Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Defeat Bolshevism


We fight against principalities and powers, against wickedness in high places. Do you think the demons can win? They may appear to do so, but such is hubris before they're cast into the Lake of Fire. In the meanwhile, stand firm, resolute in the Faith.

Defeat Demonic Bolshevism, and that's not said lightly.




LL said...

Most "marxists" (lower case m) don't understand what a contemptible cur their hero was. That may be true of much history, but it goes double for Marx. I remember when I was a student on a university campus, one of the professors was the "designated marxist". He affected the Karl Marx look by growing a long, bushy beard and not cutting his hair. He was the same shit brindle-colored suit (two sizes too small) every day and never cleaned it. The front of his suit coat reflected the detritus of many spilled meals. I never took a class from him, but you'd see him waddling his 350-pound frame around campus. I spoke to him occasionally and was not rude to him. He mumbled and stuttered.

Mike_C said...

I was shooting the breeze with one of our clients (while waiting for a meeting to start). She said, “I’ve been reading a biography of Marx. I’m learning a lot that they never taught us in school.” She made a face, “I used to oppose what he stood for, but now I’m beginning to despise him as a human being as well. But I’m not sure how to summarize him.”

“Let me try in one word: Resentment. Does that work?”

She thought for a minute, then brightened. “Yeah! That’s not bad. In fact, it totally fits.”

And no, I normally don’t talk politics with clients. I may shoot my mouth off here, but work is work. This person was an exception. Conservative Christian and a volunteer sheriff’s deputy; I knew where she stood.

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