Wednesday, August 26, 2020

International Dog Day - Kenosha Boogaloo

It's National Dog Day, so here's Blue Boogaloo doing his thing.



Enjoying his Dog Day scoff

Protecting the Mess

And being, well, a dog. He's been a good companion over the years since he took up residence on the porch in a bid for rescue. Speaking of which, why would anyone abandon their dog, much less a well disposed, affectionate, loyal Blue Heeler? Beats me.

In other news, Kenosha went roof last night as people decided to protect their businesses from Anarcho-Marxist cosplay revolutionaries. Of course the cosplay verdict swings both ways, though I'm in sympathy with the boy who shot the commie role players. 

Dam straight, rampage through town chimping out, burning, looting, setting up AK roadblocks like you're living the Durutti Column dream and guess what, people are gonna shoot back, go roof. I would, if I was rushed by some faked up "paramedic" with a Glock. 

To put it another way, it's all a larp till you wake up and your buddy's bicep's blown off, and you're facing murder charges. Tragedy all 'round, in my opinion.

And that's just it. To set the record straight, as if anyone cares what I think -- the real blame here, in Kenosha, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Atlanta and on is with the people who let and encouraged the violence. That wouldn't be the police, it would be Democrat Mayors and Governors looking for votes, and it'd be the corporate sponsored Marxists who whipped it up.

Blood is on your hands. You evil demons. And be warned, do not push this any further. A lot of people aren't happy right about now, and guess what, we know how to shoot. Don't push it.

Your Pal,



Kid said...

Agree of course.

Best to Blue.

LindaG said...

Blessings to you all.
Be safe tonight with Laura.

The boy should have stayed on the roof. Might have worked out better. I hope he gets an honest judge/jury, however it goes.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Handsome dog. Kenosha? Law Dogs blog today seems apt.

Anonymous said...

You don’t get to fight the enemy you want to, you get to fight the enemy in front of you.

It might be the most righteous, legitimate shoot in history (and from the multiple angle videos, pre, during and post that’s almost exactly what all three of those appear to be) but … you, I and everyone knows this boy will be crucified by the DA, local politicians, courts and most especially the media. His normal life is over whatever the ‘eventual’ legal outcome (the process ‘is’ the punishment in such cases).

So? Just don’t.

Does he, we, have the right to defend person and property? Of course, but unless/until there are a ‘mass’ (and I mean a sizeable number of the populace) doing the same, ‘this’ will always be the outcome.

So? Be ’deniable’. ‘They’ are wearing masks, so wear one. Don’t power up you cell until/unless you need it ‘right then’. And, for all that’s Holy, don’t go running to the police afterwards, counting on ‘The Law’ as a defence, because (as supportive as most police ‘will’ be) they’ll pass you on to those that most definitely wont be.

If you must be there, fine, but should such a situation arise … shoot and scoot. They may (probably will) still find you, but at least you’ll have a chance. As it stands now, otherwise you have none, zero, zilch.

The enemy isn’t just the crowd of thugs, it’s them and the politicians, judiciary and media. You’d do well to remember that.

If it continues, or worsens, I ‘can’ see a point at which there’ll be Matt Brakenish ‘repercussions’ for both the thugs and their enablers … but we’re not there yet, and they still have the power in these areas.

As you say, the real ‘problems’ aren’t the sjw thugs, it’s those organisers, enablers, financiers (what you think any of them are doing it for free?) and excusers in power. Unless/until ‘they’ are ‘dealt’ with this ‘will’ continue.

(Dear Mr. NSA/GCHQ not suggesting, just pointing out)

The last time I saw that breed was when I ‘borrowed’ one, from an Aussi red-tab friend, as a companion on a ride looking for brumbies in the Eastern Highlands (just call me ‘The man from Snowy River’ ... I tend to ‘dress appropriately’ so you’ve just got to see my ‘Man with no name’, ‘Duke’ and ‘Grizzly Adams’ outfits depending on where I visit over there).

Adrienne said...

So happy for Blue to have been loved by such a wonderful human as you. Other than his antipathy for the mailman, he's as lovable as they come.

LSP said...

He had a good dog day, Kid, plenty of treats, though no fried pies...

LSP said...

Hope you're safe Linda, and yes, should've stayed on the roof. I understand the Covington Kid's lawyer might be representing him. Good.

LSP said...

Thanks for the link, WSF. I'd say Law Dog's right on the money.

LSP said...

I'm with you on this, Anon. And at the very least, the kid shouldn't have been out there "solo gunman." But there it is, he was, and the people ultimately responsible have that on their hands.

OT(ish) but note the rap sheets of the people he shot. BLM keeps interesting company, eh?

I've never been to Australia, oddly, or NZ, but want to. Have a pal in the latter who loves it.

LSP said...

He's been a good dog, Adrienne! Of course he scorns Fedex and attacks accordingly...

Old NFO said...

Good lookin' pup! And interesting to note that all three of the 'protesters' the kid shot were criminals. One was a Chomo, the other two felons, INCLUDING the one with the gun that the kid shot in the arm as he tried to cap him.

LSP said...

What angels, NFO, and it's good to see the kid's got a good legal team together. But ye Gods, the people who got this rolling have blood on their hands. We can delve into history for the cause and effect of the thing but I'll leave it at that.

Philosophy aside, Bicep Boy was particularly idiotic. Mind you, Skater Gutshot came a close second, and then there's Munchkin. Sorry, ex Munchkin.