Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Trump Brings Back Christmas

President Trump's made good on one of his campaign promises, ending White House sponsorship of the war on Christmas.

For the last 8 years, the Obamas avoided mentioning Christmas on their Christmas cards, replacing the dreaded C word with a euphemistic "Happy Holidays" or "season." Euphemism for what? For the left's attempt to drive Christ out of Christmas and faith, especially Christianity, out of the public square altogether. 

Trump campaigned against this politically correct puritanism, promising to bring back Christmas and he reiterated the promise in October to the Values Voters summit.

“Something I said so much during the last two years, but I’ll say it again, as we approach the end of the year, you know we’re getting near that beautiful Christmas season that people don’t talk about anymore. They don’t use the word Christmas because it’s not politically correct. You go to department stores, and they’ll say, ‘Happy New Year,’ and they’ll say other things. It’ll be red. They’ll have it painted. Well, guess what? We’re saying Merry Christmas again.”

So we are. This year's card from the President and his family reads loud and clear, Merry Christmas And Happy New Year.

Thank you, Mr. President.



Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The Lyin' Doll

It's time to start buying Christmas presents because it's almost Advent and why not start with an action figure, Lyin' Hillary?

You can buy a Lying Hillary doll in realistic molded plastic, complete with light blue pantsuit and forever fixed rictus grin.

Or you can buy the eco-friendly cloth version, safe for kids and loved by dogs. Don't say Yoko! A perfect stocking filler.




Monday, November 27, 2017

Is Prince Philip A GOD?!?

Is Prince Philip a God? South Sea Islanders certainly seem to think so and here at the Compound we don't disagree.

Decorated Naval officer, anti-fascist war hero and all 'round hero of the Empire. Too bad that dominion's shrunk to the UK, maybe one day it'll get BREXIT sorted and take over Europe as opposed to the other way 'round. 

I'm not a betting man but I'll wager my fighting monkey that the Royal Marines could take out France and the Netherlands, leaving what's left of UKLF to deal with Italy, Spain, Germany and the rest. 

Still, the Europeans and the UK are gambling that they'll never, ever, have to fight another war. While Philip's at large they might want to think twice.

In the meanwhile, what do you think the Prince Consort thinks about "Fuzzy Wuzzies." You can imagine, but I'd suggest you don't bring Harry to the conversation.

Rule Britannia,


Melania Mondays! UPDATE

"Mondays, I hate Mondays," you groan, flipping over an ancient Boomtown Rats single. But not so fast, we're here to help with yet another uplifting installment of Melania Mondays!, bringing you the latest in the life of America's attractive and glamorous First Lady.

No stranger to selfless duty, Melania took time off from her Thanksgiving celebration to serve lunch to a local Coastgurd station in Florida. After the event, the patriotic former model wrote, "Thrilled to spend part of our Thanksgiving with the local Coast Guard station in Florida. Thank you to all members of the military who keep us safe!"

Good work, FLOTUS, but Vanity Fair wasn't impressed. "There may never have been a First Lady less prepared for or suited to the role," condescended Sarah Ellison for the millionaire socialist fashion magazine. Ellison then quotes a nameless "longterm" friend of the presidential couple, "She didn't want this come hell or high water."

Less prepared for or suited? We don't think so and neither did Melania, who ripped the moneyed leftist glossy.

“Once again part of the liberal media, this time Vanity Fair, has written a story riddled with unnamed sources and false assertions. As a magazine tailored to women it is shameful that they continue to write salacious and false stories meant to demean Mrs. Trump, rather than focus on her positive work as First Lady as a supportive wife and mother,” stated a spokeswoman for the First Lady to CNN, adding, “As has been stated on the record many times before, she is honored by her role,”

Here at Melania Mondays! we have one message for the magazine that famously held up Bruce Jenner as Woman of the Year. Don't mess with Melania, it isn't wise

And well done First Lady for doing your part to Make America Great Again.




Melania has unveiled the first Trump Christmas decorations at a special White House ceremony which included children.

"She looks like an angel," said one awed child.

The First Lady, who is well known for her sense of style and love of children, helped design this year's White House decorations.

And just for kicks, have a look at Michelle's decs, via Adrienne.


Sunday, November 26, 2017

Archbishop Of Canterbury In Black Friday Mall Brawl

Reports are coming in from around the country that the leader of the cash-strapped Church of England, Archbishop Justin Welby, has been Black Friday mall brawling for cheap deals in a desperate attempt to fix the finances of the Anglican Communion.

Following Thanksgiving, Black Friday discounts drive shoppers into a frenzy as they compete for door buster deals, and Archbishop Justsin was no exception, fighting for bargains with thousands of other hungry shoppers.

Police broke up mall brawls in numerous locations, including Alabama, Detroit and Jersey City.  Always one to mind the bottom line, Archbishop Justsin has reportedly installed 52" flatscreens in Lambeth Palace and stocked his drawers with cut-price cotton twill Chinos.

