Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Rest in Peace


Dallas' Veterans Cemetery is on the far west edge of town, past the Cockrell Hill ghetto zone and getting on to the strange no man's land of the mid-cities connurb. There it is, overlooking what was once a grand prairie, and I pulled up into "Lane 1" to celebrate my friend's funeral.

You've met him, here, as Veteran Crew Chief (VCC). He was a quiet and private man, never loud or boastful, and while he didn't suffer fools gladly he did a lot of good, helping people out quietly, not least his fellow veterans, comrades.

It's a curious thing, "giving the message" to a group of tough people who have done tough things, all under the heat of a Texan sky. What can you do but tell the truth, with a view to consolation, hope, and strength. "My enduring memory of R is this. He approached the Altar with great reverence and humility. I tell you, it humbled me, as a priest."

RS loved the Lord. Rest in peace and rise in glory.

God bless,


Monday, August 30, 2021

You Killers


Our currency is worthless. The coin of the people who run our country is debased to the point of meaninglessness. Witness people being hung off of Blackhawks  over Kandahar; American allies meet psychopaths in suits. But let's be clear.

Turning the Taliban into one of the world's better equipped armies was deliberate. Who made that call? There is blood on your hands.

You Killers,


Sunday, August 29, 2021


That is all. And yes, MONGOL ROCK is key.

Your Old Friend,


Return to the Hood


After Mass and a beautiful moment on the porch watching sky water, you might call it "rain," fall from the heavens, it was time to brave I35 and take the Specialist back to Fort Hood.  It's not a bad drive, despite nightmarish roadworks in Waco, and before you know it there you are at the home of III Corps, Phantom Warriors.

As we drove down Tank Destroyer Boulevard, I growled "Phantom!" and he told me they'd had to practice exactly that cadence(?) to welcome a visiting general. Call it out soldiers, "PHANTOM, PHANTOM, PHANTOM!" Which they did when the inspiring pencil neck war leader arrived.

"How," asked the once and maybe future Cadet, "does an armored corps count as 'phantom'?" I held my tongue and didn't say "magicke, son." And then we were at 11 Signal Brigade HQ and the boy's incredibly pleasant looking barracks. Of course he feels most hard done by because he has to share a room, with a kitchen, no less.

I resisted the heady urge to say "height of luxury, m'boy!" and instead took a few photos of Brigade HQ. There it was, the Thunderbird Headquarters, and I was impressed. Quite a set up. His unit, 57th Expeditionary Signals Battalion (ESB) is fairly new, conceived of in the 1920s and activated in WWII, where it fought in seven campaigns, not least Anzio and D-Day.

57th ESB didn't see action again until Gulf War I, II and Afghanistan, where it served well, being awarded two Meritorious Unit Commendations as of 2019 with B Company, my son's, having an additional award. He wants to stay in B Company. He's also finished the paperwork to start a degree in Computer Science in October, which is most important.

Well done young man, keep it up.



Saturday, August 28, 2021



Thanks, LL, for the infographic.

That is all,


A Short Sermon


 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. (Eph. 6:12)

My eldest's back in town on a weekend pass from the rigors of III Corps signals, which means we're grilling. What a great result, just hamburgers, nice and easy. Blue wishes he had a burger too, but he doesn't. He's done nothing to deserve such a thing, much less pay for it. Then again, he is a dog and a socialist.

And tomorrow we consider, in the Epistle, the armor of God, truth, righteousness, salvation, peace and faith. What are these but the qualities of Christ himself? In urging us to arm up, the Apostle is saying "put on Christ." Therein lies invincible protection against all the "fiery darts of the enemy."

Strong in this divine armament, take up the sword of the spirit, the fiery love of the Word of God and advance to contact, steadfast, sure, firm, resolute in the victory which is Christ's.

Sermon over. As you were,


Friday, August 27, 2021

Never Trust A Hippy

Some call hippies sly, duplicitous, and untrustworthy.

I rest my case.



You're Fired Traitor

This Lt. Colonel has just been fired for daring to criticize our elite socialist NWO rulers' handling of the Afghanistan  withdrawal. What a racist traitor. Zero comments on the SNLR (Services No Longer Required) thought criminal:

Following the horrific deaths of 13 American soldiers and over 160 Afghans during yesterday's suicide attack on Kabul airport, Scheller shredded the "ineptitude" of the military's top leadership, even questioning whether the entirety of the botched withdrawal and evacuation effort means Americans have "died in vain" over the course of the whole two-decade long war. 


