Sunday, May 30, 2021



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Trinity Sunday


It's Trinity Sunday and here in the far flung Missions of rural Texas we worshiped the Triune God without dividing the substance or confounding the persons.Good stuff, and I'll spare you the sermon but I did quote Benedict XVI:

The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are one because God is love and love is an absolute life-giving force; the unity created by love is a unity greater than a purely physical unity. The Father gives everything to the Son; the Son receives everything from the Father with gratitude; and the Holy Spirit is the fruit of this mutual love of the Father and the Son.


Well said, B16, an infinitely loving communion of persons, which is infinitely better than its opposite. And to celebrate the glory of revealed truth, I'm grilling jalapeno poppers and ribs. 

Blue Socialist thinks he's entitled to these, and I tell him he's not, "Because you're just a dog." The furry little Leveler replies, "But your Eminence, even the dogs get to eat the scraps which fall from the master's table." Well, you can see why the Medieval Church frowned upon the laity's access to Holy Writ.

Lollardy aside, word to the Dojo. Don't rub your eyes after prepping jalapeno poppers.

Your Pal,


Saturday, May 29, 2021



Via Infowars:

A publicly available FDA “fact sheet” document reveals that 86% of children who participated in a Pfizer covid vaccine trial reported adverse reactions ranging from “mild” to “serious.”

As part of the vaccine experiments, children aged 12 to 15 are being injected with mRNA sequences that take control of their cells, causing them to churn our spike proteins in their blood. Spike proteins cause vascular disease and blood clots. Even the Jonas Salk Institute conclusively identifies spike proteins as the culprit behind vascular disease and blood clots.


Like, wow. 

You know, right, that the State loves you and would never force you to be injected with experimental drugs for its own demonic power and seats on the private jet. And as an aside, do you remember when the Left used to be against Big Pharma and the  overweening power of unleashed corporate greed? Funny how that worked out.

Wear your masks, serfs,


Foiled Again


The plan was elegant, compelling in its simplicity. Viz. Say Morning Prayer, walk Blue Terminator to the Pick 'n Steal, then fish and shoot. What a great plan, until it fell to pieces. Clouds rolled in, thunder boomed in a leaden sky and rain lashed down like fury. No stroll for this punter down the leafy boulevards of Olde Texas, to say nothing of fishing and shooting.

So I shook my fist at the heavens like Jonah, incensed at the wrongness of it all (You did? Ed.) How racist of this small, rural farming community to culturally appropriate Aberystwyth. It just wasn't right, so  I typed up a sermon on the Trinity, called on the flock, and drove through the floods to Brookshire's for supplies. 

Not a bad result as it turned out, and it was pleasant to see most everyone at the store had left their fear, uncertainty and submission (FUS) masks behind. Of course it's a different story in the cities, where the willing dupes of the progleft rainbow utopia cling to their precious masks like a hodler refusing to let go of DOGE$.

Speaking of which, the Shiba's been playing dead for a couple of weeks, despite rising to #6 in crypto market cap, so I bought some tasty dip to encourage the playful pup. What was it someone wicked once said, the market's a way of transferring wealth from the impatient to the patient? Something like that. 

In other news, the lesbyterian Mayor of Chicago's being sued for racism because she wouldn't allow a reporter to interview her. Why? Because the journalist was white. Lori Lightfoot's wife is white, curiously. And here's an artist's impression of one of the crew who shot UK BLM pinup Sasha in the eye.

See if you can spot the perp.



Friday, May 28, 2021

And Now You're Dead


BBC reporter Lisa Shaw died after taking the miracle cure Covid shot, she was 44. My eldest son, 21 years old, was only in ICU for a week after taking the J&J shot. Good thing only one of them died.

I'll leave it at that.


Thursday, May 27, 2021

Gwen Stefani Is Legend


Here at the Compound we've long suspected that superstar pop genius Gwen Stefani is awesome, and now she's proved it by refusing to bow to pathetic Maoist wokeism. Stefani, who is attractive and talented, has been accused of "cultural appropriation" because Japanese girls feature in her toe-tapping pop videos. 

This, according to tyrannous cultural Marxists, is racist. But Stefani disagrees with the commies and their idiotic, puritanical, leftist rules:

“If we didn’t buy and sell and trade our cultures in, we wouldn’t have so much beauty, you know? We learn from each other, we share from each other, we grow from each other. And all these rules are just dividing us more and more.”

