Saturday, July 31, 2021

Devil People


Via NFO:

So he’s a dementia patient who is under a very public regime of elder abuse, with a brain dead wife who wants to be called doctor but thinks cardboard hearts will heal the country; followed by a clueless hooker who cackles when nervous…which is all the time because she has no clue what she’s doing; they have a doctor who is caught lying about everything, pretends it doesn’t matter, doubles down on debunked science to push experimental drugs for his own profit.

A bunch of pretend representatives who demand peons submit to national socialism while they are given free reign to spend insurmountable amounts of other peoples money; all while silently swapping national socialism for militarized dictatorship using “mostly peaceful protests” to prove the peons cannot govern themselves or the legal system. With a whole bunch of people who rigged elections, got caught, pretend it didn’t happen, then fight like it’s armageddon to keep people from seeing what is already known and when that fails start screaming about those evil, national terrorists known as white people.

Teachers are refusing to go to work until they can freely teach children that its okay for adult to groom them for sexual assault, to take life changing drugs before their bodies are fully developed, that only white people should be judged on the color of their skin and not the content of their character, that their parents should never be told what is being done and said to them, and that lowest common denominator isn’t low enough, we must aim lower because…race, 12 trillion “genders”, and more race.

Straight people are the devil. White people are the devil. Christians and Jews are the devil. Heterosexual family dynamics are the devil. Men (oh wait sorry, penis owning persons) are the devil. Americans are the devil. Capitalists are the devil. Hard workers are the devil. Free thinkers are the devil. People who know their rights are the super devil. Un-vaccinated people are the super devil murdering klan. People who believe the wrong science are the devil. People who ask questions are the devil. People who don’t want to “circle back” and demand answers now, are the devil. (I’m sure I missed a few). Devil people aren’t real people. We have no empathy for devil people.

Devil people should be locked away from real people, used for labor, for experiments. Devil people shouldn’t have rights. Devil people should be marked so real people know not to trust them, not to let them into schools, hospitals, public places, their lives. Devil people need to be removed from being a drain on society. Something quick, cheap and efficient.

All with the world’s most powerful propaganda wing proclaiming these are all good and right things. This is what America was meant to be, but those evil white men screwed it up, They even used the wrong birthday for the nation right? We’re all supposed to be okay with this, support this, bow to this, or we will be devil people.

But hey everyone, not to worry. The really mean orange guy who wrote all those mean scary tweets, and made you question how an outsider broke the establishment is gone. I mean really, how could we ever live with those mean tweets!



I'll leave you to scry out the demons, but remember kids, it's all a larf 'til you wake up in a Wicker Man and it's on fire.

Your Pal,


Vatican Grindr


Imagine yourself in Vatican City, the veritable hub of the Roman Catholic Church; the pilothouse, if you like, of the Ark of Salvation herself. So what do you do on those odd moments in between drafting concordats with the Chinese Communist Party or blasting the Latin Mass? Hook up on gay sex apps like Grindr, obviously.

No kidding, reports are coming in about about Vatican City Grindrs. Here's The Pillar:

...during a period of 26 weeks in 2018, at least 32 mobile devices emitted serially occurring hookup or dating app data signals from secured areas and buildings of the Vatican ordinarily inaccessible to tourists and pilgrims. 

At least 16 mobile devices emitted signals from the hookup app Grindr on at least four days between March to October 2018 within the non-public areas of the Vatican City State, while 16 other devices showed use of other location-based hookup or dating apps, both heterosexual and homosexual, on four or more days in the same time period.

The data set assessed by The Pillar is commercially available and contains location and usage information which users consent to be collected and commercialized as a condition of using the app.

Extensive location-based hookup or dating app usage is evident within the walls of Vatican City, in restricted areas of St. Peter’s Basilica, inside Vatican City government and Holy See’s administration buildings including those used by the Vatican’s diplomatic staff, in residential buildings, and in the Vatican Gardens, both during daytime hours and overnight.  