How dare he. What. A. Traitor. Expect a bill for the bullet.


Thursday, August 26, 2021

August Von Mackensen

There's a lot of talk in the blogs about cavalry right now, so it seems right to highlight Field Marshal August Von Mackensen, 1849-1945, a man who spanned a century of remarkable change, from horse to its mechanized equivalent.

Mackensen was an Hussar, Leib-Husaren-Regiment Nr. 2, and fought against the French in the Franco-Prussian war, gaining a commission. Marrying well, Mackensen was promoted to the General Staff; Von Moltke, of all people, found him "a lovable character." Very different to other staff officers, such as general Milley.

He became adjutant to the Kaiser, the first commoner to hold such rank, and was duly ennobled in 1899. He served with distinction in WWI, commanding the 9th Army and later, Army Group Mackensen. He was awarded the Pour Le Merite for successful actions. Hans von Seeckt, his Chief of Staff, described him as a "hands-on commander with the instincts of a hunter." Unlike, say, General Milley.

Mackensen was promoted to Field Marshal in 1915, and awarded Oak Leaves to his Pour Le Merite. From there he served in the Balkans, against Serbia and Romania, commanding Heeresgruppe Mackensen. On "6 December 1916, on his 67th birthday, he rode in on a white horse and moved into the Romanian royal palace." Quite unlike US generals, such as Milley.

Mountebank Goon

A remarkable man, by any standard, unlike general Milley. But question, why did Mackensen have less medals than our brilliant war commander General Milley, did he win fewer battles?

Ride On,


Harvard's New Boss Chaplain


Harvard, popularly known as the Kremlin on the Charles is living up to its reputation as Satan's Vatican by hiring an atheist as its new boss chaplain. That's right, an atheist, Gregory Epstein will be in charge of spiritual care at the prestigious Ivy League school, named after a protestant minister. 

Greg's an apostate Jew and while he doesn't believe in a higher power, he's all about being "good."

“There is a rising group of people who no longer identify with any religious tradition but still experience a real need for conversation and support around what it means to be a good human and live an ethical life,” said Epstein to the New York Times, “We don’t look to a god for answers. We are each other’s answers.”

Typical Harvard Chapel Scene

We are each other's answers. "Eat of the fruit," says the Serpent to Eve, "and be as gods." Good call, but do you really want a god that looks like you? That aside, here's CS Lewis:

"There are two equal and opposite errors into which our race can fall about the devils. One is to disbelieve in their existence. The other is to believe, and to feel an excessive and unhealthy interest in them. They themselves are equally pleased by both errors and hail a materialist or a magician with the same delight." 

At what point does materialist and magician coalesce into the same thing? With that in mind, Harvard, it's all a larf until you wake up and the wicker's on fire.



What A Day


What a day it's been, and not in a good way. In fact, it was the deadliest day in Afghanistan for the US military since 2011(?), with at least 13 servicemen killed in suicide bombings at Kabul's international airport, to say nothing of civilian men, women and children. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attacks.

But that's not all. US officials in Kabul have apparently given the Taliban a list of Americans and Afghan allies, entrusting the Jihadis with their safe passage to the airport. "Basically, they've just put all those Afghans on a kill list," stated one defense official,  “It’s just appalling and shocking and makes you feel unclean.” 


And where was the Commander-in-Chief as suicide bombers ripped into US troops and civilians? Nowhere to be seen, silent, hiding, not saying a word until his handlers trundled him out for a presser in which he blamed... Trump for the disaster.

In the meanwhile, US soldiers are destroying ammunition at their base in Kabul's airport and the Taliban has allegedly promised the Biden administration that any flights departing the airport after August 31 will be "blown out of the sky."


Could this get any worse? Yes indeed it could. Don't say Dien Bien Phu, do pray for the repose of the souls who lost their lives today.

Dear God, if my jaw hits the ground one more time it's going to break.



Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Hail Our Rulers! Warning Graphic


Look, peasants, while two of our millionaire socialist ruling elite stroll down the beach in the toney Hamptons. Do you see them, Hillary and Bill, walking onna beach? Here, let's zoom in.

Do you sense the obese corruption? Has the sheer weight of all those suicides started to tell on the body of twice failed presidential candidate Hillary? Then again, maybe the blood of US citizens and allies betrayed in yet again another failed adventure in US forpol is starting to weigh on the woman who once wooed Yoko.

