Thursday, November 6, 2014

Open Carry Texas

Now that Demoncrat Wendy's been trashed at the polls, Greg Abbott's stepped up to the plate and announced he'll sign-off on an open carry bill as soon as it hits his desk. What! You're thinking, Texas isn't an open carry state? Not really, you can carry rifles but not handguns. That looks set to change.

And it's not just men, a lot of women support open carry. After all, who knows what you might meet.

At Target.

The diner.

Or even San Antonio.

Let's leave Austin out of this, but I reckon being armed would be useful there too.

Well done, Greg. Let's see that bill.



jenny said...

How does one walk through Target with a gun and resist the urge to aim at every single store sign?

LSP said...

Massive self-control.

LL said...

I love Texas.

LSP said...

A lot to love, I'd say.

LL said...

One thing that open carry will bring you -- liberals will avoid Texas like the plague.

An armed society is a polite society. Liberals don't get that. They are more comfortable in the incredibly violent urban hells of San Francisco/Oakland, Detroit, Chicago, New York and Los Angeles.

The thought of a preacher driving around in a pick-up truck with a lever action in the rear window, a Kimber cocked and locked on his hip and a dog named Blue in the shotgun position terrifies them.

It also terrifies Muslims (Mooselimbs).

LSP said...

Must get that lever!