Thursday, August 13, 2020

Vote Rigging Skulduggery

 Joe Biden

It's no secret that America's corporate-sponsored Communist Party, the Democrats, are all about rigging elections. They've been at it forever, even before they went full Cultural Marxist. 

Of course this aligns well with their new revolutionary red persona. Commies have always sat light to the actual will of the people in pursuit of their workers' paradise.

"Eventually, the Soviet Communists did not have to bother so much with the annoyance of losing elections. They rigged them instead. Those old enough may remember that elections in the Soviet Union became fodder for jokes. In the 1984 elections to the Supreme Soviet, for example, the Communist Party of the Soviet Union won over 99.9% of the vote. And you thought Reagan had a landslide in 1984!

Joe Stalin

"Yes, the jokes practically write themselves when it comes to totalitarians disrespecting and rigging elections. But when you consider that here in the United States, we have a major political party that has hardly respected a presidential election they lost since 1988, that participated in an attempted coup faced on fabrications against the elected President of the United States, and that is very busy trying to rig this year’s election with vote-by-mail and ballot harvesting, along with the old standbys of no voter ID, dead people voting, and non-citizens voting, then maybe it’s not so funny. And maybe one should wonder if that major party really is Democratic."

Well said, Mark. Nothing to do with democracy, all to do with power. And the so far thwarted demons of the #MillSoc Left sure are shrieking for it. 

Coming to a point, eh? Let's see how it plays out in November and beyond. I predict turbulence.

Workers Unite,



LindaG said...

The problem with them rigging elections, aside from the obvious, is even when they are caught there is often nothing done about it.

LSP said...

Weird, eh, Linda?

What a decades long scandal.

Infidel de Manahatta said...

Vote by mail, ballot harvesting. Looks like the Democrats have done everything possible to stay in power. These two developments have me really worried about the election in November. Will we ever know who won? It will make the hanging chads of 2000 seem like kids play.

Imagine trying to track down millions of vote by mail ballots.

LSP said...

Totally with you, Infidel. What did Clinesimth say, "I've initiated the destruction of the republic"? Something like that, and therein lies the ethos.

It seems to me as though the Dem's long history of corruption in search of power is reaching a point. I don't see anything good coming of it.