Friday, May 31, 2024

AP24 Civil War


Have you seen Alex Garland's Civil War? Perhaps not, because you dread a deluge of leftist propaganda, fair call. But I think you'll be surprised to find the film doesn't go down that path. It's shot through the lens of a crew of journalists on a mission to interview the President even as secessionist forces are closing in on DC. 

So what follows is an attempted objective account of the horrors of war, not least a civil one, and Garland does a good job. Kirsten Dunst plays her part admirably as a hard-bitten combat journalist, her young protege ain't bad, elder NYT(!) journo veteran does the job and adrenaline fueled Joel (Wagner Moura) is on target and there you have it, an SUV of journos travelling from NYC to DC via Pittsburgh in the midst of a civil war.

There's a few moments of dread in the journey, though the violence is underplayed for the most part, and you'll be surprised to note secessionist forces are apparently color blind. Black, white, whatever have banded together to overthrow a tyrannical President (Nick Offerman), and they do. One race, human, against a corrupt despot. Nice.

Right on, and the WF, led by something which looks suspiciously like 1st Cav, hit DC and take out an ignominious, lying tyrant. Keen-eyed viewers will note he's shot in the end by a FPOC (Female Person Of Color), who is also the Sergeant in charge of the requisite kill team, ahem.

OK, the movie's not perfect but it does manage to steer a course between current partisan friction as if to report on a civil war that's actually going down, with all the inane wickedness therein. Are the combat scenes good? You be the judge, gentle readers, and you'll note our beloved ruler gets shot inside his DC fastness. What a good ending.

Watch Civil War, it's streaming on Amazon.

Topical, what?


PS. For a real review, written by a real journalist from, errrr, AP, go here.

PPS. Does the objective journalist still exist? My only real cavil about this flick is that it's main protagonists, the journos, are really well played, I recognize them even, from the past, but are they feasible today, much less tomorrow. That in mind, Civil War might be slated as a retrospective cast in the future. Dystopian, yes, but the real dystopia, from this flick's POV, would be the journalists themselves. Here, they're cast as truth tellers. I won't bang on.

Thursday, May 30, 2024



You know what it's like. Sometimes invoices get lost and, dammit, your fair share of the Carbon Tax doesn't get paid. Totally understandable, but look what happens, a ferocious storm rolls in from the North as our Old Enemy, the Weather, changes. That's your cue to get on the front porch and dare the Weather to do its worst as lightning cracks and rain sheets down. Not unlike Ahab or King Lear, when you think about it. 

So there you are, wondering if this small slice of rural heaven, much less the Compound itself, will withstand and live through the deluge, arklike, when news comes in that a sham stasi show trial in New York has delivered a guilty verdict against President Trump. Huh, let's see how that brazen skulduggery plays out in the polls.

Note Upper Lip Stud

In related news, yesterday marked the anniversary of the fall of Constantinople in 1453, when Moslem Janissaries poured over the Theodosian walls. What a hideous moment for Christendom, what a triumph for the moon worshiping death cult. Emperor Constantine XI addressed the soldiery before he died in the fighting:

Most noble leaders, illustrious tribunes, generals, most courageous fellow soldiers and all loyal honest citizens! You know well that the hour has come: the enemy of our faith wishes to oppress us even more closely by sea and land with all his engines and skill to attack us with the entire strength of this siege force, as a snake about to spew its venom; he is in a hurry to devour us, like a savage lion. For this reason I am imploring you to fight like men with brave souls, as you have done from the beginning up to this day, against the enemy of our faith. I hand over to you my glorious, famous, respected, noble city, the shining Queen of Cities, our homeland. You know well, my brothers, that we have four obligations in common, which force us to prefer death over survival: first our faith and piety; second our homeland; third, the emperor anointed by the Lord, and fourth; our relatives and friends.


You can read the whole speech here as you work towards retaking the second Rome. After all, we need the Bosphorus.



Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Clubland & Whatever


Some of you may scorn clubland and that's fine, but perhaps you'll enjoy the above photo of LL and myself in the Smoking Room. Nice topper, what?

Eton forever. Well at least on my uncle's part.

Defeat Bolshevism,


Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Defeat Bolshevism


We fight against principalities and powers, against wickedness in high places. Do you think the demons can win? They may appear to do so, but such is hubris before they're cast into the Lake of Fire. In the meanwhile, stand firm, resolute in the Faith.

Defeat Demonic Bolshevism, and that's not said lightly.



War News


You've probably noticed there's been movement on Ostfront, with Russia moving back into Kharkov Oblast and more besides, not least an MOD shakeup. Big Serge gives an excellent analysis, concluding:

The trajectory of the war suggests that the NATO bloc will do everything in its power to prop up Ukraine’s strike capabilities, and that Ukraine will continue to hunt for high profile strategic assets, even as it continues to be ground down in the critical theater, which is the Donbas. When the AFU is finally ejected from their last toeholds along the line - losing Kramatorsk and Slovyansk, being squeezed out of southern Donetsk Oblast, and forced back on the west bank of the Oskil, the temptation in Kiev will be to blame the west - that they gave too little, too slowly, too late. This is one lie that they must not be allowed to get away with. The NATO Bloc has, virtually without exception, given Ukraine everything they’ve asked for. It just didn’t matter.


If you missed the above link, you can read the whole thing here.



Monday, May 27, 2024

Gaza Pier



Do you remember the Gaza pier which the US built with your money to deliver humanitarian aid to genocidal jihad Hamas supporters? Sure you do, we all do, and now look at it, floundering and sinking on a beach. But hey, it only cost several hundred millions. I like the inimitable Armchair Warlord's analysis:

Do you know what's actually the most outrageous part of the whole Gaza pier operation?  In a week they'd only delivered a thousand tons of cargo with it!

That's equivalent to ONE load that ONE of the Army LSVs on site could have simply delivered over the beach.

During my previous career I found that on many occasions doing things the "hard way" was actually the easiest way to get something accomplished, because we weren't spinning our wheels and wasting time and effort trying to figure out some "easy" way to do it.  In this case simply delivering humanitarian aid over the beach via landing craft would have been far easier and far less complicated than building and delivering this Rube Goldberg-esque pier through the surf.  I suspect this option was in fact chosen because it could deliver cargo without American service members having to physically walk around on the beach, thus satisfying Biden's "no boots on the ground" directive via the threadbare technicality that the American boots are actually on a floating pier a hundred meters offshore.


And there you have it. What a waste of $320MN virtue-signalling cash. But hey, interest on the national debt's only about $1TN every hundred days, so what's a few million? 



Memorial Day


ALMIGHTY God, our heavenly Father, in whose hands are the living and the dead; We give thee thanks for all those thy servants who have laid down their lives in the service of our country. Grant to them thy mercy and the light of thy presence, that the good work which thou hast begun in them may be perfected; through Jesus Christ thy Son our Lord. Amen.

May they rest in peace and rise in glory,


Sunday, May 26, 2024



The thunder of guns, "tore me apart." Quite.

Your Very Best Pal,


Trinity Sunday


Typical Kitchen Glocks

Tomorrow we rightly remember and honor the fallen, today we celebrate the holy and undivided Trinity. Part of that, here at the Compound, means welcoming assorted soldiery on a weekend pass from Fort Hood. One of them, my eldest, is even a Sergeant, which seems very strange.

Perhaps you remember when Sergeants seemed pretty old. Now they're not, they're ludicrously young and full of youthful energy. That in mind, let the reader understand, would the NCO Club make it to Mass this morning?

Good question, and after Mass #1 at 0945 the Manse was ominously silent, like two minutes silence silent. You'll be pleased to know I resisted the heady urge to charge upstairs beating a wake up drum armed with a pick-axe handle, and brewed strong coffee instead. Let the kids rest, I thought to myself on the back deck, after all, they run around all week, so.

