Thursday, July 1, 2021

The West is Best


I like the town of West, population 2,860. It's the Czech capital of Texas and justifiably famous for its kolaches. Pull off I35 on the way to or from Waco and get some, worth the stop. But that's not all, there's plenty of bars, see LL's franchise, and restaurants, which gives the place a happy, small town country vibe.

Plenty of Hardware, no Bullets

But I wasn't there for that, I was after ammo at True Value, which is a hardware store that sells guns and ammunition. At least it did, and even in the days of the infamous Obama bullet shortage this store was always stocked with ammo at normal prices. Maybe history would repeat itself, I walked through the door to find out.

Looking West

No. A few rifles, mostly Henry levers, nice, but hardly any bullets and what there was wasn't affordable. A solitary 500 round "value pack" of .22 LR for $80? Sorry, guys, not gonna do it. The pleasant young Czechoslovakian woman behind the counter apologized, "I'm sorry, nothing is normal now." I agreed, and we looked each other in the eye, "Ain't that the truth." A meeting of minds, for sure, but no bullets.

West is Catholic And Has More Fun Than Other Towns

So I headed back down the speedway deathtrap that is I35, and in a few short minutes was back in the rural haven of the County Seat itself. At its Walmart, in fact. Maybe this evil Chinese incursion onto US sovereign land would have bullets.

A Typical West Street Scene

Sure enough, there they were! Boxes of 12 and 20 gauge, .22 LR, .22 Mini Mag, .22 WMR and .17 HMR, and all at normal price. Shocked and astounded, I bought three 50 round boxes of CCI .22 WMR to go through the Marlin I don't have, and looked at a Savage bull barrel .17. Nice looking gun for 212 bucks, then again, so were the levers at True Value. Hmmm.

Look at Those Bad Boys!

And that was that, a short excursion into ammoland in North Central Texas. Now it's time for Hamburgers, to celebrate the victory of it all.

Shoot straight,



Old NFO said...

Woot! A FIND!!! :-)

LSP said...

NFO, a great TRIUMPH. I'll go back tomorrow morning for.22 LR, before it's gone.

drjim said...

As said the guy who commented on soccer games.....SCOOOOOOOOOOORE!!!!!

LL said...

When you go to the Wolf bar, tell the bartender that I sent you. You're sure to get a discount.

LL said...

What brought the Czechs to West? There must be some industry that they served - at least at some point.

Bob said...

I may have to visit and check out that Dali mural. Dance from 1 to 6 eh? What happens after 6? Maybe if I was one of them single guys.. 22's might be worth the trip though.

Wild, wild west said...

I am congenitally unable to pass thru West without a visit at the Czech Stop for kolache and other good things. Yum.

L-L: there was a huge migration of Czech and German immigrants into Central Texas and the Hill Country in the 1800's. Farmers/ranchers/merchants mostly. They brought their culture with them and you can still find and enjoy it without looking very hard. It was a most beneficial invasion, unlike the current unpleasantness. Oh well.

SgtBob said...

A few years back my wife and I were on our way to San Antonio for a Vietnam reunion. My wife found Walburg several winding miles from Waco, where our motel was. What a place. The restaurant, German of course, was great. Good food, good service and we were there on a night when song writers were up from Austin, remembering the real Texas. Good entertainment. German immigrants brought accordions and polka beat to Texas, and combined with Mexican music made a branch of music only from Texas.

LSP said...

drjim, YES!

LSP said...

LL, I'll be sure to do that, and WWW answers the question, I'd say.

LSP said...

Bob, let's meet up for a shoot if you pass through. Always welcome.

LSP said...

unlike the current unpleasantness.

Right with you, WWW.

LSP said...

Never been to Walburg, Sgt. But now I'll go.