Not very wholesome, is it, and more than that it's a security risk because Grindr was owned by a Chinese firm, Kunlun Tech, at the time of the reported, ahem, emissions.  Surely that wouldn't have anything whatsoever to do with Pope Francis' kowtowing to the CCP in 2018, ceding effective control of the Catholic Church in China to atheist Communists.

Don't say blackmail and homosexual hierarchy, or ask yourself if the smoke of Satan has entered the walls of the Church. In the meanwhile, brave Christians are being persecuted for their faith in China and the Vatican's silent. Perhaps they're too busy on their phones.

H/T Adrienne,


Friday, July 30, 2021

Fish On


There you are, sitting on the porch. It's hot, and you've prayed the morning Office, walked to the Pick 'n Steal, drunk that 20 ounce Yeti tumbler of coffee, checked the news and wondered if "hell in a handbasket" isn't too mild. So what to do? Go fishing, of course.

And that's what happened, put those CDC Stasi guidelines in your knapsack and head off to the water, to what used to be a Cretaceous sea. 20 minutes later, there I was, casting off from the prehistoric reef, sun beating down with ferocious intensity. Would the fish bite?

Sure enough they did, round about Midday. Pretty much every cast a fish, and all Perch/Bluegill, some of them large and full of fight. In fact, they were all full of fight and I lost count. Great result. Then, just as I was beginning to melt, a fierce, predatory tug. Drag out, rod double, what's this? A good sized Bass, in you come.

Walking back to the truck meant walking over countless fossils, the crystallized relics of our primeval past. There they were, frozen in stone, under the glare of a Texan sun. Imagine, if you can, a series of great reefs, breaking up a sea which stretched from the Gulf of Mexico to Austin and beyond. Or something like that.

Above it glided Pterosaurs and in the water, ferocious beasts. Perhaps today's fish are their descendants, they're certainly fierce enough. In other news, some pals are fishing in the sea, off some island. Blessed are ye poor.

Tight Lines,


Thursday, July 29, 2021

I Am The Bread Of Life


"I am the bread of life," says Christ in the sixth chapter of John's Gospel. It's a remarkable statement. Jesus claims that he is the spiritual food which came down from heaven, sent by his Father. That he is true manna, "not such as your fathers ate and died, he who eats this bread will live forever." 

He, Jesus, is the very food which endures for everlasting life, the fulfillment and embodiment of the Law represented by the 5 loaves of the miracle performed the day before. 

He is the glory of God which passed by Moses, who was hidden by God in a cleft in the rock, and spoke through the unquenchable fire of the burning bush. He is now unveiled, present, incarnate, "and we beheld His glory, a glory as of an only begotten from the Father, full of grace and truth." Glory that's given to us in sacrifice for our atonement on the Cross, "the bread which I shall give for the life of the world is my flesh."

Bread which we receive by faith, “This is the work of God, that you believe in him whom he has sent.” And that's just it. Do we dare to believe, to put our humble, perhaps desperate and fearful faith in the Son of Man who came down from heaven that we might live. To put it another way. Do we labor for earthly food, for bread and power, or for the heavenly food which is the life of God himself? 

Christ faced this temptation in the wilderness and answered Satan, "Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word which proceeds from the mouth of God." He said no to "all the kingdoms of the world and the glories therein," and went to the Cross, which became his throne. He invites us to do the same, "take up your cross," so that we, in him, will have life, divine life.

Of course you might want to choose bread and power instead, thus cunningly marking yourself with the number of the beast. Your call, good luck. But remember, it's all a Big Pharma congressional larf until you wake up and a demon's gnawing on your inner thigh.

God bless,


Wednesday, July 28, 2021



Do you feel we're living at the very end of an age? That in mind, let's hear it for Procul  Harum. Grand Hotel, what an album. And it reminds me of a South African Latin teacher who used to command us to strike our heads against 18th C desks if we messed up vocab tests.

"I like Harum and Purple," he'd exclaim. "Strike your head against the desk ten times. Harder." Well, it was the '70s.