Then, irenic reverie over, lo and behold, there's a team in the dining room struggling into two button blazers and khakis. Why they couldn't do this in their rooms is and remains a mystery, but still, there it was and not bad for all that. And off we went to Mass #2 by the lake.

I'll spare you the trinitarian homily, which was a hopefully helpful Augustine/Aquinas hybrid, but I will say this: The faithful believe that a communion of divine persons in perfect love lies at the heart of reality, that ultimate Truth is personal love which loves us. The modern heathen believe in a very different God, that reality is impersonal force. You will notice, my dear friends, that people come to resemble the deity they worship. Choose wisely.

In similar news, a churchman sent me this excellent photo after Mass, from the restaurant where he was enjoying lunch. Have a look:

We must all eat at this place, and what can we say? A free man can defend himself, a slave can't. Go ask a Red Indian or someone in the UK if you doubt me.



Friday, May 24, 2024

Trinity - Augustine


Everyone knows Sunday's the Feast of the Trinity, that central doctrine of the Faith which describes the inner nature of God as He has revealed Himself. One nature, divine, three persons, distinct, and unless you believe this you're in big trouble, says the Athanasian Creed. This, NB Anglicans, has been shunted to the back of our latter day Prayer Books where presumably it'll cause less offense by virtue of being well hidden. Here's the intro:

Whosoever will be saved, before all things it is necessary that he hold the Catholic faith. Which faith unless every one do keep whole and undefiled, without doubt he shall perish everlastingly. And the Catholic faith is this: that we worship one God in Trinity, and Trinity in Unity; neither confounding the Persons, nor dividing the Essence.

So, there's most definitely a three line whip on orthodox Trinitarian doctrine. That said, can we make any sense of it? St. Augustine most certainly endeavored to do so in his magisterial De Trinitate, read it if you can and I found this short commentary helpful. An excerpt:

The Father, Son and Spirit are distinct, and yet they are a unity in the equality of the one substance. Any inferiority of the Son refers to his human nature or to the Trinitarian order whereby he has received his equal being from the Father. “The Father is God, the Son God, the Holy Spirit God…yet there are not three Gods – but one God – the Trinity Itself” . . . “so total is the equality of this triad that not only is the Father not greater than the Son as far as divinity is concerned, but also Father and Son together are not greater the Holy Spirit, nor any single person of the Three is less than the trinity Itself” (8.1).

Still, within this equality there are distinctions between the Persons. The Father is distinguished as Father because He begets the Son, and the Son is distinguished as Son because He is begotten. The Spirit, similarly, is distinguished from Father and Son inasmuch as He is ‘bestowed’ by them; He is their ‘common gift’, being a kind of communion of Father and Son.

The distinctions between the three persons are grounded in their mutual relations within the Godhead. Augustine resorts to the category of “distinctions based on relations” even though this may seem contrary to the doctrine that God as simple and as such cannot be differentiated from his attributes. The reason for this assertion is to escape a cunning dilemma posed by Arian critics. They argued that the distinctions within the Godhead, assuming they exist must be categorized as either substance or accidents. Everyone agrees that God has no accidents. On the other hand, to view the distinctions as substance would result in three independent substances in the Godhead.

Augustine rejects the dilemma. He suggests that the terms Father, Son and Holy Spirit denote not difference in substance between the Persons but eternal and unchangeable relations between them within the one substance. That is to say, what differentiates the Three Persons in the Trinity is the specific form of relations. The persons retain substantial equality.

The relationships do not simply distinguish the Persons from each other – they are the persons. In technical language, they are subsistent relationships. Accidents in ordinary things like qualities or quantities can change. For example, the quantity of stuff in a man can change without him ceasing to be a man. But in the case of the divine, relationships are actually substantive predications since they are identical with divine nature or substance. But a relationship requires real distinctions between two referents at the poles of the relationship. The Father is distinct from the Son. Neither is distinct from God; and they are each distinct from the Holy Spirit, not as Father and Son, but as ‘from whom he proceeds’.

