Sunday, August 16, 2020

The Second Homily - 8 Mile

The Second Homily - Paras doing their thing in Helmand with some help by famed Detroit rocker Eminem. 8 Mile? Probably about the same kill rate, disturbingly.

Speaking of which, the Young Warrior's doing well in Korea and's just come off a field exercise, which included a shoot. He retained Expert Marksman. Well done, boy. Now get that degree and a commission, or not, your call.

Regardless, sorry, Paras, move over for the Glorious Gloucesters which, ahem, no longer exist. I'm not very happy about that, obviously, despite having command of a vastly successful and prestigious irregular cavalry unit. You want to argue? See the RHSM.

Think positive, raise the Black Flag and ride hard.

First Dismounted Dragoons DLC forever,



LindaG said...

Glad to hear your son is still doing well. God bless you all.

Jim said...

Nice film compilation of cavalry charges.
Winter's coming in Korea. I've never been there though I hear it can get really cold.

LSP said...

Thanks, Linda. The kid seems to be enjoying Korea, big adventure for him!

God bless.

LSP said...

I've never been either, Jim, but I hear the winter's brutal. Neat cavalry charge(s) vid, eh?

LindaG said...

The winter wasn't so bad in 1987. Well, not at Osan. Can't speak for anywhere else. :)

LSP said...

He's at Camp Humphreys, Linda, and hopefully not getting into too much mischief... please, God.