So true, all these weird "rules." Let's have less of them, a lot less of them. The engaging singer continued:

“I think that we grew up in a time where we didn’t have so many rules. We didn’t have to follow a narrative that was being edited for us through social media, we just had so much more freedom.”

Well said, Popstar Gwen. We were a lot more free until the totalitarian Marxist thought police started imposing their nonsensical, killjoy, life-denying, self-serving, totalitarian, hypocritical, anti-human obedience protocols on the general populace.

By the way, do not mistake Gwen Stefani for Gwen Paltrow. They're very different.

Your Pal,


Wednesday, May 26, 2021

The Faith




Midweek Message - The Trinity


This coming Sunday we celebrate the  Feast of the Trinity, glorifying God who has revealed himself as a trinity of persons in unity of substance; an infinitely loving communion into which we ourselves, in Christ and in the power of the Spirit, have been adopted:

THE disciples who were present at the Supper saw and heard Jesus Christ making eucharist to the Father over the bread and the cup.  They were witnesses of the intercourse between the Eternal Son and his Eternal Father.  Mortal ears and eyes at that moment perceived the movement of speech and love which passes in the heart of the Godhead; human minds entered into that converse of the Divine Persons which is the life and happiness of the Blessed Trinity.  Belief in the Trinity is not a distant speculation; the Trinity is that blessed family into which we are adopted.  God has asked us into his house, he has spread his table before us, he has set out bread and wine.  We are made one body with the Son of God, and in him converse with the Eternal Father, through the indwelling of the Holy Ghost. (Austin Farrer)


We are made one body with the Son of God, and in him converse with the Eternal Father, through the indwelling of the Holy Ghost. 

Reflect on the glory and power of that,


Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Cooking With LSP - Quail Poppers


Cooking with LSP? Excuse me? Hold fire, skeptics, this is how it's done. Go out and shoot some quail, then congratulate yourself on a "mixed bag." Put the birds in the freezer. Narnia over, remove the quail, defrost and place side by side on a cutting board with jalapenos.

A remarkable thing, and reverie over, slice the peppers in half, scoop out the seeds without wiping your eyes in an attempt to see better, and fill those empty beasts with cream cheese. 

Next up, cut the meat from the quail breasts, embed avian goodness in the cream cheese filled peppers and wrap those delicious morsels in bacon. Then put 'em in the oven at 400* until they're crisp and ready for action. They should look something like this:

But there's no rule. Fall upon those bad boys when you're ready and eat that scoff.

Yes, like a Warrior,


Every Gun is a Loaded Gun - Update


By now all the world knows that UK celebrity BLM blacktivist Sasha Johnson was shot in the head at a party in South London. Here in the Compound's busy newsroom we speculated that the shooting was a negligent discharge, someone goofing around with a "shootah." But no, it was a gang hit gone a little sideways. Our man in London reports:

Four black guys wearing all black went to the house party in Peckham looking for her boyfriend. There was a confrontation in the garden. She got between them and her boyfriend and went full Greta coz she's a gobby ****. Relied on being the BLM pinup girl but they weren't impressed. Opened fire at the boyfriend and she took a round in the face, reportedly in the eye. The gun then jammed and they fled. Everyone is pissing themselves laughing, cops are milking it.


Several things come to mind. In a country which bans guns only criminals have them, catastrophically for Sasha. And again, every gun is a loaded gun even if it's rubbish and jams after one round. Sasha, and everyone else, should remember this. We can also add that it's a bad idea to mix guns, drugs and booze because someone's liable to get shot, like Sasha. 

But more importantly, if people like BLM Sasha really cared about black lives, why don't they do something to help black communities by working to stop black on black violence? 

Serious question, and it's tempting to say it's far easier, more exciting and considerably more lucrative to set yourself up as a corporate sponsored 21st century revolutionary than to actually do anything to lift up the poor and oppressed.

That in mind, do you think the Met will work overtime to bring unfortunate Sasha's shooter to justice, or will they bend the knee and walk away. I'd wager the latter. 



Monday, May 24, 2021

Touch Of Grey


What awesomeness. Carry on,


Every Gun is a Loaded Gun


After celebrating the great Feast of Pentecost on Sunday it seemed right to go fishing on Monday. That was the plan and let me tell you, I was looking forward to it. But no, our Old Enemy the Weather attacked and skywater poured down from heaven as thunder rolled across the firmament like the guns of Vimy Ridge. (What? Ed.)

