Sunday, November 30, 2014

Advent 2014

It's Advent now, which means I have to at least attempt to be serious and positive on this lame excuse for a "blog." But I'm not sure this is possible without help; so I enlist Austin Farrer, who described the season like this:

"Advent brings Christmas, judgement runs out into mercy. For the God who saves us and the God who judges us is one God. We are not, even, condemned by his severity and redeemed by his compassion; what judges us is what redeems us, the love of God. What is it that will break our hearts on judgement day? Is it not the vision, suddenly unrolled, of how he has loved the friends we have neglected, of how he has loved us, and we have not loved him in return ; how, when we came (as now) before his altar, he gave us himself, and we gave him half-penitences, or resolutions too weak to commit our wills? But while love thus judges us by being what it is, the same love redeems us by effecting what it does. Love shares flesh and blood with us in this present world, that the eyes which look us through at last may find in us a better substance than our vanity."

Judgement runs out into mercy.

So Money

Maybe there'll be some for Bishop "Dick" Harries who thinks England should have a Muslim coronation ceremony. "Dick" once wrote a book called Is there a Gospel for the Rich? which featured him grinning on the front cover.

Go figure,


Saturday, November 29, 2014

Happy Saturday

One of the very few people that look at or read this hot dog stand on the information superhighway, set me a challenge. "LSP," they said, "try and post something, anything, that isn't negative. Go on, give it a go, be uplifting!"

With that in mind, I won't describe the 100 or so white people I saw protesting outside a Walmart yesterday. Or the way their white leader was telling a black cop that "black lives matter."

No, I won't bang on about that, but I will leave you with some Obama magic.

Is that ever neat or what?


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Katharine Jefferts Schori Racist

The leader of the Episcopal Church, Katharine Jefferts Schori, has stated that ghetto thug Michael Brown's death might become a "sacramental offering."


According to Schori, "Michael Brown's death was and is a tragedy, and has become a powerful witness to those divisions between human beings in this nation. His death also carries the potential to become a sacramental offering - if it continues to challenge us to address our divisions and the injustices in this nation that are far more than skin deep."


Jefferts Schori appears to be saying that Brown's death should be seen as a sacrifice that will encourage America to stop being racist. 


Maybe the top bishop of the Episcopal Church should leave her multi-million dollar 5th Avenue (?) penthouse apartment and live in Germantown, Philadelphia, or Detroit, or Baltimore, or even St. Louis. Or any one of any number of urban ghetto hellholes that are a festering sore in this nation.

Perhaps she'd learn enough to be part of the solution instead of part of the problem. Or not.



Martyr Saint Hero?

Holy civil rights martyr?

Victim of endemic racism?

Or just another ghetto thug who rushed a cop and got shot? And an excuse to loot and burn your neighborhood.

And then there's Al Sharpton.


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Monday, November 24, 2014

No Indictment

Presented without comment.


Big Sky Open Carry

People say that Texas has a big sky. I won't disagree, it does. Maybe soon it'll be a Big Sky Open Carry (BSOC) state too, as the Mississippi Rebel reports.

But after looking at the enormous sky, I went for a quick spin around Malone. It doesn't have paved streets, but it does have a smoker in the form of a pistol.

I like that.

Malone was prosperous, once, but not anymore, even though it has has several saloons.

God bless,


Sunday, November 23, 2014


I know. They're still at large in Washington DC, along with all the other clowns and crooks. But maybe the impossible will happen and one day that will end, just like Lois Lerner's missing 30,000 emails were miraculously found.


Hope, we're told, is a virtue.


Feast of Christ the King

Today's the end of the church's liturgical year and it's marked, appropriately, with the Feast of Christ the King. Why is this appropriate? Because our Lord reigns as King over the year of the Christian life.

Good Anglican

I'll spare you the theology, but you'll be glad to know that General Lee and the Duke of Wellington featured in the homily.

Bad Anglican

That made it a good sermon on at least two counts.

God bless,


Saturday, November 22, 2014

Get Out in the Field

Sometimes you get to that point when you think, "What next?" You've taken care of business, walked the dog, checked the news and there's an hour or so left over to do something profitable for mind, body and spirit. You could go to General Synod and get down with the pathetic fiction of women bishops. Or you can get out in the field and go hunting. I chose the latter path.

I set out under an ominous sky to find bunnies and squirrels, thinking both would complement existing meat in the freezer for a post-Thanksgiving small game feast.

Sure enough, I'd soon flushed a rabbit but by the time my rifle was up and crosshairs on, the bunny had made it to the safety of its burrow. I marked that for future reference and moved into the woods to see if I could call any squirrels in.

I did, with one coming in quite close, and on the ground too. I was just about to squeeze the trigger when off it took like a psychic. Lucky squirrel.

Then it began to thunder like the Second Front and I made my way back to the truck.

Moral of the story? Any time spent in the field is better than going to General Synod. Also, if I'd taken a shotgun I would've returned home with rabbit and squirrel for the pot. Well, I'll go out again tomorrow and see if I can't make up the deficiency.

Remember, Global Warming is settled science. Crony Capitalist, limolib NWO tax science, that is.

Shoot straight,


Friday, November 21, 2014

Obama Dissolves Parliament!

President Obama is now ruling by Executive Fiat, regardless of what the the people want or voted for. That didn't work out too well for Charles, King & Martyr. Maybe our Muslim dictator will do better. 

