Monday, May 20, 2024

What A Beautiful Evening


What a beautiful Texan  May evening in this small rural haven betwixt the Metrosprawl and Waco. Not too hot, not too cold, just right. A bit like California, perhaps, with the benefit of not being in California. 

Ah yes, how delightful, but of course this will change, as 6 digit temps come blasting through the ether like a troop of TOS 2s working out on the Unicorn Brigade in Chasov Yar. Terrifying.

Still, for now, all's well unlike, for example, worshiping attendance in the Church of England, being a member of Iran's top governance or living in Oakland, where they've got rid of traffic lights because homeless thieving.

In other news, Crypto's surging, with ETH leading the pack, and everyone's favorite token isn't doing badly either. Come on, DOGE, stop messing around and run. 

Speaking of which, more than a few bulls see exponential crypto growth between 2030-35.  That in mind, I'm diamond hands long and we'll see how this strategy plays out in the fullness of time. In the meanwhile, you might want to watch silver too, just in case you're not.



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