Monday, August 31, 2020

Time To Die



Was Hitler Possessed?

Was Adolf Hitler possessed? The famous exorcist Fr. Gabriel Amorth certainly thought so. "If one thinks of what was committed by people like Stalin or Hitler, certainly they were possessed by the devil," Amorth told Vatican Radio in 2006, "This is seen in their actions, in their behavior and in the horrors they committed."

No doubt, by their fruits ye shall know them, but is there a smoking occult gun linking the Fuhrer to the world of evil spirits? There might well be. The DAP (German Workers Party) which Hitler took over and transformed into the NSDAP (National Socialist Workers Party) was founded and sponsored by the Thule Society. What did they believe?


The society's members were ariosophists, hermeticist ritual magicians who believed that an advanced and superior race of Aryans with psychic power had once existed in Thule, the mythical homeland of the Tuetons. This race would once again rise and rule under the impetus of a Leader, at least according to the seer dramatist Deitrich Ekhart.

After World War I, Hitler fell under the influence Eckhart in Munich and the mystic was suitably impressed, “There is the coming man of Germany of whom the world one day will speak.” Again, as Eckhart was dying before the future Fuhrer's rise to power, “Follow Hitler. He will dance, but it is I who have written the music. Don’t mourn for me: I shall have had more influence on the course of history than any other German.” And influence he had, Hitler dedicated Mein Kampf to his mentor.


So yes, Hitler certainly had ties to an occult, pagan organization, as did many of the early Beer Hall Putsch Nazis. Rudolf Hess, Heinrich Himmler, Hans Frank, Goering and others, all Thulists or friends. 

Granted, Hitler soon expunged Thule from the Party they set up and he took over, but is it going too far to suggest that the spirit of the thing, literally, continued and grew in strength, not least in the leader of the doomed Reich, who brought down the world in flames and shot himself in a bunker as Russian shells fell on his position.

Some believe they've captured the voice of Hitler from beyond the grave via EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena). In one short recording, which Google seems to have removed, the "coming one" describes his time as, "We were living in a bad compote."

Living in a bad compote. Reflect, gentle readers, there's something very hellish in that.

God bless,


Sunday, August 30, 2020

How Stupid Are You?

Very, apparently.

Ready to rumble,


A Sunday Sermon

Shadow LSP

Conversation in the sacristy before Mass #2 went like this:

"Have you seen the video of the Portland execution last night?"
"Another shooting?"
"Yes, dude rolled up on a skateboard and shot a Trump supporter who was crossing the road."
"Yes, they cheered afterwards."
"Keep this going on and there's gonna be pushback, serious pushback."

A beautiful unicorn

Said the former artillery officer. "Let's think happy thoughts before church," replied the MC who's also a retired rodeo star, bronc. Not being slow to listen to the laity I replied, "As in unicorns, rainbows and bunnies?" The MC, who gives as good as he gets, wasn't slow either, "Just say your prayers, LSP."

A typical defense rifle

Here endeth the Lesson and while we're at it, "Get thee behind me Satan!" Vade retro Satana! 

Be brave and rebuke the unclean spirit, a murderer from the beginning and Father of Lies. Say no to the world, the flesh and Devil, say yes to the Way of the Cross, of sacrificial love which is the way of light and life.


Saturday, August 29, 2020

Authorities Track Down Last White Man

In the meanwhile, commies have set up an autonomous zone in Mayor Wheeler's condo. Well, even a broken clock can be right twice a day.

And note, the kid who shot three lowlife, criminal, thug, pedo, rapist, robbing goons has got 5 star legal representation. Good, he'll need it. Of course the left celebrates and idolizes the people he shot. But note, they're sanctifying violent felons. Same old, same old, see George Floyd, Michael Brown, Blake and all the rest.


Kyle, by contrast, wasn't a criminal ghetto thug, just a patriotic kid trying to stand against the disorder of the nihilist Left trying to tear down Kenosha in particular and America in general. They attacked him, he fought back. He shot three of them, including the commie who stupidly brought a skateboard to a gunfight. 

