Saturday, July 31, 2021

Vatican Grindr


Imagine yourself in Vatican City, the veritable hub of the Roman Catholic Church; the pilothouse, if you like, of the Ark of Salvation herself. So what do you do on those odd moments in between drafting concordats with the Chinese Communist Party or blasting the Latin Mass? Hook up on gay sex apps like Grindr, obviously.

No kidding, reports are coming in about about Vatican City Grindrs. Here's The Pillar:

...during a period of 26 weeks in 2018, at least 32 mobile devices emitted serially occurring hookup or dating app data signals from secured areas and buildings of the Vatican ordinarily inaccessible to tourists and pilgrims. 

At least 16 mobile devices emitted signals from the hookup app Grindr on at least four days between March to October 2018 within the non-public areas of the Vatican City State, while 16 other devices showed use of other location-based hookup or dating apps, both heterosexual and homosexual, on four or more days in the same time period.

The data set assessed by The Pillar is commercially available and contains location and usage information which users consent to be collected and commercialized as a condition of using the app.

Extensive location-based hookup or dating app usage is evident within the walls of Vatican City, in restricted areas of St. Peter’s Basilica, inside Vatican City government and Holy See’s administration buildings including those used by the Vatican’s diplomatic staff, in residential buildings, and in the Vatican Gardens, both during daytime hours and overnight.  


Not very wholesome, is it, and more than that it's a security risk because Grindr was owned by a Chinese firm, Kunlun Tech, at the time of the reported, ahem, emissions.  Surely that wouldn't have anything whatsoever to do with Pope Francis' kowtowing to the CCP in 2018, ceding effective control of the Catholic Church in China to atheist Communists.

Don't say blackmail and homosexual hierarchy, or ask yourself if the smoke of Satan has entered the walls of the Church. In the meanwhile, brave Christians are being persecuted for their faith in China and the Vatican's silent. Perhaps they're too busy on their phones.

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Dad of Six said...

The Rhine flowed into the Tiber and left us a ghey, faithless RC hierarchy. Kyrie Eleison!

With Msgr Burrill resigning as the General Secretary of the USCCB due to The Pillar's investigation into his ghey lifestyle, we now have Bishop William Patrick Callahan of LaCrosse, Wisconsin in a conundrum. He is the Monsignor's bishop. Will Bishop Callahan remove Msgr Burrill's faculties like he did to Father Altman's? Enquiring minds want to know.

Infidel de Manahatta said...

"Latin Mass? Evil!" - Pope Francis.

"Homosexual priests? Who am I to judge" - Also Pope Francis.

Justin_O_Guy said...

Entered? Satan entered, was welcomed and shielded as he set up camp decades ago. When I was eleven or twelve, reading the front page of the Houston paper I saw more than one article about a priest being
Punished by the church by being forced to move. I wondered, are no cops reading this? Why isn't this guy being arrested? I'm still wondering how they get away with it and WHY do people give money to a church that has used Millions of dollars to pay victims of sexual abuse?

LSP said...

DOS, I won't say Rainbow Mafia.

LSP said...

Infidel, it seems the enemy's not only within the gates but on the throne itself.

LSP said...

Good call, Justin. But let's not forget that bit about the gates of Hell.