Seriously, it got stormy so fishing was off and looking out on the flooded vista of this rural Texan farming community from the safety of the porch was on. "Will this war ever end?" I asked myself over a steaming Yeti 20 oz tumbler of coffee, and just then a local magnate rolled up to the front of the Compound in his rig.

We visited for a while and discussed the chicanery of our times. "How many of our beloved leaders, Mr. M, do you think are involved in ritual occult satanism? I say this as a religious professional." He paused and fixed me with a clear hunter's eye, "I'd reckon more than we might like to know." I agreed, "I'm not a gambling man but if I was I lay odds on."

The upshot of it all was this: The psychosociopaths in control of the West hate the Church and want to stamp it out and secondly, he'd send his crew to clean up the church grounds as soon as the climate changed. What a good result, and he's been an ally over the years, not least in terms of range access.

In other news, it seems the UK's famous BLM celebrity blacktivist, Sasha, got herself shot in the head in South London the other day. Which is weird, because guns aren't allowed in England. My take? Oxford educated Sasha decided to hang out with the real deal, and one of the gangstas bizarrely forgot trigger/muzzle discipline. Oops.

Remember, gentlemen and women, every gun is a loaded gun.



Sunday, May 23, 2021


It's the Feast of Pentecost, when we celebrate the descent of the dove upon the disciples. A descent filled with unstoppable power, as a mighty wind, and unquenchable fire. Here's Austin Farrer:

PENTECOST is not the feast of the Holy Ghost, it is the feast of his descent upon us.  The Son of God came down and was made man in the womb of Mary.  The Holy Ghost came down and was made human in the souls of Christians.  When Jesus was ripe for birth, he left Mary's womb, to grow up and be himself.  He outgrew first her womb and then her lap, first her protection, last her person and her mind.  But as the Holy Ghost grows in us, it is not he but we who grow.  He does not grow up and leave us behind, we grow up into him.  He becomes the spring and substance of our mind and heart.  He is the never failing fountain of which Jesus spoke to the Samaritaness.  We break up the stony rubbish of our life again and again, to find and release the well of living water.


 I can't add to that, you'll be glad to note. God bless you all,


Saturday, May 22, 2021

You'll Lose Your Soul


Well said, Mr. Lee, and we have to ask, how many of our incredibly rich, transnational elite, rainbow rulers are ritual occultists? Good question, and note this, punters.

The demon, Baphomet, is trans. And you'll remember Christ exorcising the demoniac, "What is your name? 'Legion, for we are many.'" Now, ask yourself why a person would choose to refer to themselves in the plural, as "they." Here's smash hit super star Demi Lovato:

"I want to take this moment to share something very personal with you," Lovato, 28, began a minute-and-a-half-long video posted Wednesday. "The past year and a half, I've been doing some healing and self-reflective work. And through this work, I've had this revelation that I identify as nonbinary. With that said, I'll officially be changing my pronouns to they/them." 

Well it's all a larf until you wake up in a Wicker Man and it's on fire.

Tight Lines,


Sic Transit Gloria Marinae


After a hearty late breakfast of Texas toast, eggs over easy, hash browns and sausage, it seemed right to scout out the waters of the Brazos and Lake Whitney. The water was up, no doubt about it, but no one was catching, so I drove over to Uncle Gus' Marina Abramovic.


The marina went bankrupt last month, apparently no amount of spirit cooking could save it, so I was curious, what would I find and could you still fish there? 

No, you can't fish there because the docks and their cleaning station, a favorite place to fish, were closed off and the place stood desolate and abandoned. Who knows, perhaps it'll be turned into a migrant holding center or a lakeside reeducation camp for people insane enough to distrust our beloved rulers.

Shut Down

Then again, it might become a marina again, and a holiday spot for people fleeing the DFW metrosprawl in search of Striper and lakeish fun. Who knows, maybe one of our oligarch overlords will buy the COVID ravaged resort for pennies on the dollar and open it up.

Art Philosophy

Maybe so. In the meanwhile, I'm waiting for the water to settle, the climate to change and the fish to bite. 



Thursday, May 20, 2021

I Saw The Queen Today


I'd no sooner recovered from the complexity of the power of words, than I strolled over to the Pick 'n Steal for a hot cup of coffee, and there she was. Queen Elizabeth the Second, right there in the car park of 1st Baptist. Like, what?!? But yes, there she was. Let's zoom in to prove it.