Does Kyle deserve a medal? In my opinion, yes. Should he have been there in the first place? No, and I'm glad neither of my boys, about the same age, were up and in it. And that's just it. How dare Mayors and Governors allow this UTTER BS to continue and catch up our young people, to say nothing of everyone else, in an attempted vote-serving, electioneering racket.

take note commies

They, our elected civic leaders, disgust me. They have, at the risk of repetition, blood on their hands. Kyle, you get a total pass, young man. 

Prayers up for Lin and the legal team.

Crush the NWO Marxist serpent underheel,


Friday, August 28, 2020

Kent State 2.0

All of us have defining moments in life, momentous events that shape our vision of reality, for good or ill. For some, and for example, it was World War II, for others it was Vietnam or one of the wars that followed, and we're still fighting. For others again it was Woodstock and the civil rights movement.

Let's cut to the chase. Today's Left are trying to emulate and relive the antics of their forebears. They want another Kent State. They want the forces of law and order to shoot them so they can say abolish the law because it's against the law. Yes, Satan is incoherent, but here's the thing. 

There is no grassroots proletarian revolution, there hardly ever was. There is a movement of privileged, corporate sponsored radicals who, for whatever reason, wish to destroy everything. In other words, this uprising like its Marxist forerunners is nihilist astroturf, it cares nothing for working people.

In the meanwhile, our LE has shown superhuman restraint by not opening up and solving this nasty little gordian knot in the very few minutes it'd take. 

Can you imagine, punters, all those undercover feds "friends" suddenly not being so friendly. I know, bizarre. Good luck BLM/ANTIFA. 

Crush the NWO serpent underheel,

Your Friend,


Thursday, August 27, 2020

Standard American?

Make of this what you will,


Vade Retro Satana

We're in a spiritual war, a combat between good and evil, light v. dark, God versus the Devil. So arm yourself for the fight but remember, you're facing demons. This is useful, from St. Benedict:

Crux sacra sit mihi lux 
Nunquam draco sit mihi dux 
Vade retro Satana 
Nunquam suade mihi vana 
Sunt mala quae libas. 
Ipse venena bibas.

Meaning (my translation):

The holy Cross shall be my light 
The dragon shall never lead me 
Get thee behind me Satan! 
Never tempt me to vanity 
You offer wickedness 
Drink your own poison.

Of course the Latin is better. Use it, a minor exorcism, but be prepared to draw fire down upon your position if and when you do. I don't say that lightly.

We fight against principalities and powers,

C S S M L - N D S M D,


Texas is Very Awesome

How can Texas be awesome when the very air itself threatens to ignite, like an air bomb? Surely this sounds more like the anteroom of Hell than anywhere good. 

Not so fast, team. Yes, it may be hot but there are benefits, such as frontier style bluffs and Patriot Barges. No one's defunding the police here because they're not stupid.

And fish. Lots of fish, even in the heat of a late August afternoon. I know this because, after visiting with the flock, I headed over to the marina for some action, and got it. 

A lot of perch, mostly small but pretty much every cast a fish, always good, and few large, ferocious, piranha style keepers, which I didn't keep. Again, wasn't in the mood to clean, beer batter and fry 'em up. Foolish, I know, tomorrow being Friday, but whatever. Next time.

Then, at the very end, something ferocious took the line. Tug! Hookset! drag out, well at least for a bit, and up came a random predator bass. Great result. Bass on, what a lot of fun. And while some say fishing's a kind of therapy for trauma, conscious or otherwise, it's also good in itself. Fast, sometimes furious aquatic action. I find this exciting, like hunting but on the water.

Mission accomplished, I headed back to the safety of the Compound and it began to rain. Yes, rain. Beautiful, and yet another reason to thank God for his glory and Texas for awesomeness.

Your Friend,


Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Hooterall Interlude

Rock on,


International Dog Day - Kenosha Boogaloo

It's National Dog Day, so here's Blue Boogaloo doing his thing.



