Monday, November 10, 2014

Cooking With Kershaw

My pal's "squirrel rig" consists of a Ruger 10/22, an inexpensive fixed power 4x40 scope and a sling. He dialed it in yesterday evening while I plinked about with a Marlin bolt action .22; good fun, though I wasn't very impressed by my marksmanship with the Marlin 981T. 

Stir the Veg

After that we fell back to the compound for a simple meal of bread and cheese, chicken pot pie and Yorkshire pudding. My $10 (thanks Walmart) Kershaw folder did fierce work on an onion and some carrots.

Open the Wine

Came in handy too when it was time to open up a bottle of Duck Commander, which is a novelty wine you can buy at Walmart. It tasted alright.

Chuck it in the oven

Didn't hurt the pastry either.

Well done, Kershaw, for helping out with the meal! And let's see how the "squirrel rig" performs in action. I predict success.




jenny said...

whew. relieved the pastry went unscathed. that was a close call.

LL said...

Duck Commander wine??? You guys pulled out all the stops.

LSP said...

It was, Jen!

LSP said...

Yeah we did.

LL said...

I own that very Kershaw folder but mine has some serrations about half way down for rope cutting. My daughter gave it to me as a Christmas present.

Brighid said...

There is Duck Commander wine??? wonder what that stuff is made
cool Kershaw.

LSP said...

Not a bad little knife at all.

LSP said...

The wine was alright, interestingly...