Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veterans Day, 2014

I spent Veteran's Day in Dallas, of all places. It was freezing, which put me in mind of the Russian Front. Speaking of which, here's an interesting Hitler video (via LL), in which the mad dictator, shaking with Parkinson's, consigns failed Democrats to Texas.

My dog, Blue Apocalypse, is gnawing on a rawhide bone.

Respect the Vets,



LL said...

Blue is pretending that he's gnawing on Obama's leg.

Brighid said...

Much respect for Veterans, especially my Dad, my Brother, my Daughter and my Awesome Corpsman Grandson.
Though Queenslands are known for their cast iron stomachs, best not to feed them rawhide. The vet I worked for operated on many dogs to get a nasty rawhide mass out of the gut. Pig ears, snouts or bully sticks/pizzles are fine. Want you to have Blue around for a good long time.

LSP said...

He really doesn't like Obama at all, LL, and thanks for the tip, Brighid.

Respect for all the Vets.

LL said...

There must be Obama chew toys out there to train Blue to attack and devour. It's important that the dog understands that evidence needs to be eaten and "cycled".