Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Get To The Point

The point? The point of what, so-called "LSP"? The point of the marina where I like to fish, and it may seem counter-intuitive to go fishing in the heat of a noonday Texan sun in August because, wisdom says, the fish have got heat stroke and aren't biting. That's right, they're lying low in the depths like some vast silent majority. But not today.

I got to the water only to see my usual spot at the cleaning station taken by a guide cleaning striper, so I drove down to the point looking for piscine adventure. Would there be fish, against all the heated Augustan odds? 

There were. Within seconds of setting up you could hear the crackle of ferocious young bass blitzing on shad and minnows. Quick, rig up! Get on it fella, and I went topwater with an oversized something or other, thinking "big lure = big fish." 

Sound logic but the trebles were too large for the voracious sandies, who swarmed the lure, snapping, thrashing and carrying on like the fierce beasts they are. Still, I closed the deal on a few and what a lot of fun, first time I'd fished topwater in a while. Twitch the fakey, rattling, floating, silvery plastic fish and then boom! down it goes. Great result.

Topwater blitz over, it was time to go to the cleaning station for some shady fishing in the furnacelike heat of the day. Would there be action? There was.

Black drum and untold blue gill hit my worms like they were going out of style and I lost count. Good sized fish too, which put up a lot of fight. Perhaps I should've kept a few but, to be honest, I wasn't in the mood to eat them and didn't want the hassle of filleting. So these fellas lived again to fight another day. Well done, fish.

So there you have it. Point being, try not to sit staring at your computer screen in slack-jawed consternation as Marxist Gibbsmedat goons rampage, loot and burn; get outside instead, even if it is 100* in the shade.

Tight lines,



drjim said...

We went out today and picked up a dozen pieces of "flagstone", each roughly 12" square. Our handyman guy who put the little pieces of slate in our front garden got pieces that were too small to comfortably and safely walk on, so we're replacing them with much larger pieces.

And even though the closest fire is contained and burning out, it's still pretty smoky here. Nevertheless it was great getting out and talking with the yard guys about the stone, which is quarried locally.

And now SLW wants to get a "boulder" for the front of the house, and have the house number cut in to it.

Oh, well....better to spend the money locally than to spend it on cheep, imported ChiCom junk.....

Ed Bonderenka said...

You did nothing!
Job well done! :)

LSP said...

Well done on the masonry, drjim! I once helped a mason relay an old cobbled alley in London. Man, that was hard work. The cobbles were BIG and deep.

Good to hear the fires passed you by.

LSP said...

A well needed break, Ed!

Adrienne said...

Sitting slack jawed in front of a computer is the only break I get from painting our house (and while painting I remember with envy that crowd of hard workers you had painting yours.) I will have to say that getting up every morning and darting out in the rising sun to access my handiwork from the day before is pretty dang fun.

I do have a young lad from church that's going to paint the two end top parts since my ladder won't do the job for a shrimp like me. He's 7 something feet tall (really), and so my ladder will be plenty tall enough for him. I've known him since he was a sprite and grateful to dump a bunch of money on him.

LSP said...

Adrienne, your house will look beautiful and think, such worthwhile exercise! Glad you've got help though, especially from the church.