What this means for the present day Worldwide Anglican Non Communion (WANC) is presently unclear.

Quo Vadis,


Saturday, November 25, 2017

Vivo Cristo Rey!

We celebrate the Feast of Christ the King tomorrow. Sorry, Puritans, there's a lot of feasting in the Church and this puts me in mind of Fr. Miguel Pro.

Fr. Miguel was martyred in Mexico during the suppression of the Church, stretching out his arms as if crucified before his firing squad and exclaiming, "Vivo Cristo Rey!" Long live Christ the King. Before that, this happened:

“[T]he policeman…turned, and with tears in his eyes, begged Father Pro to forgive him for leading him to his death. Miguel put his arm about the shoulders of the shaking man and told him, “You have not only my forgiveness but my thanks.” He also softly told the members of the firing squad, ‘May God forgive you all.’”

I'm inspired by that and I hope you are too. Remember, the gates of Hell shall not prevail.

God bless,


Friday, November 24, 2017

Church Of Sweden Votes To Become Pathetic Joke

"But isn't the Church of Sweden a pathetic joke already?" you ask in bewildered confusion. Sure it is but it just got more so by voting in a new Handbook which removes masculine references to God.

So out goes the patriarchal oppression of the Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit; no more of that gender role consolidation for these latter day Vikings. They get this instead, straight out of the new Handbook:

Father, Mother, Son, Sister? Good Question.

“God, Holy Trinity, Father and Mother, Son – Sister and Brother, and Spirit – Lifeguard and Inspirator, lead us to your depths of wealth, wisdom and knowledge”.

Well done, Swedes, you've transitioned God into a shemale and in the case of the Holy Spirit, some kind of swimming pool or beach attendant. The Church of Sweden's leaderene, Archbishop Antje Jackelen, explains the reasoning behind the new language.

Some Kind of Joke?

"Theologically, for instance, we know that God is beyond our gender determinations, God is not human," argued Jackelen as reported by Sweden's TT news agency.

True enough, Jackelen, God is pure spirit and beyond all things but nonetheless became Incarnate as  a Man, Jesus. And this same God who is beyond time, space and "gender determinations" has revealed Himself to us in masculine terms; as Lord not Lady, as Son not Daughter, as Father not Mother, as King not Queen.

Christians believe this is a given, quite literally by God Himself, and it's intolerable to feminists like Jackelen, so they change it. As we've seen, Jesus who was notoriously a man, becomes Son and Sister, which is fine except that that person never existed. And there you have it, the religion of the imaginary Swedish friend.

A Swede

There is no Brother-Sister Jesus, no Father-Mother God except in the overwrought imagination of the Swedes and their allies in other denominations. These have voted in a new religion, the religion of the imaginary, androgynous, hermaphrodite friend, as opposed to the Faith revealed to us by God and founded on Christ. 

Feel free to believe one or the other or neither, but don't pretend both are Christian. They're not.

Your Friend,


Thursday, November 23, 2017

Let's Wreck The After-Party

Sorry to ruin your after dinner brandies but top Democrat, Senator Al Franken, has been accused of inappropriate behaviour, preying like an oversexed beast on any unfortunate women that came within groping distance of the lecherous liberal.


“My immediate reaction was disgust,” said one woman after being manhandled by Franken. “But my secondary reaction was disappointment. I was excited to be there and to meet him. And so to have that happen really deflated me. It felt like: ‘Is this really the person who is going to be in a position of power to represent our community?’”

Apparently in Minnesota it is.


Good luck with that, Gopher State. Please someone, anyone, remove the weirdly creepy Senator Franken from his position of power.


Franken, who used to be a comedian for SNL, is a socialist millionaire. His net worth is an estimated $9 million. Good money if you can make it, comrade. 

The Most Hilarious Comedian Ever, David "So Funny It Hurts" Letterman

Then there's the most hilarious, brilliant, not overpaid for a second comedian, David "Split Your Sides Laughing" Letterman. That comedic contemptible shill MillSoc genius has a net worth of $400 million, look it up. At least it's not a Senator.

Hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving.

Power to the the People,


Happy Thanksgiving!

It's been a quiet day at the Compound, in fact the young 'un worked, clearing brush like a colonist. Well done.

Random Thanksgiving Glock

Puritan work ethic aside, have a great Thanksgiving and don't forget to take one noted member of the intelligence community's advice seriously. Enter the fray armed, gun, knife (axe?) in your hand. And question.

Shoud you put sugar in cornbread or not?

MAGA and God Bless,


Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Lena Dunham, You Are A Clay Golem Hypocrite And We Scorn You

MillSoc (Millionaire Socialist) Lena Dunham isn't just a size challenged pretty face, she's also an "average bodied" mouthpiece for today's feminism. But is she a hypocrite? Good question. She's certainly a rich, privileged, boarding school feminist.

And Left Wing Lena champions her anomalously sized female cause in her bestseller book, The Parable of the No Talents, through her fantastically successful lingerie line, on her show Girls and everywhere else. It's what she does.

