Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Is This Wales?!?

No, it's not Wales, it's Texas and water was falling from the sky; Skywater, we call it, or "rain." It's falling now, in that persistent, steady way that makes Aberystwyth and Llandrindod Wells so appealing to holiday goers.

A Nonchalant Skywater Selfie

Of course here in the Lone Star State rain's a novelty to be enjoyed and the experts in off-grid, DIY preparedness tell us that enough falls to keep a homestead in water for a year. 

Shotgun's In Bits

You have to collect it in cisterns and then, when civilization falls, you can drink and wash like a Water Lord. We don't have cisterns at the Compound, foolishly, though there are plenty of guns and I took advantage of the rain to clean a few. 

Filthy Little Beast

It was relaxing to oil up the machinery of the things while listening to the soothing sound of skywater and I thought of the various adventures I'd had with them. Hunting the noble unicorn, for example. That made me want to get out in the field with a shotgun and blast away in the rain.

No, This Isn't Aberystwyth

Instead, I climbed in the rig and collected the Cadet from school. He's doing well, keep those As coming, kid.

Gun Rights,



LL said...

I'm serious thinking that it's time that we change the Dallas Light Cavalry (Irregular) to an amphibious warfare outfit. It would fit in better with the climate change in Texas. Melania's title will have to be changed from honorary colonel to Lady Commander or something like that.

I'm also happy that the cadet is doing well.

Adrienne said...

Good Grief! I didn't think it was possible for anyone to have a plaid flannel jacket shirt that looked worse than my husbands. Yours does. Congrats! (Once again proving by my observation that I'm a shallow silly person swayed by appearances.)

How could the spawn of LSP accomplish anything less than A's?

LSP said...

LL, it's clear that we need amphibious capability. Like "marine cav" perhaps?

LSP said...

It's a Barbour jacket, Adrienne! Thanks for that, England.

The boy does well when he remembers he actually has to do SOME work...

Anonymous said...

Great job Cadet! He has come so far over the last few months. Texas agrees with him.

LSP said...

I'd agree with that, Anon.