Tuesday, March 29, 2022

A Little Z


Germany, that bastion of free thought and liberty has banned the letter Z from its lexicon because Putin hate speech. No more Z for Germans, the wicked letter's like the swastikas carved into the chests of people in the basements of Mariupol.

No, none of that. But hold on, when do we stop, when the whole of the alphabet's banned? Do the math. No such thing as men and women, no such thing as numbers, no such thing as truth or humans themselves, only the will to power.

We stand against this satanic evil,


The Church of England Is So Very Awesome


The venerable Church of England's attracting hundreds of thousands of Britons to its pews because it's so  very, very gay. Except that it it's not, COE numbers are plummeting and that's really weird because all the millions of LGBTQ+ people in the UK should be flocking to the nation's premiere rainbow conventicle. But they're not.

So strange. Now that the throne of Augustine's so gaily inclusive, all the colors of the rainbow, you'd think it would have grown by leaps and bounds. Unless we go gay, said the pundits, no one will take us seriously. 

Mirabile dictu, lo and behold, go figure, no sh*t Sherlock they're not, which is why the venerable if shrinking Church of England's average Sunday attendance has fallen off a cliff, from some 1.3 million people a Sunday in 1980 to a miserable 600k or so today.

And this is weird, it should be the other way around. Now that the UK's so gay, you'd think the gen pop would head to the gayest church around, right? But they haven't, they've stayed home, polishing the proverbial Baphomet.

At some point, gentle readers, all two of you, this insane, satanic craze will end leaving a lot of people feeling really stoopid as they clutch their dirty little rainbow flag.

Your Pal,


Monday, March 28, 2022

Once More Over The Rainbow


Do you remember SCOTUS nominee Ketanji Brown telling the world that she couldn't define what a woman was? Perhaps we shrugged our shoulders, rolled the proverbial eyeball and fired off a few rounds of precious 5.56. But not so fast.

Ketanji's inability or unwillingness to define womanhood  is mainstream, it's an accepted point of view. For example, USA Today, which is a kind of newspaper, is all in favor: Viz. Gender and biology are tangentially related at best. In other words, we don't know what a woman is.

Wow. Next step? We don't know what a human being is and lo and behold, it's a short skip and hop from that to putting inhuman cattle into boxcars for extinction. So shrug away and ignore the issue if you like but know this, we're dealing with evil, evil with which there can be no compromise.

Consider how the denial of truth in the name of tolerance leads to tyranny and oppression, the truth is what I decide it to be. This is evil and Rod Dreher nails it here. His conclusion:

And I am no longer willing to pretend that this is anything other than a religious war, and that what undergirds these battles over the definition of male and female, as well as the attempts by the ruling class to colonize the minds of children, is anything but satanic. There is no negotiating with this stuff.

Which side are you on? You will soon find that neutrality is not an option.


We've been saying this for years, here at the Compound, and note, Baphomet is trans.

Vade Retro,


Sunday, March 27, 2022



Enemies of the Rainbow, friends of family, hearth and home, and they beat the blasphemous, repellent P Riot too, which is a massive plus. I call brothers, comrades. 

Feel free to disagree,


Saturday, March 26, 2022

Some Kind Of Armageddon Joke? No, Just Our Joe


The president figure of America's in Poland where he spoke with the famed 82nd Airborne and pretended to be one of the guys while eating pizza. Just a regular man of the people, but why did he speak from a giant zero? Here, look:

A parable, perhaps, and why did the Old Crook tell the 82nd they were going to war in the Ukraine. A demented octogenarian slip of the tongue or something more sinister? Good question and the White House is saying it's just an honest slip because, you know, the Big Guy's such an honest man. Don't say 10%.

Putin got a bashing too, with Uncle Joe threatening to remove him from power, “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power. God bless you all and may God defend our freedom." 

Freedom. Unless you're rotting in DC Gitmo for well over a year because of your brazen attack on our politico corporate managerial elite. Whatever, Breitbart won the dry award of the week, "It is unclear whether Biden’s comment was part of his prepared remarks."

That in mind, our beloved 81 million vote leader believes in first strike nuclear war and this brings us to a point. Regardless of your opinion on the rights and wrongs of the Ukraine action, why are powerful people openly and unapologetically talking of atomic conflict. And they are, 35% of Americans support them.

This, to me and perhaps you, is both heinous and diabolic.