That's why Lena, popularly known as Clay Golem, excused her writer, Murray Miller, of raping a 17 year old actress. Then she apologized.

Well that's alright then, Lena.

You are a Millionaire Socialist hypocrite and we scorn you. Just like all the other people who follow @lenadunhamapols

So go on, apologize for all you're worth, which is lots, and then move to Canada. While you're at it, why not combine forces with Kathy Griffin.

Chop, chop,


The Old Sham-Sham-Shimmy

It's not easy, trying to put the image of sinister Charley Rose doing the old sham-sham-shimmy (thanks LL) out of your mind. Or the weirdly creepy Senator Al Franken, or Congresman Conyers, or Harvey Weinstein, or Disney's "Creative" Officer, or Kevin Spacey, or Bill Clinton, or... 

Weirdly Creepy

Any one of what seems like an endless stream of rich ruling elite celebrities and politicians being exposed for getting it on like rutting hogs. And guess what, if you're a member of Congress the taxpayer gets to fund your hush-hush settlement. Nice.

Lookin' Sinister Sharp, Congressman

What does it mean, that we've become morally unglued at the top tier of society? Sure looks that way and if the head's rotten, what luck for the rest of the body. Not much but who knows, perhaps reform's possible and we'll see some nooses on lamp posts down the Mall as the swamp's drained. Perhaps.

In the meanwhile, I'm off to check on the workforce and see if the fish are biting in the lake.

God bless,


Tuesday, November 21, 2017

El Dorado

Imagine, for a moment, that you were a creature from another planet or even terrestrial continent, like ACoC or Jeremy Corbyn, visiting Dallas for the first time and that you knew nothing about it whatsoever. You arrive as the sun's setting. What do you see?

The Lost City of Z

Buildings made of gold, a veritable El Dorado. Full of thoughts of unimaginable wealth you return to your people and organize raiding parties, colonists to seize the gold. Only to find, when you reach the fabled City of Z, that the buildings are made of glass.

Gold or Glass? You Decide

I reflected on that as I drove through the metrospawl on the way back from my old pal, the dentist. And I imagined the ruin, the vast mound, that will be the rebar legacy of this conurbation when it comes crashing down, as it must.

A Typical Millionaire Degenerate

Speaking of which, Charlie Rose has come crashing down. Sic transit gloria degeneracy.



Sunday, November 19, 2017

All In A Day's Work

If you went to Mass, like a Christian, you might have noticed that the Gospel was all about servants being given Talents, vast sums of money which they have to give an account of at the Last Judgement. 

One miserable servant buries his Talent in the ground and gives it back to his returning master only to get roundly castigated, "You wicked and slothful servant!" 

Typical Brush Pile

It seems harsh until you compute the eternal cost of burying and ignoring your God-given ability, the Word of God and the indwelling presence of Christ in your life.

Imagine, when our Lord returns in clouds of glory and looks you straight in the eye and says, "What did you do with the skills I gave you, the Good News of salvation and Myself?" And you, looking shiftily at the ground reply, "Well, I buried all that in the ground, in a pit." It doesn't look good, does it.

Stand At Ease!

With that in mind, the Cadet and a Force Multiplier worked hard today after Mass, clearing brush behind the church. It's a significant job and they worked hard, using their God given abilities for the increase of the Kingdom.

Random Battle Rifle

And let the reader understand, it kept them off the streets and outta the bars. Well done, kids.

It's better outdoors,


Saturday, November 18, 2017


Briefcases full of money , bribery, kickbacks, extortion, shady non-disclosure agreements, Russian agents. And no, this isn't another page in the Weinstein scandal or even a campaign snapshot from Trump's successful bid for the Presidency. It is, allegedly, all about Team Obama and Hillary Clinton.

As all the world now knows, Team O and Hillary's State Department OK'd the sale of a Canadian company, Uranium One, to Russia's Rosotom, giving Russia a 20% interest in US uranium production.

Well, so what. So a lot, given that Uranium One owners donated a nifty $145 million to the Clinton Foundation. And why would some eight other US agencies, besides the State Department sign off on the deal, and how could it be that the Podesta Group had Uranium One as a client?

For that matter, why would AG Loretta Lynch, who notoriously never met on the tarmac with Bill Clinton, authorize an NDA shutting down an FBI informant who witnessed... yes, you guessed it, briefcases full of cash, courtesy of Russia.

So many questions; obviously pay to play doesn't come cheap. By the way, the informant in question, William Campbell, has videos of this corruption in motion, apparently, and is due to testify before Congress next week. 

Hillary, who is known by her handlers as CRONE and OLD BOOT, vehemently denies all knowledge of the deal. Of course she didn't know anything about it, I mean to say, how could she?

In the meanwhile, Hannity's fired off another tweet, hinting at an avalanche of swamp draining activity and who knows, maybe AG Sessions is on the case.

The clock is ticking, Hillary.