Edmund Hill elaborates, “Therefore [the Father] is not only Father, he is the fatherhood (the relationship) by which he is Father. So too the Son is the sonship by which he is Son. And the Holy Spirit. . . the relationship of being Gift, the relationship of ‘givenness’ if you like.


Now, per the above, what do "subsistent relationships" in the life of the Trinity teach us? To put it another way, if distinct personhood, real personhood has been revealed to us as relationship, what does that mean for us who have been created in the image of God? Read Augustine's triads, obviously, but perhaps we get a glimpse of the truth when we reflect on how dismally we behave when self-obsessed, and how much better when the opposite applies. 

In other words, we become ourselves when we forget ourselves in relationship. The last shall be first, and all of that. 

Just look at Victoria Nuland and tell me I'm wrong. By the monkey, I dare you.

Guinea on,


Thursday, May 23, 2024

Weapon Of Choice - Behold Classic


Here you go now:




You probably feel cheated by this brief pop music post and were expecting a firearms comparison. Which gun would you take as your weapon of choice depending on various contexts. 

For example, in the Compound's kitchen we choose Glocks, a 9 and a .45. At the door it's different, a pump 12 does the trick. Upstairs, maybe Birettas rule, or wheelguns. Point being -- you can go with this, you can go with that. 

I rest my musical if slightly opaque case.

Hope You're All Long ETH$


Oh my, you go to a diocesan meeting in Fort Worth and return to... what? HAIL. Yep, hail. I thought it was gonna break my truck, but it didn't, lo and behold. Still, it was fierce and I texted Calgary, "Outrageous hail!'

She replied, "Look at that baby hail. That's like you sending me a video of one tiny thunder clap. Yes, we did have one tiny second of thunder. I had to pause my phone to make sure because it was so little and quiet."

Well, damme by faint praise, what? And in case you're wondering, here at the Compound we stand fast on the deck, stalwart, daring our ancient enemy the Weather to do its worst.

In other news, the SEC has approved Spot Ethereum ETF. Well, thrice in and double and quits. Your call, I'm long ETH and, of course, DOGE$,  the Peoples' Coin.



Just Hanging Out

Do you scorn Texas? Maybe that makes you a fool.

I rest my case,



Alright there boys? Mind your leg

By the monkey and twice as fast, eh?

Wednesday, May 22, 2024



Just look at what SATAN has done to this poor girl. Inner wickedness at the highest levels of the state reflected in demonic visage. You'll note, dear readers, that Victoria's all about killing people. She's also a Bonesman. Here's LL via commentary, I quote at length:

Nuland was a career ambassador with the highest diplomatic rank in the U.S. Foreign Service. She retired from government work, but fear not, she is still the Brady-Johnson distinguished practitioner (a funded chair) in grand strategy at Yale University and a member of the board of the National Endowment for Democracy.

Nuland will join The School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University (SIPA) as the Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis Professor (funded chair) in the Practice of International Diplomacy effective July 1.

Nuland will also direct SIPA’s International Fellows Program, which provides an interdisciplinary forum for Columbia University graduate students to study international problems. Lastly, she will be a member of the Institute of Global Politics’ affiliated faculty, which comprises selected scholars and practitioners who work on research projects to advance IGP’s mission.


So she now sits in funded chairs at Columbia (in a month or so) and Yale. What is her affiliation with the Skull and Bones Fraternity at Yale? Ah, LSP, the plot thickens. It turns out that she's a faculty advisor to Skull and Bones...

322, anyone, or should we just say Bush? Listen up.



Tuesday, May 21, 2024

War Call


Do you remember our proxy war in Ukraine, in which NATO pits its wits, logistics and manpower against Russia? Sure you do. That said, how's it working out for us? Good question.

