Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Defende Nos


An anarchist(!) in London sent in this neat infographic of a Greek Mirage, all ready for battle, defende nosAnd my mind goes to the sword of the Angelic guard over Eden. In related news, a pal's setting up some kind of pop concert next door to the Acropolis, in Athens, yes, the actual Acropolis in really Greece.

Our conversation went like this.

"I love classical antiquity."


"You must make your musicians play ancient Greek instruments. And ONLY ancient Greek instruments. As in, 'WTAF is that?' sheepish pause, "A lyre, Eminence." 

"Yeah. Exactly. UNPLUG IT. Same goes for the goddam pan pipes. Which, btw, should be in tune."


"I take silence to mean 'yes.'"


But hey, I wish I was in Athens, at its remarkable Acropolis zone and armed with a handy backstage pass. Maybe next time. In the meanwhile, made it to Dallas instead and visited with some lawyers, a pleasantly great result. Well done, team.

Weird to see downtown Dallas though. Main, north of Griffin, showed signs of revitalization, it even had an English pub, which was shut. But seriously, you could be forgiven for thinking you were in a city where people went to restaurants, had apartments, walked about and all of that, and actually lived in a city. 

As opposed to a desolate wasteland of office blocks, rising like glass and steel teeth between homeless encampments.




RHT447 said...

More airborne inspiration--

Bob said...

RHT, 4 of us were standing on a golf course tee in Tempe, AZ once when a B17 came off a very nearby runway and flew over our heads. Looked like you could almost reach up and touch it and the sound of those 4 big propellers cutting through the air was inspiring. I imagined standing on a cliff on the English coast when 1000 of them flew over, headed for somewhere in Germany.

As to any Air Force that isn't American, Israeli, or Russian ? Pffffft.

RHT447 said...


A topic near and dear to my heart. My dad was a B-17 pilot with this group--

--and flew 35 combat missions over Europe.

The ship in the video is Sentimental Journey flown by the Commemorative (Confederate) Air Force. Back in the 90's she stopped at the airport in Chico, CA and we went through her on the ground. Took many photos, one of which is my better half manning the right waist gun.

Old NFO said...

Pretty bird! And the amphitheater next to the Acropolis was rebuilt. There are only three that are still in use that are unrestored one in Epidaurus, Greece and the others are in Taromina and Siracusa, Italy. I've actually seen all three and they are amazing. You can drop a dime on the stage and hear it on the top row of the seating!

Kid said...

RHT. Wow. Great website. Looking through some of the pics. Respect.

-Bob (is my work profile)

LSP said...

RHT, that's a GREAT link, and I'll post it. Respect, too, to your Father.

PS. Let's sort out a shoot soon, even a plinkathon'd be good.

LSP said...

Kid, Viz. Air Force?

Yes. Not that I'm any kind of expert. Still, neat archangelic message.

LSP said...

NFO, I've been to the one in Athens but not the others.

Next time there's an amphitheater gig I'll try and get a pass, it'd be fun to hang out with the crew. Mind you, will we be allowed to leave the country. Good question, eh?

Kid said...

Interesting aircraft art. The three I listed came from a long time F15 and then F16 pilot who worked with members of various air outfits. (A writeup he did that I ran into on the net) He relayed that France had the worst pilots of the countries he worked with.

RHT447 said...


Glad to pass it on. If you really want to head of into the weeds, here are the group's records--

Bob said...

RHT, PS - My wife's Father (Chinese) was Flying Tiger - waist gunner in a B17. He passed when he was 93. I didn't know him long but it was a privilege to know him and I sure miss talking to him.

LSP said...

Interesting, Kid.

LSP said...

Nice link, RHT.

LSP said...

Respect to your FIL, Bob. Rest in Peace.