor to their fallen comrades.


"The Germans and the Japanese couldn't contain us. They weren't going to let barriers contain them today," said one Ohio veteran, Lee Armstrong.

In Hiding

The government, led by Al-Quaeda ally, Barak Obama, remains in hiding.

Please don't come back.


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Government Shutdown!

bone idle layabouts

I see we've got rid of the government. About time!!

Free, at last.