Enjoying his Dog Day scoff

Protecting the Mess

And being, well, a dog. He's been a good companion over the years since he took up residence on the porch in a bid for rescue. Speaking of which, why would anyone abandon their dog, much less a well disposed, affectionate, loyal Blue Heeler? Beats me.

In other news, Kenosha went roof last night as people decided to protect their businesses from Anarcho-Marxist cosplay revolutionaries. Of course the cosplay verdict swings both ways, though I'm in sympathy with the boy who shot the commie role players. 

Dam straight, rampage through town chimping out, burning, looting, setting up AK roadblocks like you're living the Durutti Column dream and guess what, people are gonna shoot back, go roof. I would, if I was rushed by some faked up "paramedic" with a Glock. 

To put it another way, it's all a larp till you wake up and your buddy's bicep's blown off, and you're facing murder charges. Tragedy all 'round, in my opinion.

And that's just it. To set the record straight, as if anyone cares what I think -- the real blame here, in Kenosha, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Atlanta and on is with the people who let and encouraged the violence. That wouldn't be the police, it would be Democrat Mayors and Governors looking for votes, and it'd be the corporate sponsored Marxists who whipped it up.

Blood is on your hands. You evil demons. And be warned, do not push this any further. A lot of people aren't happy right about now, and guess what, we know how to shoot. Don't push it.

Your Pal,


Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Melania Addresses The Nation

America's popular and glamorous First Lady spoke to America tonight. Well done, Melania, for doing your not inconsiderable best to make America great again.

Do you remember her predecessor?



Get To The Point

The point? The point of what, so-called "LSP"? The point of the marina where I like to fish, and it may seem counter-intuitive to go fishing in the heat of a noonday Texan sun in August because, wisdom says, the fish have got heat stroke and aren't biting. That's right, they're lying low in the depths like some vast silent majority. But not today.

I got to the water only to see my usual spot at the cleaning station taken by a guide cleaning striper, so I drove down to the point looking for piscine adventure. Would there be fish, against all the heated Augustan odds? 

There were. Within seconds of setting up you could hear the crackle of ferocious young bass blitzing on shad and minnows. Quick, rig up! Get on it fella, and I went topwater with an oversized something or other, thinking "big lure = big fish." 

Sound logic but the trebles were too large for the voracious sandies, who swarmed the lure, snapping, thrashing and carrying on like the fierce beasts they are. Still, I closed the deal on a few and what a lot of fun, first time I'd fished topwater in a while. Twitch the fakey, rattling, floating, silvery plastic fish and then boom! down it goes. Great result.

Topwater blitz over, it was time to go to the cleaning station for some shady fishing in the furnacelike heat of the day. Would there be action? There was.

Black drum and untold blue gill hit my worms like they were going out of style and I lost count. Good sized fish too, which put up a lot of fight. Perhaps I should've kept a few but, to be honest, I wasn't in the mood to eat them and didn't want the hassle of filleting. So these fellas lived again to fight another day. Well done, fish.

So there you have it. Point being, try not to sit staring at your computer screen in slack-jawed consternation as Marxist Gibbsmedat goons rampage, loot and burn; get outside instead, even if it is 100* in the shade.

Tight lines,


Sunday, August 23, 2020

Just Some Lees

Back in the olden days, Great Britain had a firearms industry and produced the redoubtable Lee Enfield. I used to train on them when I was a kid, from about the age of 12 up, and shot alright, "marksman" and all of that.