Imagine, but try not to throw up in your mouth.



Understanding Afghanistan


How do we come to terms with the massive scale of our defeat in Afghanistan, was it engineered, the result of a sinister globalist plan, some kind of Hegelian inevitability, sheer, utter incompetence? Perhaps a mixture of all of that and more. Then again, maybe the Taliban took a look at the Biden administration and thought let's go. Here, have a look yourself.

Well they weren't wrong, were they, coz everyone knows Terry runs from a tranny. And I'll leave it at that.

Your Friend,


The Art Of War


Sun Tzu was a legendary Chinese general, strategist and philosopher, famous for writing the Art of War, a treatise on military strategy.

Though written in the 6th Century BC, the Art of War is widely studied today.

Especially at the highest levels of the US Department of Defense

And by the Commander in Chief himself.

Yes, the New World is no stranger to the wisdom of the Old.

Thanks, Dr. Swankenstein, for the tip and to Jack Posobiec for these compelling infographics.

Lao Tse forever,


Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Golden Void


I tell you, it's hot enough to melt porch furniture and cast it into bullets (what? Ed.), but whoever said life'd be easy? No one, but the band plays on and this mind blog's mission to document the Apocalypse continues. Steadfast.


Golden Void,


Crooks Liars Thieves And A Saint


Is this too harsh? Via The Federalist:

The whole-of-government approach to failure in a 20-year, $2 trillion fraud and money-laundering scheme has resulted in an epiphany for Americans: their country is ruled by crooks, liars, and thieves.

The abysmal failure of America’s once-vaunted and widely respected military to even face the truth of its own incompetence heaps salt on the wounds of this epiphany. What country leaves thousands of its own citizens behind enemy lines to fend for themselves, with nothing more than an apathetic shrug of its shoulders? A country ruled by arrogant fools looking to line their own pocketbooks and who care little or nothing for the citizens that are their nation’s raison d’être, that’s who.


The damning scribe continues:

The military, the intelligence community, academia, journalism—the list of institutions plagued by moral bankruptcy and Baghdad Bob-level f-ckery goes on and on and on. Few Americans have confidence in America. Pile on a huge helping of COVID-19 hysteria, lockdowns, mounting shortages in housing and basic consumer goods, a quickly growing income gap between society’s poor and wealthy, and all-around lies and gaslighting—America is in trouble.

Like with the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan, our defeat there has exposed the nation’s failed leadership busy looting and wrecking what is left of our country. We can now see that we are led by the worst of humanity—a collection of garbage elites, tyrants, and political grifters. Like the Soviets before us, there are two only two classes in modern America: the ruling class, and everyone else.


Solution? Time to clean house. Good luck with that, perhaps at the ballot box. Sorry, just kidding. In marked contrast to the epic chicanery of our rulers, today's the Feast of St. Louis, 12th c King of France. He was famous for his holiness of life:

He was renowned for his charity. The peace and blessings of the realm come to us through the poor he would say. Beggars were fed from his table, he ate their leavings, washed their feet, ministered to the wants of the lepers, and daily fed over one hundred poor. 


Louis was also a warrior, a knight, as opposed to a grifting, lying, thieving, corrupt, cowardly mountebank.



Monday, August 23, 2021

Rocky Paths


Some of you enjoy idyllic trout streams and rivers full of salmon or walleye, others again spend their time sea fishing off the coasts of fabled islands. Me? It's mostly all about Lake Whitney and, to be fair, the mighty Brazos, which is where I went this morning in a desperate bid to escape the crazy.

"Maybe getting out in the clean air of Texas will do you good," I thought grimly to myself as I loaded a couple of rods into the bed of the rig, "As opposed to staring in slack-jawed Francoist consternation at the end of the world."

And yes, it was good to get to the lake and cast off into the depths, and there were plenty of fish, no doubt about it, I could see them gliding by the bank and jumping with fierce predatory aggression. But did I catch any?

No. I did not. It was like our wars, Enemy 1, Home Team 0, but what am I saying. Every moment spent under the free sky of Texas is a moment worth living, a victory in itself. Just you try it and see. 

Ye Olde LSP

In the meanwhile, the Specialist called in and's settling down well into his his new unit, 57th ESB (expeditionary tactical signals). He has, predictably, asked to be sent to Central Asia, but fortunately that's off bounds for now. Not a good deployment, eh?

