Sunday, August 30, 2020

A Sunday Sermon

Shadow LSP

Conversation in the sacristy before Mass #2 went like this:

"Have you seen the video of the Portland execution last night?"
"Another shooting?"
"Yes, dude rolled up on a skateboard and shot a Trump supporter who was crossing the road."
"Yes, they cheered afterwards."
"Keep this going on and there's gonna be pushback, serious pushback."

A beautiful unicorn

Said the former artillery officer. "Let's think happy thoughts before church," replied the MC who's also a retired rodeo star, bronc. Not being slow to listen to the laity I replied, "As in unicorns, rainbows and bunnies?" The MC, who gives as good as he gets, wasn't slow either, "Just say your prayers, LSP."

A typical defense rifle

Here endeth the Lesson and while we're at it, "Get thee behind me Satan!" Vade retro Satana! 

Be brave and rebuke the unclean spirit, a murderer from the beginning and Father of Lies. Say no to the world, the flesh and Devil, say yes to the Way of the Cross, of sacrificial love which is the way of light and life.



Adrienne said...

You sure do know some famous people - including the beautiful wife of Bud, Jimmy.

Does he know you were bucked off a horsey? I won't tell him, if you won't.

God bless, LSP, and lets all offer up today's prayers and Masses for Jay Bishop.

LSP said...

He brought me a cheeseburger on my first night in hospital after the arabian incident, Adrienne! And bullied me (wisely) off the walker afterwards.

What a good man, Jimmy's great too.

Prayers for Jay.

Adrienne said...

A cheeseburger?? Now I know he's a great man (married to a beautiful and talented lady.)

Well Seasoned Fool said...

"Get thee behind me Satan!"
While not a church goer this phrase I say aloud frequently. I add, "In Jesus' name, Amen".
It gives me comfort.

LSP said...

Adrienne, B's a good guy. I often say, "Maybe I'll just say Mass in a business suit. How 'bout that?" He replies, "Just say your prayers, for God's sake...."


And yes, the burger was a well-needed!

LSP said...

Ah, WSF, the Holy Name.