Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Filthy Beasts!

Lent, for me, involves a certain amount of fasting, self-denial, almsgiving and extra worship. It also means weapons cleaning.

The deadly assault rifle was pretty filthy. It got a good cleaning.

So did the .45.

A clean gun is a happy gun, I always think.

God bless,


Friday, February 15, 2013

Lent Begins...

I know it's two days late and several dollars short, but I hope you all had a blessed and penitential Ash Wednesday and beginning of Lent.

I'll leave you with some Eliot, from Ash Wednesday:

Lady of silences 
Calm and distressed 
Torn and most whole 
Rose of memory 
Rose of forgetfulness 
Exhausted and life-giving 
Worried reposeful 
The single Rose 
Is now the Garden 
Where all loves end 
Terminate torment 
Of love unsatisfied 
The greater torment 
Of love satisfied
 End of the endless 
Journey to no end 
Conclusion of all that 
Is inconclusible 
Speech without word and 
Word of no speech 
Grace to the Mother 
For the Garden 
Where all love ends.

Reads like a Litany, I always think. CS. Lewis hated TS Eliot's poetry, apparently. I like both.

God bless,


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Vladimir Putin, The New Constantine?

Vladimir Putin, former officer in the dreaded KGB and ruler of Russia, has pronounced strongly in favor of the Orthodox Church and faith itself, stating that the Church should have greater involvement in family life, education and the armed forces.

"The Russian Orthodox Church and other traditional religions should get every opportunity to fully serve in such important fields as the support of family and motherhood, the upbringing and education of children, youth, social development, and to strengthen the patriotic spirit of the armed forces," said Putin during celebrations marking the fourth anniversary of Patriarch Kirill’s accession. Putin went on to denounce “primitive secularism”, which he compared unfavorably to “patriotism, faith and strength of spirit.”

Encouraged by state support of the Church, Patriarch Kirill has described Putin’s governance as a “miracle of God.”

In America, by contrast, Christian prayer is outlawed in state run schools.

Milvian Bridge

Would that make Obama Maxentius to Putin's Constantine?

Just asking.


Monday, February 11, 2013

Pope Resigns!

Pope Benedict XVI, de facto leader of Christendom, has resigned due to ill health. He was hated, scorned and despised by celebrity atheists, assorted culture of death libs and deranged Chick Tract protestants. Why? Mostly because he had the temerity to be a Catholic Christian. Well go figure.

that's the style
I thought he was outstanding, but now I'm scared. Who will follow? Peter the Roman?

Let's hope not.


Saturday, February 9, 2013

Just A Shot Away


Sometimes what I do is get on the highway in the rain and the dark and wind up Gimme Shelter full volume  on the truck's basic but powerful jukebox. Armed?

fighting monkey armed with club

Ask the monkey.

Fierce beasts, fighting monkeys and that, readers, is just the way it is.


Friday, February 8, 2013

Mexican Breakfast Hot Spot!

Country life isn't just about field sports. No, sometimes it involves a short ride in the truck to the town square and a visit to Montes.

Montes makes a fine Mexican breakfast and I usually get Huevos Rancheros, which I eat while listening to their eclectic mix of  Latino House and assorted "pop." 

I like the Montes hot sauce; a sure-fire cure for a bad tooth, in case you wondered. The re-fried beans, fried potatoes and eggs over easy on corn tortillas aren't half bad either.

Down Town!

Huevos Rancheros done, I'm all setup for another day in the Mission Field. If you're ever in town, check out Montes, it's pretty much what we have by way of a restaurant and I give it three, maybe four, diner stars out of five.

all about the pickup

In other news, I notice Germany, and several other countries are repatriating their gold from the New York Fed. The Fed has told their German friends that they can have their gold back, don't worry!, in seven years. Surely, we tell ourselves, it's all there... You can read all about it somewhere on ZeroHedge.



Tuesday, February 5, 2013

And Another Thing...

just kick him in the face

The Egyptian has asked:

"you around or did a horse kick you in the head?"

Interesting point. I'd know nothing about that kind of thing, whatsoever.

Stay on the horse,


And They're Back!!

mindless freaks

There I was, all innocent, standing on the runway of YYC waiting for take-off, then it was touchdown at DFW and... I lost all inclination to post. Perhaps it was because of the endless stream of Piers "Oh What A Total Loser" Morgan PR on the TV. Maybe it was because of the depressing effect of NO AMMO to be had, but whatever the reason, the mood has passed and Team LSP is back online. And back with a vengeance.

the Boss

Expect God.

just an old Lee

Expect Guns.

getting it right

Expect Church.

ride more, all of you

Expect Country Life.

Bear Cav

And maybe some Bear Cav shots, perhaps the odd food review, and who knows, even the odd side-swipe against the New World Order and their elitist dupe sycophants. All that to say nothing of our ongoing struggle to expose the space creature alien takeover of tiny little ACoC (Anglican Church of Canada) and their wealthy patron, TEC (The Episcopal Church).

demented space creature

So stay tuned and keep squeezing the trigger if you're fortunate enough to have any bullets.