Friday, May 3, 2024

The Students Are Revolting


Well Done That Man! Remove Hippy

Imagine, you're spending hundreds of thousands on an Ivy League degree in Trans Theater Studies with a minor in Tofu and, understandably, you feel oppressed, because you are, financially. And mentally. It's not easy being so very privileged and yet so very in debt with a real world skill set bordering on utterly useless. So whaddya do?

Attempt to reconstruct the Weather Underground, Play Power and all of that while larping as oppressed Palestinians. Whoa, good call, even though you don't have the Dead, the Airplane, Thieving Hippies Onna Boat CSNY, Ginsberg and Leary behind you. For goodness sake, kids, give it up. Like Techno itself, this thing's getting old, so stop sidetracking and concentrate instead on your Beloved Rulers who hate you and the nation you're a part of.

Buy Those Boys A Keg

But whatev, you'll have noticed the, ahem, hallowed halls of academe are in an uproar as gilded Marxist youth face off against frat boys. Well done, Phi Kappa, whatever that means, and you can read about it all here, on Zerohedge.

More seriously, there's this, perhaps you've seen it, via Lensman:




Anonymous said...

Greek life (frat & sor) can be easily understood by watching Animal House .

Anonymous said...

Those who are "revolting" certainly are.

LSP said...

Anon #1: It's been a while, thx for the link

LSP said...

My dear Anon #2, quite.