Monday, May 17, 2021

Monday Message


I was in the Compound's front office, aka "porch" when I read this, which echoed my thoughts entirely. It's presented here as a Monday Message, and a tip of the spear to LL for writing it.

Via Virtualmirage:

There are key illuminators to civilized society that can be counted on to guide or to fail to guide us upward (Matthew 5:14 – You are the light of the world). A number of them have gone out, possibly forever.

Universities were places of learning where ideas were tested, and even liberal arts had its place. Today everything is racist – everything – and students have different graduation ceremonies with tribe-over-whole. It allows people who may have not been that bright a chance to give a commencement address about how aggrieved they are.

Denigration of the Family as a key institution in society has become so routine that it’s not even news anymore. Pro-Choice is used to refer to prenatal infanticide. I heard the term “birthing person” used in place of “mother” the other day for the first time. What mother wants to be referred to a birthing person, and do you have to give birth to a baby to be its mother? There are a lot of adoptive mothers who are far more to their children than the one who gave them birth. It’s better if you are raised in a nuclear family but the FAMILY is the core of culture. As a child, sometimes you get lucky, and sometimes you don’t. Vogue calls childbearing “environmental vandalism.” They’re very woke over at Vogue.




Much has been said on this blog and others about how some of us feel that churches have let us down during the most recent plague. The government didn’t give us a voice. They worked to silence us – “wear your obedience mask, slave”. The media was silent except as an instrument of propaganda. There was a general hope that religious institutions would stand up to tyranny – crickets.

Elections…yeah. What about the republic (past tense) being the great balancing lever in society? Do you really think that the last election cycle was free and fair?

There has been general persecution of anything uplifting, of worth, of cultural value, and the government has been pushing the hateful narrative of the progressive movement. Corporations with vast wealth and power have formed a shadow government that is difficult to get your hands around. The carcass and the whore are barely figureheads. They’re jokes.


Well said. In the words of the satanist Manasseh, in Charles Williams' War in Heaven, "They build and we destroy." That in mind, we can add another line item to LL's list, the wholesale rejection of God, of Christ. He is inevitably replaced by demons, see above.

And now, by way of solace and Vespers:

Your Friend,



Paul M said...

Between you and LL I am continually edified, both in practical as well as spiritual subjects. I pray God continues his good work using you both in this manner.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

+1 Paul M

Ed Bonderenka said...

Look, I'm not pimping my blog or show here, but you might like my conversation with conservative Lutheran pastor and author Cristopher Thoma.
My pastor broadcasts as The Rockin' Rev (The Intersection) and brings something to the table.
Pastor Artur Pawlowski is another example.
Unfortunately, there are way too many pietists in the ranks.

Kid said...

As a visual, I'm seeing a black mold working its way around the world, welcomed by too many. Not sure I'd rather be as old as I am, or young enough to start slitting throats. With God's blessing of course.

Infidel de Manahatta said...

Maybe it's only a matter of time before Harry and Meghan are invited to be America's royal family. Wouldn't surprise me a bit. The public would be opposed. But as we have learned the opinion of the public doesn't matter. Our Oligarchs will it so.

Paul M said...

Ed, pimp away...always enlightening.

LSP said...

Thank you, Paul. Keep up that prayer!

LSP said...

Ed, I'm with Paul. Feel free to blast away -- I'll check it out. And, at the risk of personal PR, perhaps you'd be up for contributing a magazine article? I feel we have to band together, regardless of denom. It's hard copy but here's an online snapshot:

And yes, far too many pietists.

LSP said...

Kid, the West has gone weirdly corrupt. How much longer till it breaks, entirely? Hey, maybe there'll be a correction and a reset to sanity. Something like that seems to have happened in Russia. So.

In the meanwhile, as Regimental Commandant Chaplain (RCC Irreg.), you have my full blessing :)

LSP said...

Yes, Infidel. All hail our Ruling Oligarchy.

joydbrower said...

Beautiful selection by Rachmaninoff - thank you, LSP!!

LSP said...

I thought you'd approve, joy! Trying to make up for, ahem, "gangster" music :)

Kid said...

I never understood the hippies Parson. We had em around in the 70's and I just couldn't figure what they were on about. Had no interest in joining or befriending them. No interest.