The Russkies wren't the force we (I) were expecting, and the Ukrainians were and are a testament to NATO leadership. As LL put it, the Russkies should've cut through them like a "knife through butter." And they didn't.

That said, UKR's fabled counteroffensive fizzled miserably last year and it seems the Russians are learning; off they go, capturing towns and villages on the Kharkov front. What does this mean? I'll go out on a limb and call a significant Russkie breakthrough, with UKR lacking men and material to plug the gap. You see, as they rush reserves to Kharkov what have they got in Dontesk. Not so very much.

Of course this dismal state of affairs could be reversed if we went all-in and mobilized for war, Russia wouldn't stand a chance against the whole world, minus China, Iran, India, North Korea, maybe Turkey, Brazil et al.  So, with the BRICS equation in mind, it'd be a close run thing. And then there's Europe.

The once vaunted UK can field a single, yes, one, and this is pathetic, all arms division. What about France? They can't even control their few remaining island colonies. Then there's Germany, that massive fighting force. Spain, Portugal  and Ireland aren't even worth mentioning. So, if it wanted, a battle group/brigade could invade Gay Garden Europa and win? Heck, why not, what would stop it.

But maybe Poland will save us. And that's just it, stop dreaming. NATO is America and when that stops, as it must one day do, what then?

Your Call,




That is all,


Dear Mr. Fantasy


Go on, play us a tune, and then some:

Wow, Mr. Winwood's got it all going on and if a session singer seems eerily familiar, well, so be it.

Rock on,


Monday, May 20, 2024

Diversity Is Our Strength


Or is it? Perhaps our enemies scent weakness

And degeneracy

Which is so stupid because everyone knows diversity's a force multiplier on the battleground as the enemy falls over laughing. You see? Winning strategy.

So over the Rainbow,


Babylon Bee Satan


Is it just me or is the Bee taking over where SNL dismally let off? Here's Satan telling Democrats to tone down the evil:

And there you have it,


What A Beautiful Evening


What a beautiful Texan  May evening in this small rural haven betwixt the Metrosprawl and Waco. Not too hot, not too cold, just right. A bit like California, perhaps, with the benefit of not being in California. 

Ah yes, how delightful, but of course this will change, as 6 digit temps come blasting through the ether like a troop of TOS 2s working out on the Unicorn Brigade in Chasov Yar. Terrifying.

Still, for now, all's well unlike, for example, worshiping attendance in the Church of England, being a member of Iran's top governance or living in Oakland, where they've got rid of traffic lights because homeless thieving.

In other news, Crypto's surging, with ETH leading the pack, and everyone's favorite token isn't doing badly either. Come on, DOGE, stop messing around and run. 

Speaking of which, more than a few bulls see exponential crypto growth between 2030-35.  That in mind, I'm diamond hands long and we'll see how this strategy plays out in the fullness of time. In the meanwhile, you might want to watch silver too, just in case you're not.



Sunday, May 19, 2024



Yes, there's one Supergroup and that's Blind Faith. If you argue against this you've already lost, so there it is. That said, Stevie Boy ducked right in there and played the Mass music for my dad. And I recall this, standing in his space ship recording studio in the Cotswolds. 

"You know," said the giga pop star, "I wish I was you, studying theology in London." I didn't get it, then, being a fool. It makes sense, now.


Pentecost 2024

Fifty days after the Passover, the Holy Spirit descended upon the disciples with great power and so began the mission of the Church.

St. Luke tells us in Acts that the Spirit filled the house where the disciples were gathered like a rushing wind, alighting on their heads as tongues of fire. Wind and fire, ancient mystical signs of the creative life giving power or energy of God and of his presence

Wind, think of the Spirit hovering over the waters of creation, breathing life into clay of Adam, animating Ezekiel's dry bones. Fire, from which God spoke to Moses from the burning bush and led Israel through the wilderness by night, fire which fell upon Horeb to the dismay of the heathen priests.