A Roman Catholic friend sent this in:

I just got an "effective immediately, until further notice" from my parish:

To help avoid a Covid exposure at the parish, which could result in the church closing for 10 days, and based on current guidance from the Centers for Disease Control, the Clark County Health Department, and the Chancery Offices at the Archdiocese of Seattle:

Based on current guidance from the Centers for Disease Control, the Clark County Health Department, and the Chancery Offices at the Archdiocese of Seattle, St. John the Evangelist asks all individuals visiting the parish campus to wear a face mask at all times. This is regardless of vaccination status and is effective immediately. We realize this is disappointing, but with everyone's cooperation, understanding, patience and - most importantly - concern for our fellow human beings, we here at St John can be part of the solution in stemming the spread of Covid-19. Thank you, God bless, and stay healthy! 

I'm so mad at this irrational stupidity I could spit nails.  Fired off a note to my parish with solid facts of why this was not needed, and got back a note that said " Out of love and respect for all our fellow human beings and following the guidance of the CDC, the Clark County Health Dept, and the Archdiocese of Seattle"   

Told them to spare me the "Out of love and respect"  bull shit.



Exactly. Out of love and respect bull shit. Behold the gurning, despotic face of our new biomed, corporate sponsored rainbow tyranny. That the Church would be complicit is, to me, outrageous if predictable. 

Be that as it may, imagine your overlords laughing at you, the masked serf, from their private islands and private jets, all in the name of "science," while their masked servants offer them deliciously cooling ice cream.

Just a thought,


Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Taking Care Of Business


A busy morning. Get up, feed the Blue, make hot tea, enjoy that tea on the back porch while scanning the news, say Morning Prayer, you might say "Mattins," walk to the Pick 'n Steal, observe a new iteration of the Meth Shack, get back to the Compound, answer emails and then... drive over to Tom's Tire to get your rig inspected.

You have to do it every year, the State demands it, and we must obey. But it's no big deal, just 7 bucks and an excuse to go to Montes for a delicious brisket burrito. Tasty and then some. Next stop? 

A dinosaur museum, conveniently next to the diner. It used to be a filling station and then something else, followed by something else, and something else again, amounting to yet another vacant, asset stripped country lot. But now it's a dinosaur museum. 

I ambled over, pleasantly aglow with brisket and homemade tortilla's, only to be ambushed by a fit young fella with a dinosaur T and a Ho Chi Minh, obviously a paleontologist. "What's up, man!" he asked. I looked him straight in his expensively rimless glasses and asked, right on the nail, "Is this museum open?" To be fair, it rarely is, and he said yes, step straight on in, which I did.

What a great little museum! Big fossils of the ferocious beasts that used to roam North Central Texas, and small fossils too, to say nothing of aboriginal artifacts. These, if you know where to look, which I mostly don't, can be found by the boxfull here in Hill and Bosque counties. How old are they? Good question.

Museum over, collect the rig, get it registered, go to the 1st Inconvenience Bank and then to the lake. I won't lie, it was quite chilly, only about 100*. Is it too hot to fish when your eyelids start dropping sweat on the inside of your cunningly polarized glasses? Hardly, all the more incentive to carry on regardless.

4 Blue Gill later it was time to head home, in yet another episode of being glad to be in Texas.

Your Old Pal,


Monday, July 26, 2021


I feel this relevant,


Cooking With LSP

Typical Cooking Kukri

Ah yes, cooking with LSP, that tired old trope. Tired! No, this is a recipe that's ever old and ever new, equally at home in the wintry wastes of Northern England and the oven intense heat of a Texan summer. (Stop it, I'm warning you. Ed.). OK, here it is, Cottage Pie, and it starts at the grill.

A Grill

You know how it goes. Grill up some 80/20 burgers, yes they're delicious, eat half, freeze the rest, repeat. A week or so later open the freezer and behold the frozen medium rare, seared patties. Defrost the icy offerings and chop up an onion, celery, and a carrot. Saute the veg for a few minutes until it smells and looks right. You'll know, then add a clove or more of minced garlic. I prefer more, you may not, no rule.

Add  Some Flour, It's Not Hard

Next add the meat, stir it 'round, break it up, and simmer on medium high 'til it looks right, as in browned. Perhaps you think that's a sly, racist, reference to POCs. It's not, we're just talking cooking. Meat and veg together as one, add 1/4 cup of flour. 