Friday, March 25, 2022



It's the great and glorious Feast of the Annunciation today, so to mark the angel Gabriel's message to Our Lady I said the Angelus and Divine Office at Mission #2's Marian shrine. I know, that sounds pious and curatelike but so what, there's no "rule," except that outdoor shrines to Our Lady have  power, even the humblest.

Then, in a spirit of Stella Maris it made sense to head to the lake. The water was down and clear, would there be fish? So on went polarized glasses and the piscine recce patrol commenced, know the water, catch the fish sort of thing.

Apart from a small school of Buffalo Carp, gliding like submarines seeking whom they may devour, nothing. The surge wasn't on, though it will be in a week or two. I'm looking forward to that and have to renew a license.

Back at the Compound birds and squirrels are fighting ferocious turf wars, it's like Donetsk, Kiev, Kherson, Kharkov or Mariupol except the protagonists are our furred and feathered friends. Speaking of which, if they were bigger would they eat us?

Dog's wouldn't, so much, and that's in their favor. Cats? Different story.

God bless,


WE beseech thee, O Lord, pour thy grace into our hearts; that, as we have known the incarnation of thy Son Jesus Christ by the message of an angel, so by his cross and passion we may be brought into the glory of his resurrection; through the same Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Tranny Turn 'Round


A Typical Tranny

The war in Ukraine has reached a new and vicious low. Men who self-identify as women, derisively called "trannies" by hate speech Nazis are being turned back at the Ukrainian border and told to fight. Yes, by Ukrainian border guards. ZeroHedge reports:

Two trans women interviewed by the Guardian shared similar stories about border guards telling them to turn back and join the fight.

"'Go to the war', they replied, adding that more than 3 million people had already fled the country and they weren't going to let me out."

Alice, 24, a trans woman from Brovary, a town near Kyiv, recounted a similar experience. She and her wife, Helen, a 21-year-old who identifies as non-binary, were stopped by border guards during an attempt to cross into Poland.

"They took us to a building near the border crossing,” recounts Alice. "There were three officers in the room. They told us to take off our jackets. They checked our hands, arms, checked my neck to see if I had an Adam’s apple. They touched my breasts. After examining us, border guards told us we were men. We tried to explain our situation but they didn’t care."

Interestingly, the American press didn't pick up the story. Could this be because it might undermine the bright shiny (definitely not nazi-ish) new heroic image of the Ukrainian government, which has been the subject of almost unanimously positive coverage in the American press?

Ketanji and some masked up old crook


Wow. In related news SCOTUS nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson was unable or unwilling to define what a woman is under questioning from Senator Marsha Blackburn today. Define the word "woman," asked Marsha.

“I can’t,” Jackson responded.

“You can’t?” Blackburn asked. Blackburn seemed to have expected a response that was at least a bit more substantial than that.

“Not in this context. I’m not a biologist,” Jackson said.


Quite, but Ukrainian border guards apparently are. Bets on that Ketanji's all in for their cause. And we have to ask, will the Transsexual Shock Brigade (TSB) of the Ukrainian Army increase force lethality?

Over the Rainbow,


Monday, March 21, 2022

Terminal D


Terminal D at DFW, normally a heaving mass of travelers trying to board jets with all the comfort and convenience of a 1982 bus ride from Cheltenham to Canterbury, was eerie empty. Seriously, you could've fired a canon off in the departures concourse and not hit anyone, much.

But hey, gotta wear a mask in case you give a person who's been vaccinated against Covid, you know, Covid. That's the beauty of these vaccines, they stop you getting the deadly disease which 99.9% doesn't kill you. Except that they don't, which is why you have to submit a negative PCR test and be vaxxed up before you travel to Canada. Until April 1st.

You'll note, keen-eyed readers, that April 1 is April Fools' Day. Huh. When, dear Lord, will this Kabuki Theater end? 

Your Old Friend,


Sunday, March 20, 2022

Sunday Sermon - Flying Preacher

An old friend said the other night, "LSP, I respect your education, I really do, but you have no appreciation of Black Heritage." Good heavens! Serious deficiency, and reply, "Darling, what do you mean? I love George Washington, and let's not forget Jefferson Davis."

You can imagine the pause, "They weren't black!" And the response, "What do you mean?" Pause for a moment of stunned silence as you behold the icon of the free world, Vladimir Zelensky.