Wind and fire, the creative energy of God and the burning love of his presence, with this the Holy Spirit descended upon the disciples at Pentecost with power. Lo and behold, but was the date of descent significant in itself? Surely yes.

The Jewish Feast of Pentecost was and is a celebration of two things, thanksgiving for the early harvest, and a celebration of the giving of the Law on Mount Sinai. The giving of the Law by God himself, signified by the fire which enveloped the summit of the mountain on which he stood, his presence proclaimed by a trumpet call blown by the the divine breath. Yet again, the wind and fire of the Spirit.

This Pentecost, the Pentecost of the Upper Room, is therefore a new Sinai, a new giving of the Law, the new Law of Divine Love, engraved this time upon the human heart instead of stone. Filled, then, with an ecstasy of Divine Love, the disciples proclaim the Good News of salvation in Christ, they begin to reap the harvest, the harvest of souls for eternal life. So, the ancient Feast is gloriously recapitulated and fulfilled. It is so miraculously.

Devout Jews from every nation, gathered together for the Feast, hear the universal language of the Gospel, each in their own tongue and with that the curse of Babel is lifted. As man blasphemously attempted to scale heaven, only to be struck down in confusion and discord, so now God descends to earth, uniting us to himself and to each other in the Word of Truth.

Yes indeed, a harvest, and we read that some 3000 souls were converted on that day, and it didn't stop there. The Apostles went on to the ends of the then known earth, bringing souls to salvation, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Their successors, Bishops, Priests, Deacons and the faithful people of God do so today and this will continue to the close of the age. And let me tell you this.

Those who go against the Holy Spirit, against Truth Himself, will be relentlessly destroyed by that same Spirit. Then again, those who side with the Spirit will have life and truth and freedom and all that's good. 

Your Call,



And via Robin Ward:

Come, Thou holy Paraclete,
And from Thy celestial seat
Send Thy light and brilliancy:
Father of the poor, draw near;
Giver of all gifts, be here;
Come, the soul’s true radiancy.

Saturday, May 18, 2024

This One's For Wild


Sorry, Neil, but I remember playing Sweet Home at great volume from an upper story flat in Lamb's Conduit Street, London, of all places, in the '90's. 

Far-Sighted Readers Will Spot LSP Overwatch On The Fourth Floor

The people down below on the street liked it, a lot. But that was then, this is now. Turn it up.

Good call, Wild,


Warsaw Bans Crucifixes


Warsaw's radical leftist globohomo mayor Rafał Trzaskowski has banned crucifixes and religious symbols from public buildings and instructed government workers to use gender neutral language and preferred pronouns. This will, apparently, make Warsaw's civic governance less discrimnatory. Unless, of course, you're Christian.

In related news, NATO supremo Jens Rainbow Stoltenberg has told the world that our mighty military alliance exists to defend gayness.

Imagine all those new soldiers, sailors and air persyns flocking to fight for the Rainbow Alliance of Gayness. Thanks, Stoltenberg, for solving our recruitment crisis. And in response to the former skulduggery, the Green Pontif's predictably said nothing other than bad mouth traditional Catholics. Go figure.



Friday, May 17, 2024



Are you worried? A little bit future testy, sitting in your wretched little foxhole? If so, buck up and Don't Fear The Reaper, kids, unless maybe you should. Speaking of which, M, a seasoned session singer outta Minneapolis (?) told me back in the halcyon she was suffering from "catholic guilt." Huh.

"What, m'dear have you done wrong?" She laughed and we moved on from there into the wilds of Shoreditch and Columbia Road's flower market, , it was cool then. After that? Well, everyone went home to bed, obvs.





Uplifting and educational, don't you think? Here's some snappy suits, via Infidel:

yes, it was better then, and even that was really bad

Along with pop music, see above early CSNY video, what can we say, apart from attractively vintage suits speaking of the elegance of a bygone age?