Chuck it in, don't be afraid, then mix in 4 tbs of tomato paste, 1/2 cup of cheap as you like red wine, 2 cups of beef broth, 1 tsp Thyme, 2 dried Bay Leaves, 2 tbs Worcestershire Sauce, salt, pepper and chili powder to taste. Alright, the chili's not trad, but I like it, and I'm willing to bet that dry English mustard wouldn't go amiss either. Anyway...

Simmer Down!

Simmer this beast until the sauce reaches desired consistency. I let it run on medium high, stirring occasionally, until the oil and sauce start to separate, as in Bolognese or curry. Your call, just don't leave off in a fit of weakness and find yourself with a watery sauce. That's an error.

Just Enough Potatoes

Sauce/gravy achieved, take it off the heat and let it cool down. This will, maybe, prevent the filling of the pie from seeping into its mashed potato top. Not a disaster if it does, but better if it doesn't; preserve the integrity of the pie, as we should the electoral process itself.

Most Awesome

Potatoes mashed, cover the sauce with the creamy spuds, sprinkle with Parmesan or some other cheese, grind pepper over the thing, add a tbs of butter or olive oil, and put it in the oven at 350 until golden brown. Perhaps you want to texture the mashed potato top, maybe add a slogan. Up to you, some say it makes for a better pie.

Cottage Pie

Kick back for 30 minutes, have a glass of wine, sharpen a kukri,  load magazines, clean weapons, whatever, then take the pie out of the oven, let it rest, and fall upon your scoff.

Like a Warrior,


Sunday, July 25, 2021

Rock Apes


When you think Rock Ape your mind instantly goes to the RAF Regiment, but not so fast. Rock Apes, Batatuts or Nguoi Rung, people of the forest, are evidently a form of apelike, bipedal cryptid living in the jungles of far east Asia. Travelling in packs, the apemen would attack US patrols along the Cambodia/Laos border. A veteran states:

Rock apes are the real thing. I saw a band of them up on "Carlie Ridge" in Quang Nam Province in the spring of 1970. It was nightfall and I saw them through a Starlite scope. 10-15 of them headed away from us up a steep incline. They weren't VC because they walked as a pack side by side in the jungle and not in a military type line. They all looked to be very broad bodied and up to 5 ft tall.


He was lucky, Nguoi Rung were allegedly known to hurl rocks at people invading their territory and attack potential aggressors with utter, apelike ferocity. There were apparently so many sightings towards the end of the war that the Communist Vietnamese Party sent scientists to investigate.

One, Dr. Vo Quy from Hanoi, discovered footprints and made a cast of the imprint, which was wider than a human foot and too big for an ape. Another expert, Tran Hong Viet, discovered similar prints in 1982, in remote jungle.

Witnesses report that Rock Apes grow up to 5' in height, are covered with brown fur, broad shouldered and show no fear, or very little, of humans. It's suggested their remote location accounts for this; having never met the ferocity of Homo Sapiens, the apemen attacked in ignorance. Or, possibly, they regarded seemingly weaker humans as easy prey.

Regardless, some of the few people who read this mind blog have been to those jungles. Have you seen or heard of these creatures? There's plenty of evidence that they're there, and I feel that they're possibly living fossils, like Coelacanths but hominins, remnants of our evolutionary tree, alive today. Or not.

Your Call,


Saturday, July 24, 2021

The Age Of Man


It's commonly accepted that modern man, Homo Sapiens, evolved in Africa in a Kenyan garden of Eden around 350,000 BC (Pleistocene) and spread out from there, eventually reaching Europe around 40,000 BC, and the America's some 30,000 years later across the Bering Strait land bridge.


All well and good, and the schema runs something like this: Ancient apes evolve into smarter apes, who evolve into still smarter apes, until over millions of years you get apelike semi-humans, hominins. Then, at last, in the middle Pleistocene, Homo Sapiens arrives, following on from Homo Erectus. The latter being the "missing link" between us and the ape people of prehistory.