Try not to throw up in your mouth,




Here we are, it's 2022 and we've got a new Leader, a defender, if you like, of the Fourth Rainbow Reich. That's right, Vlad Zelensky, comedian and celebrity popstar. Here zhe is:

Wow, maybe that was a one off? Not so fast punters, look at zhir:

Huh, don't say degenerate actor, say brave leader of the rainbow free world for whom, apparently, we're prepared to go to thermonuclear war. Check out Great Britain's top spy chief, the head of MI6, and Joe Biden, the most popular president ever in the history of 81 million evers:

Transsexualism, says the Big Guy. The greatest civil rights issue of our time. So now we know. Thanks, Joe, let's beat the hell out of Russia.

In other news, leading elements of Team LSP went to a Foreigner gig last night. Uh huh, at Grey Eagle Casino, in Alberta. "Is this a tribute band? I was dancing in the front row," said one member of the fighting patrol.

Juke Box Hero,


Saturday, March 19, 2022


Just leaving this out there. Make of it what you will,


Stupid Busy


Good Lord it's been an intense few days. Well, no rest for the wicked. Speaking of which, hate hoaxer Juicy's been released pending appeal. He lied to the world saying he was attacked by vicious MAGA racists who were really two Nigerian brothers, Empire extras to boot. Juice paid them $3,500, by check, idiotically.

Then there's Hunter Biden. Turns out the Big Guy's son's laptop is, in fact, the real deal because, you know, fact check all about truth. Too bad our media's become an agitprop lie factory running at full speed. And where will it end?

That remains to be seen. In the meanwhile, this is MAGA country.

Your Pal,


Friday, March 18, 2022

Seconds of Forever


In the first second of forever I saw a discarded mask, as if a broken fragment of a child's toy, an epitaph, resting on the tarmac.

In the second second of forever I saw a sign, a prophecy of things to come.

And in the third second I saw a plastic glove, discarded, thumbless in the sun.

Standing on the Runway,


Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Church of England News - Underpants Baptism & Dueling Dyke Vicar


Justsin Welby

What's going on in the venerable if shrinking Church of England? Plenty.

In the Diocese of Hereford wayward parson Clive Evans, 62, has been suspended for six months for performing a baptism in his underpants and touching women's bottoms during the "full immersion" ritual.

Recalling the incident, one family member said: "Clive then started to remove his shirt which I thought was fair enough seeing as he didn't want to get it wet. However when he started taking his shorts off I was shocked and thought to myself why is he undressing completely in front of my mother, my sister and I."

The Repellent Bishop of Hereford

A disciplinary tribunal stated that there was “no extreme urgency which might conceivably be imagined to justify a state of semi-nakedness.” The Bishop of Hereford, Richard Jackson condemned the malfeasant cleric: “The behaviour of Revd Evans is completely unacceptable, and we will be keeping all those affected by this case in our prayers.

“Clergy are in a privileged position of leadership. Their congregations and the wider community hold them in trust. The professional guidelines to which they are bound make clear that this is a trust that they must not abuse.

“The behaviour and actions of Revd Evans are in no way reflective of acceptable church practice.”


Who knew that this mind blog would find itself in agreement with the Diocese of Hereford, but that's not all. Again, according to the UK’s Daily Mail, Rev Michelle Bailey, 54, has been accused of savagely attacking her female fiancée, Diane Shaw, 56. 

During the alleged attack Shaw suffered two black eyes, a split nose, her ear detached from her head and multiple bruises and bite marks. In court testimony, Shaw stated:

I went over to her and she was lying over the bonnet of my Audi TT. I grabbed her hair back to pull her off of my car. She tripped on a split and fell over on the tarmac. She pulled my glasses off. I picked my frame up. She got in front of me and that’s when she really laid into me. I was punched in the face numerous times, forcefully, between four and six times. I tried to stop her but I couldn’t any longer… I got two black eyes, split nose. My right ear had became detached from my head, bite marks too and bruises to my torso.

Bite That Ear Right Off Her Head

Leaving aside the remarkable she was lying over the bonnet of my Audi TT you may have noticed this, "My right ear had become detached from my head." Wow, Bailey bit her girlfriend's ear off.

We're almost impressed, but the Church of England wasn't. Bailey's been suspended from her £40,000-a-year vicar job. What, they get that much money?

Cash aside, beware the gaily colored rainbow and its unicorn's thudding hooves.

Your Old Pal,


Monday, March 14, 2022

Yet More War


Religious leaders around the world, like Justsin Welby, Pope Francis and Foley improbably named Beach have condemned Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Quite right too, we hate war, but consider. Imagine you were Head of State, a veritable Vladimir Putin.