As a loyal son of the crown and Space Monarchist, the whole encounter brought luster to the day. Behold, Emp. Ind. (we still have that? Ed.), Fid. Def. giving a royal wave to her loyal Texans. Great result, and imagine its alternative, the face of creepy Joe or cackling Harris leering at you from behind tinted windows.

But seriously, is there a better head of state, even as figurehead? What comes next is another matter entirely.



The Power of Words

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Do you remember the old days, the days when we used to look at Russia with a kind of scornful wonder and say "they don't have freedom of religion, speech or press!" My, how that worm's turned here in America; post thoughtcrime on Facebook and get fired from your job, to say nothing of anything else. Still, words and the ideas behind them have creative power, whether for good or ill. Here's Dorothy Sayers:

This is the Power of the Word, and it is dangerous.  Every word—even every idle word—will be accounted for at the day of judgment, because the word itself has power to bring to judgment.  It is of the nature of the word to reveal itself and to incarnate itself—to assume material form.  Its judgment is therefore an intellectual, but also a material judgment.  The habit, very prevalent to-day, of dismissing words as “just words” takes no account of their power.  But once the Idea has entered into other minds, it will tend to reincarnate itself there with ever-increasing Energy and ever-increasing Power.  It may for some time only incarnate itself in more words, more books, more speeches; but the day comes when it incarnates itself in actions, and this is its day of judgment.  At the time when these words are being written, we are witnessing a fearful judgment of blood, (WWII) resulting from the incarnation in deeds of an Idea to which, when it was content with a verbal revelation, we paid singularly little heed.  

Which Ideas are (morally) Good and which are anti-Good it is not the purpose of this book to discuss; what is now abundantly manifest is the Power.  Any Idea whose Energy manifests itself in a Pentecost of Power is good from its own point of view.  It shows itself to be a true act of creation, although, if it is an evil Idea, it will create to a large extent by active negation—that is to say, by destruction.  The fact, however, that “all activity is of God” means that no creative Idea can be wholly destructive: some creation will be produced together with the destruction; and it is the work of the creative mind to see that the destruction is redeemed by its creative elements.


It is the work of the creative mind to see that the destruction is redeemed by its creative elements. 

Sayers, to my mind, wrote with remarkable and perhaps mystical depth and insight. You may disagree, and I'd defend your right to do so with all the guns and swords I tragically lost in last year's catastrophic boating accident. Regardless, let's rise to the challenge, and see that the destruction of the present time's redeemed.

I'd say it's badly needed. Open forum and here endeth the Lesson.

Your Friend,


Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Market Analysis


I'll leave it at that.

Ad Lunam,


Church of Sweden Goes Tranny


Lutheran Sweden was, for a time, something like the sword arm of Protestantism, thanks in no small part to the remarkable Gustavus Adolphus. But that was then, this is now, and the Lutheran Church of Sweden's told the world that it's trans. 

That's right, an entire denomination's decided to become a blasphemous parody of a woman or, less typically, a man. You can read the whole turgid smuggery here:

“We write to you from a church that is also trans. A church is made up of people. People are different. We have confirmees, employees, churchwardens, elected representatives, non-profits, and other parishioners who define themselves as trans people. The church also consists of trans people. Therefore, the church could be described as trans.” 


I ask you, all four readers of this inconsequential mind blog, would Gustavus have died laughing or turned his sabre on the sex magicke occultists? I'd wager sabre. 

In the meanwhile, we're left with the spectacle of every single mainline prot denom going full rainbow. And, lest you think I'm somehow biased, Rome isn't far behind, just ask the German and Dutch bishop figures, to say nothing of our own apostates here in the US. 

Odd, isn't it, that people who no longer believe in biological gender are keenest to shut down their churches in the face of a deadly bioweapon that kills .02(?) of the people it infects.

Whatever, we can analyse this interesting phenom all night long, but let's not.  What we do know is this, the gates of Hell will not prevail. And remember kids, Baphomet's trans. 

Stand steady,


Monday, May 17, 2021

Monday Message


I was in the Compound's front office, aka "porch" when I read this, which echoed my thoughts entirely. It's presented here as a Monday Message, and a tip of the spear to LL for writing it.