Thursday, May 16, 2024



Yes, we do requests and this one's for Adrienne. Wow, steppin out:

You'll note, gentle readers, that in music as in so much else we've devolved.

Your Buddy,


Idea Energy Power


Dorothy Sayers was known for her crime novels, she was also a mystical theologian in the Anglican tradition of the Western Church, think, perhaps, Charles Williams. Here she is on Idea, Energy and Power:

WHEN THE writer’s Idea is revealed or incarnate by his Energy, then, and only then, can his Power work on the world.  More briefly and obviously, a book has no influence till somebody can read it. 

Before the Energy was revealed or incarnate it was, as we have seen, already present in Power within the creator’s mind, but now that Power is released for communication to other men, and returns from their minds to his with a new response.  It dwells in them and works upon them with creative energy, producing in them fresh manifestations of Power. 

This is the Power of the Word, and it is dangerous.  Every word—even every idle word—will be accounted for at the day of judgment, because the word itself has power to bring to judgment.  It is of the nature of the word to reveal itself and to incarnate itself—to assume material form.  Its judgment is therefore an intellectual, but also a material judgment.  The habit, very prevalent to-day, of dismissing words as “just words” takes no account of their power.  But once the Idea has entered into other minds, it will tend to reincarnate itself there with ever-increasing Energy and ever-increasing Power.  It may for some time only incarnate itself in more words, more books, more speeches; but the day comes when it incarnates itself in actions, and this is its day of judgment.  

At the time when these words are being written, we are witnessing a fearful judgment of blood, resulting from the incarnation in deeds of an Idea to which, when it was content with a verbal revelation, we paid singularly little heed.  Which Ideas are (morally) Good and which are anti-Good it is not the purpose of this book to discuss; what is now abundantly manifest is the Power.  Any Idea whose Energy manifests itself in a Pentecost of Power is good from its own point of view.  It shows itself to be a true act of creation, although, if it is an evil Idea, it will create to a large extent by active negation—that is to say, by destruction.  The fact, however, that “all activity is of God” means that no creative Idea can be wholly destructive: some creation will be produced together with the destruction; and it is the work of the creative mind to see that the destruction is redeemed by its creative elements. 


At the time when these words are being written, we are witnessing a fearful judgment of blood, resulting from the incarnation in deeds of an Idea to which, when it was content with a verbal revelation, we paid singularly little heed.  Which Ideas are (morally) Good and which are anti-Good it is not the purpose of this book to discuss; what is now abundantly manifest is the Power.

Draw the moral as you will and choose wisely, my dear friends.

Your Old Pal,


Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Are These People Mentally Ill?


Are these people mentally ill, driven insane by Satan? 

Just asking,




Now that you've recovered from the Dead's remarkable Morning Dew, here's this, from Russia's new Defense Minister Andrey Belousov, via RWA:

By preserving the traditional values of the West, which are originally the values of Western Christian European civilization, Russia can become a guardian of these values. This may seem like a paradoxical idea, but it is nonetheless true. Therefore, it is incorrect to say that the West is our enemy.


Interesting, and I'm sympathetic. Here he is again:

The ideology of a multipolar world is that a self, something independent, must be developed. This self is not the persona, or the mask that we wear. It is the self that should be manifested in all countries with confidence. For countries that do not have sovereignty, it cannot be manifested by definition. 

We have no other choice for our country than to acquire or recreate this self. We have huge resources and a talented population, but the most important prerequisite is a strong culture. We have our own cultural code, which most countries and peoples lack. Dostoevsky, in his works such as The Writer's Diary, expressed this idea very well.



You may or may not agree with Andrey but can you imagine, say, Lloyd Austin or any one of our high ranking pols even mentioning Dostoevsky in a public statement, to say nothing of succinctly boosting Western Christian European civ? As you ponder this, reflect on our current Secretary of State rocking out in Kiev as Kharkov burns. 

I rest my case,