He says he hasn't "dissolved Parliament." 

So what are the DOJ and the IRS? The Star Chamber?

The words "root and branch" spring to mind.


Rural Ministry #2

Look. It's not all country rust-belt dystopia in the rural ministry. After you say Morning Prayer (Mattins), take Blue Bedford Forest for a walk and drink some coffee, it's only a short drive to the fields.

Sometimes it's misty, which I like, it reminds me of England. 

Then, when you've taken the Sacrament to the sick, you can drive back to HQ, pick up Blue Eschaton and go off and shoot. He's adjusting to gunfire, fortunately for him.

Then, after Evening Prayer (Vespers), you can clean guns and have a glass of the right stuff.

So I'm not complaining. 

I love the country.


Rural Ministry #1

For some clergypersons, rural ministry is all about Morris dancers, medieval churches and these picture-postcard villages. 

You get cottages.

And big old houses.

But make sure you have a sturdy vehicle, the roads can be a bit primitive.

Also, where I live, you find abandoned hair extensions in the gutter. Well, it beats needles, I guess.

Blue Apocalypse killed a neighbor's chicken yesterday. I'm not sure what to make of that, but the neighbors, Maria and Pedro, don't care. It was one of many and they ate it.

I'm also thinking that open carry might not be a bad idea for when you take the dog for a walk.



Thursday, November 20, 2014

Washington National Cathedral Goes Jihad

Everyone knows that Washington's National Cathedral is only slightly less nutty than New York's St. John the Divine, so I guess we shouldn't be surprised that they went Jihad for a day and turned the church into a mosque.

Gene Robinson and Some Guy

Why not? Back in 2007 St. John the Divine hosted a birthday party for Gene Robinson look-a-like, Elton John. So maybe Dean Hall and his crew of apostate dhimmis masquerading as Christians were being conservative. After all the Mohammedans were praying.

Susan Russell

Thanks to Breitbart, we also know that the famous lesbian, Susan Russell, thought that turning the formerly Christian cathedral into a mosque was based on "traditional American values."

“And so I give thanks, (that) in our National Cathedral we were blessed by the witness of faith leaders standing, speaking and praying from the firm foundation of those traditional American Values,” wrote Russell, from, go figure, California.


Traditional American Values? Like Sharia, Jihad and beheading the infidel? Or killing all the Jews? What about the lesbian priestesses, like Russell? How much traditional American tolerance would they get in the Ummah? Or maybe you think that a proxy Muslim Brotherhood event is really all about peace and love, like a desert version of Woodstock.


Dean Hall clownishly claims that he wasn't aware of the Jihad aspect of the mosque-day he held at the Cathedral, and goofily tried to get himself off the hook by pretending that there's moral equivalence between Christians and Muslims when it comes to violence.

Turn this Mosque Back into a Church

Maybe that's why marauding gangs of Methodists are running around beheading people in Syria and Iraq, and Jesus and the Apostles were all pedophile warlords, like Mohammed.

Let's Have That Back

But look here, Muslims. In a spirit of compromise and reconciliation, Team LSP is prepared to give you the National Cathedral and the College of Preachers, if you give us back Hagia Sophia.



Don't Go To Synod, Hear Lord Sacks

You could put on a pair of Dobby's Chinos and go to the Church of England's General Synod to learn about gender experimentation, women bishops and gayness. Or you could go to the Humanum Colloquium in Rome to learn about the complementary nature of man and woman. I'd rather clean my guns than go to the former. The latter? Different story.

Here's a few short excerpts from Lord Sacks' outstanding address to the Colloquium:

"For a whole variety of reasons, some to do with medical developments like birth control, in vitro fertilisation and other genetic interventions, some to do with moral change like the idea that we are free to do whatever we like so long as it does not harm others, some to do with a transfer of responsibilities from the individual to the state, and other and more profound changes in the culture of the West, almost everything that marriage once brought together has now been split apart. Sex has been divorced from love, love from commitment, marriage from having children, and having children from responsibility for their care."

After listing some unfortunate statistics, Sacks continues, in defense of the family:

"But our compassion for those who choose to live differently should not inhibit us from being advocates for the single most humanising institution in history. The family, man, woman, and child, is not one lifestyle choice among many. It is the best means we have yet discovered for nurturing future generations and enabling children to grow in a matrix of stability and love. It is where we learn the delicate choreography of relationship and how to handle the inevitable conflicts within any human group. It is where we first take the risk of giving and receiving love. It is where one generation passes on its values to the next, ensuring the continuity of a civilization. For any society, the family is the crucible of its future, and for the sake of our children’s future, we must be its defenders."

The U.K.'s former Chief Rabbi ends with an exegesis of Genesis (3:19). Here's his conclusion (note, the Hebrew words for skin and light are virtually the same):

"At that moment, as they were about to leave Eden and face the world as we know it, a place of darkness, Adam gave his wife the first gift of love, a personal name. And at that moment, God responded to them both in love, and made them garments to clothe their nakedness, or as Rabbi Meir put it, “garments of light.”

"And so it has been ever since, that when a man and woman turn to one another in a bond of faithfulness, God robes them in garments of light, and we come as close as we will ever get to God himself, bringing new life into being, turning the prose of biology into the poetry of the human spirit, redeeming the darkness of the world by the radiance of love."

If you're wise, you'll waste no time and read the whole thing.

God bless,