Via Virtualmirage:

There are key illuminators to civilized society that can be counted on to guide or to fail to guide us upward (Matthew 5:14 – You are the light of the world). A number of them have gone out, possibly forever.

Universities were places of learning where ideas were tested, and even liberal arts had its place. Today everything is racist – everything – and students have different graduation ceremonies with tribe-over-whole. It allows people who may have not been that bright a chance to give a commencement address about how aggrieved they are.

Denigration of the Family as a key institution in society has become so routine that it’s not even news anymore. Pro-Choice is used to refer to prenatal infanticide. I heard the term “birthing person” used in place of “mother” the other day for the first time. What mother wants to be referred to a birthing person, and do you have to give birth to a baby to be its mother? There are a lot of adoptive mothers who are far more to their children than the one who gave them birth. It’s better if you are raised in a nuclear family but the FAMILY is the core of culture. As a child, sometimes you get lucky, and sometimes you don’t. Vogue calls childbearing “environmental vandalism.” They’re very woke over at Vogue.




Much has been said on this blog and others about how some of us feel that churches have let us down during the most recent plague. The government didn’t give us a voice. They worked to silence us – “wear your obedience mask, slave”. The media was silent except as an instrument of propaganda. There was a general hope that religious institutions would stand up to tyranny – crickets.

Elections…yeah. What about the republic (past tense) being the great balancing lever in society? Do you really think that the last election cycle was free and fair?

There has been general persecution of anything uplifting, of worth, of cultural value, and the government has been pushing the hateful narrative of the progressive movement. Corporations with vast wealth and power have formed a shadow government that is difficult to get your hands around. The carcass and the whore are barely figureheads. They’re jokes.


Well said. In the words of the satanist Manasseh, in Charles Williams' War in Heaven, "They build and we destroy." That in mind, we can add another line item to LL's list, the wholesale rejection of God, of Christ. He is inevitably replaced by demons, see above.

And now, by way of solace and Vespers:

Your Friend,


Sunday, May 16, 2021

Sunday Evening Morale Boost

Life for the Tzar! And life for the kid in Korea too. I'd like to thank you all for the prayers and intentions, it means a lot, and be sure I'll pass it on. In the meanwhile, you'll remember Russia's built a cathedral for the Armed Forces.

Can you imagine such a thing here or anywhere in the West? No, of course not. I ask you, who are the bad guys in this equation? Not the young patriots who signed up to serve their country and do something meaningful with their lives, that's for sure.

I won't bang on, you get the point.

God bless,


Saturday, May 15, 2021

Good News And Bad News


So what's it to be first, the good news or the bad news? Let's go with the good because this simple mind blog's all about boosting morale in these troubled and uncertain times. And the good news is this, there'll be two baptisms in Mission #2 tomorrow, which is a holy and blessed thing. 

It also confirms upward momentum in that rural outpost of God's kingdom, PTL. And don't worry, the goodness keeps flowing; the Specialist, my eldest, is "feeling better." Now for the bad news.

After getting the J&J vax, one shot, cheapest on the market, the kid got really sick and had to go to hospital. He got a steroid shot, which helped, and we spoke, "Everything's OK now, Dad." I posted it, pleased. But last night I discovered it wasn't OK.

Thanks to Instagram, I learned he'd been in hospital every day this week and there was the photo to prove it. Serious sickbed stuff, no kidding and I'll spare you the photo. A series of texts later, it seems everything's OK again and no one's died. Thank God.

And so we end on a good note, endeavoring to think positive, train hard and fight easy. But I tell you, the crooks, malfeasants, psychosociopaths, scam artists and virtue-signaling mountebanks have got a lot to answer for. Will we ever know the full-scale perfidy that's been played on our nation and the world at large? I doubt it.

In the meanwhile, say a prayer that John makes a full recovery.

God bless,


Friday, May 14, 2021

A Sign


There, right there in front of me was a sign. What did it mean, was it good or bad? The TLA (Three Letter Acronym) was obviously good, but what about the numerics? Good question, and I offered one up to the Archangel, defende nos, as I drove to Made-in-China-Mart.

Where, lo and behold, was yet another valu-pak of 12 gauge for the bizarrely low cost of twenty bucks. Buy. And hold. Here's another sign.

In related news, the Peoples Currency bounded up from its recent clubbing and's fighting in the .50s. Not shabby by anyone's standards, but let's see a breakout to the swinging .60s and beyond.