 1917 my friend

Of course you can't buy them in the UK now because they're far too dangerous, but you can in Texas and I did, some 10 years ago, a No. 4 Mk. 1 from the Gold Nugget pawn. I think it cost around $200 and I've had a lot of fun shooting it, in a nostalgic kind of way. It seems a heavy beast now, though I didn't notice all those years ago.

 note Chesterton's St. Francis, which is awesome

But a #4 wasn't enough, apparently. Suburban Bushwacker persuaded me to go out and get a "project Lee," idea being to turn it into... something. So I did, a 1917 BSA SMLE for 100 bucks at Ray's in Dallas. The metal was painted black, probably due to a parade square refit in the 1950s, the forestock had been chopped, badly, but the serials matched and the bore was bright. So I got the gun.

history in the stamps

Some months later I'd stripped and reblued the metal, along with its cacophany of stampings, neat history if you want to go down the Lee rabbit hole, and replaced the forestock while keeping the butt. Why? Because I liked the Edwardian aesthetics; elegant, though not helpful with optics because the buttstock's too low to achieve cheek weld with a scope. Wasn't designed for it, you see.

Speaking of which, after inletting the receiver/barrel I spent a vast amount of time shaping and polishing the wood (Boyd's walnut -- cheap, semi inlet). No kidding, if you decide to do this be prepared to be patient. It's perhaps worth it because you can create a thing of beauty, a good in itself. But remember, people charge a lot of money for a good wood finish for a very good reason.

Regardless, the rifle's done well enough despite it's, ahem, makeshift scope mount and's shot a bobcat, an auodad(!) and various varmints. No pigs though, annoyingly. I look at it and reflect; over a hundred years old and still going strong, maybe stronger even than it ever was.

 typical trigger scene

Well, you can't have too much of a good thing, so I went out and bought another Lee, an old sporterized #4, with a view to turning it into a scout rifle, Cooper style. And hey, it's got the components, 10 round magazine, bolt action, BUIS, tried and true rugged, etc. 

Have I done anything with it? No, I haven't, shamefacedly. But when I do... it'll be along the lines of shortening the barrel, a new front site, a forward mounted optic and new wood, obviously. I say wood instead of plastic because this is a Lee.

look, put the safety on, so-called "LSP"

And Lees are all about wood and steel.

Shoot straight,


What Fresh Hell is This?

why are you wearing a stole on top of your rochet & chimere, buffoon

ACNA (Anglican Church in North America) Archbishop Foley Beach has called our nation to prayer in an August 19 open letter. In it he lists a series of calamities and says this:

Another senseless killing by a police officer of an unarmed black man, George Floyd.
Hundreds of thousands of people participating in peaceful protests.

What? Are you absolutely sure, Beach, that Floyd wasn't ripped on meth and fentanyl  while he was resisting arrest and went blue in the process? Are you sure the police killed him and not the massive amounts of drugs that were in his body?  The courts most certainly haven't decided, unlike you, Archbishop.

Bodycam footage shows Floyd having trouble breathing before he got out of the car, as if he was ODing on the massive amounts of heroin substitute found in his body. Word to the wise, don't do lots of smack or derivatives, it stops you breathing and you die. Just like George Floyd, the counterfeiter, druggy, violent thug.

And "another senseless killing of an unarmed black man," what? Like it happens all the time in the supercharged racist KKK States of America? You know the typical street scene, there's a couple of innocent angels playing rap music on a street corner when baam! a cop Tahoe rides up and blasts them.

No. Blacks commit some 85% of the violent crime in this country despite being 13% of the population. Unsurprisingly, they tangle with the police and some get shot. It's a miracle, to my mind, that only 14 unarmed blacks (according to the leftist Washington Post, 9 according to Rudy Giuliani) were shot in 2019, as opposed to 25 whites. This shows remarkable restraint on the part of the police in the face what amounts to off-the-hook savagery. Doubt me? Try living in the dindu ghetto.

Regardless; hundreds of thousands of people participating in peaceful protests? Why are you kowtowing to Marxist BLM agitprop, Beach? Have you forgotten that commies hate Christianity and want to destroy it? Have you forgotten how the Soviets weren't too keen on Christianity? Or maybe you've never bothered to read the BLM What We Believe page on their website. 

Peaceful protests. Wow. A corporate sponsored, Anarcho-Marxist coup, masquerading as a civil rights movement in an election year, and you're taken in by that? Go read Cardinal Vigano, you mountebank, and start standing up for the Gospel you say you represent.

