Thursday, November 20, 2014

Washington National Cathedral Goes Jihad

Everyone knows that Washington's National Cathedral is only slightly less nutty than New York's St. John the Divine, so I guess we shouldn't be surprised that they went Jihad for a day and turned the church into a mosque.

Gene Robinson and Some Guy

Why not? Back in 2007 St. John the Divine hosted a birthday party for Gene Robinson look-a-like, Elton John. So maybe Dean Hall and his crew of apostate dhimmis masquerading as Christians were being conservative. After all the Mohammedans were praying.

Susan Russell

Thanks to Breitbart, we also know that the famous lesbian, Susan Russell, thought that turning the formerly Christian cathedral into a mosque was based on "traditional American values."

“And so I give thanks, (that) in our National Cathedral we were blessed by the witness of faith leaders standing, speaking and praying from the firm foundation of those traditional American Values,” wrote Russell, from, go figure, California.


Traditional American Values? Like Sharia, Jihad and beheading the infidel? Or killing all the Jews? What about the lesbian priestesses, like Russell? How much traditional American tolerance would they get in the Ummah? Or maybe you think that a proxy Muslim Brotherhood event is really all about peace and love, like a desert version of Woodstock.


Dean Hall clownishly claims that he wasn't aware of the Jihad aspect of the mosque-day he held at the Cathedral, and goofily tried to get himself off the hook by pretending that there's moral equivalence between Christians and Muslims when it comes to violence.

Turn this Mosque Back into a Church

Maybe that's why marauding gangs of Methodists are running around beheading people in Syria and Iraq, and Jesus and the Apostles were all pedophile warlords, like Mohammed.

Let's Have That Back

But look here, Muslims. In a spirit of compromise and reconciliation, Team LSP is prepared to give you the National Cathedral and the College of Preachers, if you give us back Hagia Sophia.




LL said...

I would be willing to offer up Justin and his staff of homosexual bishops to ISIS for beheading simply as an act of good will -- a pathway to reconciliation and conciliation to Islam.

They can also have every pompous priest in every big cathedral who teaches rapprochement to Islam -- and behead them too. Just to show that America's heart is in the right place with Islam.

Once their done with their blood orgy, the Dallas Light Cavalry can ride them down.

LSP said...

All for the DLC.

Feed Room Five said...

You can't give ISIS what they already have. They require real Christians for their sacrifices to their malignant deity.

LSP said...

You make a very good point...

Anonymous said...

Somehow I thought that Hagia Sophia is now a museum (formerly a mosque and formerly a church).

LSP said...

It's a museum. Let's have it back, please.

LSP said...

It's a museum. Let's have it back, please.

LL said...

It's a victory museum that was a mosque that was a church. There is a difference. They wanted to put one of those at ground zero until people threatened to raise pigs in the attached building and sell bacon sandwiches out of the front door.

And I tell you, bacon is our friend.