That aside, there is an equestrian club at Ft. Hood which practices boot-to-boot cav charges, swords out, run! I told him, "Well you can ride, so join in. Just don't fall off and skewer yourself with your wretched sabre." Always paternal, you see.

Your Best Pal,


Sunday, August 22, 2021

Farewell to Kings?

I'm all in favor of Kings, being a 12th level Monarchist, but if kingship's lost its savour, when the people have lost their faith in it, then anointed monarchy's days are clearly numbered. The same goes for our new corporate sponsored, technocrat, managerial elite. They've shown themselves to be utterly, stupendously incompetent and unfit to rule anything, much less prosecute a war. As such, the King, embarrassingly, has no clothes. 

Check this out, via Splendid Isolation:

The managerial class increasingly appears as a sort of funhouse mirror inversion of the doomed russian nobility of the late tsarist era; they no longer know how to run a country and only seem to parasitize on the body politic while giving almost nothing of value in return. In tsarist Russia, the nobility proved increasingly incapable of winning Russia’s wars or running its ministries, making their legitimating narratives proclaiming them to possess some natural-born right and capacity for rulership increasingly impossible to believe in. In modern America, it is the meritocrats who now openly lack any merit or ability to rule, quickly undermining the ability of the average person to believe in the very foundational claims behind the managerial order. And by what right does the collective of non-divine kings rule? To borrow from Schmitt: by the same right as the collective of stupid and ignorant technocrats. In other words, by virtue of simply not having been replaced yet. Nothing more.


In modern America, it is the meritocrats who now openly lack any merit or ability to rule, quickly undermining the ability of the average person to believe in the very foundational claims behind the managerial order. 

Right there in the X Ring and then some. Do yourself a big favor and read the whole thing here. Excellent. But here's a cheery Sunday cartoon in the meanwhile.

Prescient, don't you think? But not to worry, it's just a cartoon and an old(?) one at that. So move along, nothing to see here, maskserfs.

Your Pal,


Saturday, August 21, 2021

Mimetic Amusement


Can't be miserable all the time, so here's some mimetic amusement. Good to see 45's back on Twitter.

Gotta hand it to the Big Guy.


Remember how Trump was going to lead us into forpol disaster because such a stupid idiot fascist?

Hate to say it, but maybe Terry's got a point.



Friday, August 20, 2021

Arabian Alleluia

Did you know that, outside of Iran, Afghanistan has the fastest growing Christian community in the Muslim world? Right about now would be a good time to pray for them, to say nothing of a renewed commitment to the Faith in our own land.

That, the Faith, is in deficit right about now, with disastrous results. About time we made a deposit and turn the present wickedness around.

God bless,


Killer Klowns


Everyone loves a clown, they're so jolly and, ahem, gay. All the colors of the rainbow. But what if something sinister lurked behind the makeup?

Something unsettling and wrong, something deadly.

What if that something was USGOV. Where would you run?

Perhaps the sheer, utter, jaw-dropping incompetence of the clowns would save you, as it has the Taliban. Which was perhaps the plan all along. Either way, turpitude, chicanery, malfeasance and  gross dereliction of duty hold sway.



Thursday, August 19, 2021

Thank God For The Paras


Reports are coming in that the UK's 2 Para have been running patrols into Kabul to save British citizens left behind by the US surrender of Afghanistan and its capital city to the Taliban. Scandalously, it's alleged that US command on the ground, to say nothing of its hide-away leader, Puppet Prez Biden, haven't communicated with their allies, despite thousands of Americans being stranded in a country overrun with Islamist fanatics. Via Alex Wickham:

Well, thank God for the Paras and you know the 82nd Airborne would be in there right away, if it wasn't for someone forbidding them from fighting the enemy. Some say that's the story of our Afghan adventure over the last two decades, and what does it mean?

At least this. A political class getting rich off of de facto, and cheap, mercenaries who they couldn't give a dam for, as long their lives make them moar money and moar power. What an utter betrayal of our young men and women who signed up to serve our country. Patriots in the service of self-serving traitors.

To say nothing of our friends in Afghanistan who can look forward to being hunted down, tortured and executed by our enemies. Enemies led by the very same people Barack Obama let free from jail. I tell you, I am beyond disgusted. I'd imagine 82 Airborne isn't too happy either.

In the meanwhile, the most powerful military force in the history of the world has no plan to deal with cave-dwelling, head-chopping, medieval savages, and we have to ask, is this deliberate? In the meanwhile, thank God for the Paras.

Your Old Pal,