If this is ACNA I want out.



Saturday, August 22, 2020

Hippies Stole My Dam Boat

Do they know no shame?

Southern Cross,


Lake Whitney Goes MAGA - Boat Parade

I've always liked Lake Whitney, Texas, and now I like it even more after an awesome MAGA boat rally. OK, it wasn't Florida but it wasn't shabby either, with some three or four hundred patriot boats flying the flag.

Marinas and boat ramps served as staging areas and then the armada set off in great good humor, like a Trump rally but on the water. Is Biden holding rallies? Sure, but they're all about destruction, burning down "the system."

Why? Because they're filled with hatred, not least for the country they live in. This was different, everyone had a good time out on the lake in their boats, loving their country. The Left calls this Fascism and hates it, but since when was loving your country, patriotism, synonymous with Mosely and Mussolini? As in, "You love your country? Wow, literally Hitler."

No, idiots, exactly the reverse. This little regatta was all about saying no to our would-be globalist overlords and yes to our autonomy and freedom as a people. To put it another way, we love our country so stop burning it down, shipping our jobs overseas and erasing our borders so that you, the transnational elite, can make even more cash than you already do.

Or something like that. Were the boats armed? Good question, it'd be a terrible thing if someone lost all their weaponry on the waters of lake. Were there any protesters throwing Greek Fire upon the surgingly patriotic seas of Lake Whitney? No. Did everyone have a good time? Yes indeed, what a lot of fun.

So there you have it. There's an energy to the MAGA thing, evident today, which the Left lacks. And no wonder, they destroy, we build.

We say make America great again, they say it's been evil since conception. They ship our industry overseas, we bring it back home. They destroy our nation by removing its borders, we establish sovereignty by protecting them. They erase our personhood by calling it a construct, we affirm it as God-given. We're pro-life, they enthusiastically kill it in the womb and call it freedom. 

Yes indeed, the freedom of the Pit, which is no kind of freedom at all, and that's precisely what's at stake. 

Well done, Lake Whitney, a good day was had by all.



Friday, August 21, 2020

Random Guns

One of the many themes of this widely read international mind blog is God. That in mind, I was going to post a photo of an evil cryptid caught in a game cam followed by allusion to the current antics of the Anglican Non-Communion. But no, here's some random black gun pics instead. 

The 5.56 carbine started off life as a CMMG LE something or other and's gone through several upgrades. It's a handy little heater, light, reliable, plenty of red dot accuracy (Ballistic Advantage barrel, Hypertouch Enhanced Duty trigger), and just a lot of fun to shoot.

My old Mossberg Ultimag 12's seen plenty action too and it's been a workhorse since I bought it a decade ago, second hand at a gunshow for 200 bucks. Birds, rabbits, clay/skeet and various varminting, armed walkabouts. Well done, gun. Probably time for an upgrade though, as its ejection's getting a bit unreliable, despite replacing the ejectors, polishing the chamber etc.

And what's wrong with an Aero Precision 7.62 AR? Nothing at all, though they're heavy and who wants an exercise in weight lifting when you've got other things to think about? 

Still, it shoots like a champ with the easy recoil of a 20 gauge; zeroed at 200 yards for 165 grain ammo. I've only shot targets with the thing but my eldest boy's taken down a few hogs with it. Take that, tuskers. But what gun post's complete without a pistol?

Here's one, a kitchen drawer Glock 21 which stands ready and waiting put down tried and true .45 ACP if the occasion demands, or if it doesn't. I've had 1000s of rounds of gratuitous enjoyment putting this piece of Austrian engineering through it's paces against paper, steel, kettles, scrap iron, rocks, concrete, melons, stuffed toys and whatever else. Are Glocks the best of their kind? I don't know, I'm no expert, but I do like mine. 

Remember this, a free citizen is able to defend himself, a slave isn't.

Gun rights,