Thursday, July 15, 2021

Clean It Up


Some shooters have White Lightnings, others have Silver Pigeons and more besides, and I won't say they aren't awesome, because they are. But here at the Compound it's pretty much basic budget guns, and they're alright too, provided they work. Which they do, thank God, but here's the thing.

Unless you clean the gun, no matter how pricey it is, even if it's made by the finest gunsmiths by appointment to the Crowned Heads of Europe or Saudi Arabia or the Bush/Clinton crime family or the Great Xi himself, well they're not gonna work if they're not cared for.

So clean those guns even if they're "workhorses" and hardly about to grace a Beretta Gallery. Admonition in mind, I went to work, all the while checking the news to see what was up in the world. 

Disaster! Lo and behold, since the team went fishing and shooting, South Africa collapsed, Cuba took to the streets, the French rioted along with the Greeks and we have to ask, is the disorder spreading? Maybe we should shoot and fish less?

Smart people are cleaning guns.




Old NFO said...

A clean gun is good for the soul! And ready to go if needed!!! :-)

RHT447 said...

And the demorats fled Texas. Can't wait to see what happens next time you venture out. Soon, I hope. You may be on to something. Arizona awaits.

LSP said...


LSP said...

Yes, RHT, off they fled. Must obviously get out more!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

After cleaning comes lubrication. All my firearms lost in horrible Horsetooth Reservoir boating accident were lubricated with Slipstream.

When youngest son was in Afghanistan with the 1/4th Infantry I sent some to him. Soon after came a request, almost a demand, for more. I was happy to so so.