Eoliths, which you can see are clearly not shaped in any way at all

It sounds good, but what if stone tools were found dating to a far earlier period in the earth's history, say the Miocene (23-5 million years BC), in the earth's Tertiary? What's more, tools which were indistinguishable from their counterparts in East Africa (Olduvai) in the Pleistocene some million years later. Or, for that matter, from stone tools made by modern humans, in Africa and elsewhere.

Yet More Ancient Stone

Without getting down in the weeds in an admittedly complex and fractious subject, what if Homo Sapiens is far older than currently thought, and existed with hominins for many hundreds of thousands of years, perhaps interbreeding, as we apparently did with Neanderthals? What then.

Out of Africa?

All the history books would have to be rewritten, for a start, and dates pushed back much further. More seriously, the process and theory of evolution itself would come under question. As opposed to something gradual, taking place in tiny increments over thousands of years, we'd be faced by the sudden emergence of rational man at a very early date. 


Gradualism to catastrophism? Perhaps. Maybe the same impetus that drove the explosion of megafauna after the cataclysmic demise of the dinosaurs drove the remarkable rise of our early human cousins and humanity itself. Then again, can intelligence evolve into reason? C.S. Lewis, famously, says no, the two are qualitatively different.


In the meanwhile, here at the Compound, sweet and sour pork's on the menu.

Bifacial Chipped Flint Forever,


Friday, July 23, 2021

Kill Shot?


Via Intrepid Reporter:

ALL... of the infected are vaccinated... These reports could be an early sign of ADE, Antibody-Dependent Enhanced breakthrough infections. This would potentially be really bad...



In order to make sure there's a BIG wipeout later, they made and designed a NonVax, and have been using it to start the process. They used the fear factor to get as many people on board as possible, and set a date to 'trigger' it off. Reason I say that is, they're currently freaking the fuck out because ONLY 56% is supposedly vaxxed. And right now? Part of the freakout is that the naturally occurring mutation (Delta Variant) is starting to activate the kill shot too early.



In The Heat of The Day


What is it they say, only mad dogs, Englishmen, and members of tactical signals brigades go out in the noonday sun. Or something like that, and it's what we did, the mission being to catch some fish even if it was 100 degrees in the shade.

Sure enough they were on and before you could say Das Kapital, perch were snapping and tugging at the lines like the voracious predators they are. I pulled out a couple of fierce little beasts, looked over at the kid and boom, something slammed into his hook and it was rod double, drag out action. No fooling.

What was this monster, a cat, a bass, an enormous drum? No, it was a dinner plate sized blue gill, perhaps a Zeta Variant, and easily the best fish of the day. What a great result. Then, after another hour or so of catching we started to melt and headed for home, a good afternoon at the water well spent.

In other news, the Pope's attacking the Latin Mass. There are two classes of being which hate Latin, schoolboys and Satan.

Fish on,


Thursday, July 22, 2021

Mary Magdalene

It's the Feast of St. Mary Magdalene today, who was exorcized of seven devils. We see her in the Gospels at the foot of the Cross and she's the first person to witness Christ's resurrection. In the West, she's held to be the "sinner" in Luke 7:36-50, and the sister of Martha and Lazarus.

The Eastern church believes she retired to Ephesus and lived with the Virgin Mary until her death. St. Gregory of Tours supports this view, but there's another tradition, in which the saint travels to France with Martha, Lazarus, Maximin and others, following the execution of James in Jerusalem. Between them, they convert Provence, with Lazarus and Maximin becoming bishops.

New Advent says this:

When the time of her death arrived she was carried by angels to Aix and into the oratory of St. Maximinus, where she received the viaticum; her body was then laid in an oratory constructed by St. Maximinus at Villa Lata, afterwards called St. Maximin. History is silent about these relics till 745, when according to the chronicler Sigebert, they were removed to Vézelay through fear of the Saracens. No record is preserved of their return, but in 1279, when Charles II, King of Naples, erected a convent at La Sainte-Baume for the Dominicans, the shrine was found intact, with an inscription stating why they were hidden. In 1600 the relics were placed in a sarcophagus sent by Clement VIII, the head being placed in a separate vessel. In 1814 the church of La Sainte-Baume, wrecked during the Revolution, was restored, and in 1822 the grotto was consecrated afresh. The head of the saint now lies there, where it has lain so long, and where it has been the centre of so many pilgrimages.


