Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Cinco de Mayo


Don't Say Devolved

We forget, perhaps, that the French were beaten by Mexicans in the last century at Puebla. Take that, so-called Napoleon III. Here at the compound we're celebrating this great victory with some tasty grilled chicken and a glass or two of white wine. 

Random Children's Book

On the other hand, Eduardo and Maria, who run a chicken operation next to the manse, aren't doing anything at all. I'm told this is typical but who knows, perhaps they're at a Tecate fest elsewhere. Power to 'em, they're good neighbors and bring me eggs.

A Shiba

In other news, the Peoples Currency went white hot yesterday, smashing through ill-prepared Bonapartite resistance at fifty cents and then surging victoriously into sixty before testing an all time high at .70. Good work, pup, this lambo's not going to buy itself!

Dog-faced crypto aside, if you want some fascinating info on narco subs check out Virtual Mirage. Value.

God bless,



MSG Grumpy said...

Happy Fifth, and Great news on Dogie,
To the Moon...
(This is so much closer for:
and with a successful landing yesterday SpaceX!

I tried buying some of the pups back when they were so over priced at a nickle,
But Vanguard denies their existence.
Much Sad, So crying, No Lambo for Grumpy

God Bless and stay safe

MSG Grumpy

Old NFO said...

Yep, it IS the 5th, funny how the Mexicans DON'T celebrate it...

Adrienne said...

I saw that about your doggie money. Good for you.

In all the years I lived in Houston I never witnessed a Mexican acknowledging the 5th - or anyone else for that matter.

New (and wonderful) vet for Frankie doggie, intermittent fasting doing wonderful things for me, and the veggie garden area almost at 100%. I feel like I could scream with joy!! I think I will...

Undergroundpewster said...

I celebrated by making chicken tika masala. I didn't want to be accused of cultural appropriation... of Mexico's culture.

LSP said...

Thanks, Grumpy.

Bad Vanguard!

I'm using Anchorusd, which is essentially a wallet and's ok for basic buy/sell but not precise enough enough to trade with, imo. But that's fine by me, just holding... for THE MOON.

And yes, who doesn't love an adorable Shiba as opposed to evil techno coins like XRP and ETH? And they're too pricey anyway. Mind you, doge seems fixed to get up there too at this rate.

Come on, pup! Let's see that lambo.

LSP said...

You'd think they would, NFO, but no. Not at all. Weird.

LSP said...

Adrienne, congrats! And what a good day here too, sun shone, birds samd, church people happy, and just good progress all 'round.

LSP said...

Whoa... Pewster... I love a good curry, I really do.

greggBC said...

This "Holiday"? was invented by American beer producers to spur sales. It has no other meaning. Shame on anyone that celebrates it.

LSP said...

gregBC, I don't drink beer in America, much, but I'm not against a good party. That said, Cinco was pretty quiet at the Compound, despite the delicious aroma of grilled chicken.