Your Pal,


Thursday, May 13, 2021

Look How Great Everything Is!


Some Fool

What's your favorite thing about the way we live now, apart from adorable Shibas? Maybe you love waiting in line for gas and paying moar for food. Then again, perhaps you're excited about Wooden Top, John Kerry, being back on the national stage. 

Others love our open southern border, war in the Middle East, mandatory mask wearing and DC being turned into an armed camp to protect our beloved leaders. Who, you know, are so popular they need razor wire protection. That's why they got so many votes.

Our Beloved Leader

The list goes on, but seriously, are we in the grip of some kind of collective psychosis? A weird insanity where having a border makes you Fascist, believing in biological gender makes you a bigot, where wearing a mask, from a box which specifically tells you that the products therein don't protect you from viruses, protects you from viruses.

Apparently we are, to say nothing of our churches shutting down unlike, say, Costco, because worshiping God isn't "essential." And that's just it. The Church, writ large, should have acted as a beacon of light and truth over the last year, guiding and facilitating the most essential thing there is, the worship of God. But no. 

A Fierce Shiba

With notable exceptions, such as the Polish pastor in Calgary who was arrested the other day for holding services, the Church has been silent or complicit in what amounts to a corporate sponsored Cultural Marxist putsch. Go figure, it's been evident for decades that our heirarchs either support this or are too scared to speak out clearly against the current ideological and emotional ascendancy. 

Let's see what comes out of the other end of the meat grinder. My prediction, for what it's worth. A lot less lib churches, they shut themselves down and they'll stay shut, and those who actually believe, across the denoms, will stay standing and grow.


Church aside, who knows. But at least we can all agree that it's a beautiful thing to see our beloved rulers protected by razor wire in CAMP WASHINGTON DC.

Kyrie Eleison,




Look, cryptically named 'LSP,' you can't hit people with an evil gang music sonic attack on the Feast of the Ascension, even if it does make for an interesting musical parable of civil war and associated wickedness. 

Thus spoke the voice of reason over morning coffee on the back porch and I hit delete, such is the miracle of technology. Then the kid called in from Camp Humphreys in Korea, where he's getting ready to leave for Fort Hood in a month or so.

Part of the "out processing" involved a J&J Covid shot on Sunday, which caused such an allergic reaction that he ended up in hospital. He's recovered, thank God, and it's more than tempting to go on a rant about the evil chicanery that's overtaken us in the name of health and safety. But I won't, here's a prayer for the day instead:

GRANT, we beseech thee, Almighty God, that like as we do believe thy only-begotten Son our Lord Jesus Christ to have ascended into the heavens; so we may also in heart and mind thither ascend, and with him continually dwell, who liveth and reigneth with thee and the Holy Ghost, one God, world without end. Amen.


God bless,


Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Socialists Are So Very Awesome


And here zhe is, the Great 0 zhirself.

One of the ways you can spot a socialist is by their multi-million dollar Martha's Vineyard mansions. Because, you know, global warming's gonna raise the sea levels which is why they're investing in coastal mega homes.

Don't say hypocritical, white washed sepulcher fraud. No, check out the Intrepid Reporter on the current rumblings in France.



Notes From The Front Of The War On Weather


It's May, here in Texas, and you'd expect the kind of light and heat which promises blast furnace, frontier intensity in a month or two. But that was before we went to war against the Weather. Maybe you remember how it started, in the days of the Great 0. It was called Global Warming back then, remember?

Our planet was heating up, the ice caps were going to melt, adorable polar bears would all die and Venice, London, Martha's Vineyard, New York, Aberystwyth and Hull (What? Ed.) were going to sink beneath the waves. Unless we paid more tax, a lot moar tax.

So we went to war against the weather and paid for it too, after all, wars don't come cheap. Just ask the French who patriotically embraced daring green taxes on "Le Petrol." But that was then, this is now. Fast forward to today and the North Central Texan Front of the war.

I tell you, it's not easy, because the enemy's smart, unpredictable, the climate changes. On a dime. And it's cold in Texas today, thunder rumbles  relentlessly like the guns of Kursk and rain pours down, threatening the flimsy architecture of today's corporate sponsored, rainbow hued Marxist utopia with collapse.

Regardless, we press on, resolute in the Great Patriotic War against our Old Enemy, the Weather.

Stand Firm,