What do I believe? The Ephesus story is more prosaic, perhaps more attune to the spirit of the age. But Provence is romantic, miraculous, and chivalric, so I choose that. You might think otherwise, no rule.

Mary Magdalene, pray for us.

God bless,


Wednesday, July 21, 2021

I'm Covid Confused


Would That be a Carbon Spewing Private  Charter Jet?

I'm confused, Covid confused. We've been bombarded, especially by Democrats, with a barrage of wearing masks is very important because it protects us and others from the deadly Bat Bug. In fact, it's so important that it's federally mandated for air travel. 

Wear a mask or die or kill your loved one, runs the compelling line. Same with getting vaxxed. Get that salvation vax or you'll get the Kung Flu and die, you might even kill someone else in the process. It's like a civic duty.

If Only

That in mind, why did a crew of Democrats fly from Texas to DC without masks and why have six(?) of them, despite being fully vaxxed, come down with the China Virus? That doesn't make any sense, do you see my confusion? 

I don't men to be obtuse, but if masks were important, as the Democrat Mile High Club insists they are, how come they aren't all masked up? Strange, right. And if the all important vax works, how come vaxxed people, see Israel and Democrat jetsetters et al, get the deadly disease despite burning incense on the altar of Big Pharma?


It's strange, isn't it. Let's rephrase the conundrum with a riddle. If anthropocentric climate change is so deadly as to melt ice caps and flood the coastal regions of fragile planet earth, why are the champions of the green crusade buying seafront mansions.

Appalling Bad Taste

Could it be that our elite transnational overlords know something we can only guess at? Don't say Soylent Green. In the meanwhile, mask up, vax up, and OBEY.

Your Old Friend,


Sunday, July 18, 2021

A Short Sunday Evening Reflection


In today's Gospel, Mark 6:30-44, we saw Christ miraculously multiply loaves and fish to feed 5000, a physical feast which points to a heavenly one. The elements of the miracle are telling.

5 loaves for the 5 books of the Law given by God to Moses on Sinai, the law of righteousness and love spoken to by the Prophets. And so there are two fish, for the twofold summary of the divine commandments, to love God and neighbor, as enunciated by Moses and Elijah, the Law and the Prophets.

This Law is fulfilled in Christ, he is the love of God incarnate, righteousness itself, so the bread and fish ultimately represent him. Jesus, the bread of life, will miraculously feed the people of the new covenant with himself, he does so in the Eucharist. I found this helpful, from Benedict XVI:

The dual commandment to love God and neighbor encloses the two aspects of a sole dynamism of the heart and of life. Jesus thus achieves the ancient revelation, not in adding an unedited commandment, but by realizing in himself and in his own salvific action the living synthesis of the two great words of the old covenant: “You will love your God the Lord with all your heart …” and “you will love your neighbor as yourself” (cf. Deuteronomy 6:5; Leviticus 19:18).

In the Eucharist, we contemplate the sacrament of this living synthesis of the law: Christ gives us, with himself, the full realization of the love for God and the love for our brothers. And this love of his, he communicates to us when we are nourished by his Body and his Blood. This is when what St. Paul wrote to the Thessalonians in today’s reading is achieved: “You broke with the worship of false gods and became the servants of the living and true God” (1 Thessalonians 1:9). This conversion is the beginning of the path of holiness that the Christian is called to achieve in his own existence.


You broke with the worship of false gods and became servants of the living and true God. This conversion is the beginning of the path of holiness that the Christian is called to achieve in his own existence. Yes indeed.

God bless,


Saturday, July 17, 2021

Some Kind of Cult?


I'm beginning to wonder.

Is this some kind of...

Bipartisan, across the aisle...


Disturbing, isn't it.