Imagine, and then consider your borders. Would you put up with, if you had a choice, a hostile power financing and controlling bioweapons labs in a neighboring state and threatening to join a military alliance against you? 

It sounds weird and preposterous, but that's exactly what we've been doing. Gay Pride Ukraine and big woke Trannie Corp's gonna take down monster Putin and turn Russia into a rainbow utopia.

A utopia in which you will WEF own nothing and be happy because your bathrooms are multisexual. That would be the West and the Zelensky Ukraine we're all cheering for. The Moscow Patriarchate says no, and so do Russia's MLRS which are pounding Karkov tonight with furious abandon.

Maybe the dividing line is simple if not easy. Who do we support, the apostate Rainbow West or its opposite?

Your Call,


Sunday, March 13, 2022

Sunday Sermon


Strive to enter by the narrow gate, says Christ, and woe to those who don't,  "I tell you, I know you not whence ye are; depart from me, all ye workers of iniquity.” Depart and go where? To that place of wailing and gnashing of teeth, to Hell. Terrifying, not least to the wicked pharisees who presumed on salvation by virtue of birthright and letter of the Law, but nonetheless hated God. 

"They are enemies of the cross," blasts St. Paul to the Philippians, "Their end is destruction. Their god is the belly, and they glory in their shame." As with the pharisee so with us in what was once Christendom. Dominant cultural orthodoxy (DCO) rejects the crucified Christ, the narrow gate, as far too narrow minded.

So in the interest of broad mindedness, tolerance and liberty we're told there is no one truth, religious or otherwise, only opinion. You know the mantra, I've got my truth, you've got yours. Welcome to the age of narrative and note, narrative and fiction go hand in hand. No wonder we're deluged at every level with a barrage of lies.

That aside, the whole project sounds so rainbow utopia, so listening to John Lennon's Imagine on continuous loop. How very tolerance, I've got my truth, you've got yours. But hold on, there is no truth only opinion translates to, "Reality, truth, is whatever I decide it to be."

Welcome to satanic pride. Reality, truth, is whatever you decide it to be, emphasis on you decide. And what happens. Sure, you're the master of the universe, so get out there and own all the kingdoms of the world, greed. Fill your belly with the surfeit, stones to bread, and while you're at it throw yourself off the Temple and dare the God you don't believe in to do his worst. Reject the narrow way in favor of the broad. 

Go right ahead, just don't be surprised when you're locked out of paradise on account of your opposition to it. Wailing and gnashing of teeth? Don't say Yoko Ono. Instead, return to the Lord with a humble and contrite heart.

God bless,


Saturday, March 12, 2022


Don't tell me you weren't warned. And so to today, at the Shamrock PNS, Pick 'n Steal, lo and behold:


Such, my dear friends, is the Age of Aquarius. 


Friday, March 11, 2022



"So why do you support the 2nd Amendment?" asked a betasoy reporter from the laughable Dallas Morning Morning News. I replied, quick as a flash, mind like a veritable steel trap, "Because freedom," and off he wandered into the untamed jungle of a gun show.

Truck Gun

Seriously, isn't the ability to defend yourself one of the hallmarks of a free society? Sure, we pass that on to the State and the police, but what happens when they turn against you, which of course has never happened ever in the history of ever.

Just Some Guns

More than that, why should some kind of nanny state be precisely that, a nanny treating its citizens as toddlers in a transsexual kindergarten. No guns for you, infants, you might hurt zhirself! So put on three masks and get vaxxed so you'll be all safe, until you die of a heart attack or worse from an experimental gene serum foisted on you by Big Pharma and agitprop MSM.

Typical Pistols

Likewise, why should we hand over, as though it was a good thing, our existence and well-being to a secular state run by an ultra rich transnational elite which regards us as so many pawns/dirtpeople/untermensch to be sacrificed on the altar of their power. Why indeed.

What's with the fancy coat, so-called "LSP"?

In this country we're blessed by the Founding Fathers who put the right to bear arms into the DNA of America, a very difficult stone to dislodge. And for those attempting to do so, a rifleman behind every blade of grass.

Shoot straight,


Thursday, March 10, 2022

Behold The Face Of Evil

This is Victoria Nuland

She used to look like this. Don't say Ukraine, 2014 coup,  biolab, deadly pathogen, satanic destroyer. No, just look at what she's become.

Nuland's net worth is a paltry #MillSoc 1.5 million, making her equivalent to the pantomime race hoaxster Juicy Smollett.

Your Pal,