Thursday, April 30, 2015

Ukraine Magic

The news cycle moves pretty quickly these days, so perhaps everyone has forgotten about the civil war in the Ukraine. But amnesia aside, things haven't gone too well for Western backed Kiev forces, in their fight against pro-Russian separatist districts. 


In Debaltsevo alone, separatists captured 450 heavy weapons, 200 pieces of armor and 60 tanks during fighting in January and February. However, this streak of George Soros funded bad luck may be about to change.

Typical Ukrainian Shamans

Some 2000 wizards, witches, shamans and warlocks gathered in Kiev today to hold a magic ritual for peace in the troubled country and to cast spells on amulets and charms for nationalist fighters.

Sergey Grechishkin, a self-styled magician, who calls himself Sabirius and a "master of the primary circle," described the purpose of the ritual as an "appeal to higher forces."

Charging Up

“It will be a joint appeal to the higher forces. Each of us will do it in his own way. We will ask them to help people to recover from this bloody attack of anger and hatred and save those who found themselves in this wild bloodbath. The second ritual is a 'charging up' of protective amulets for the warriors and residents in the conflict zone, which will then protect people from bullets, frags, knives and batons.”

Protective amulets for the warriors? That worked well for the Sioux and the Mau Mau.

Perhaps you think I've made this up, as some kind of joke. Think again.


Iron Horse

Since this is becoming a transport focused forum, it's only fair to say that my old pal, Lukeya, isn't just keen on trains, he also likes bikes, and has a nice-as-you-like Norton Commando. 

LL has a motorcycle too, a Ducati Diavel, which some believe to be only marginally slower than chain lightning.

Fredd also had a bike, the iconic Kawasaki 750 triple, and believes that riding it was a lot like having a timber wolf, for a pet.

"So," you ask, "Where's your motorcycle, so-called 'LSP,' if that's your real name, which we doubt."

That, readers, is a very good question.


The Crying Towel

When I'm feeling pathetically sorry for myself and tempted to snivel into a crying towel, I reflect on the woman I visited in ICU this morning.

That puts things in perspective right away.

God bless,


Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Operation Jade Helm

It's that Operation Jade Helm time of year again, and I like nothing better than to invite some of the operators up onto the porch for coffee and easygoing talk about hunting, gear, tactics, philosophy, politics, and the state of the Anglican Non-Communion. 

Good times, and I can tell you this. They're not too thrilled at the prospect of Hillary Rodham Clinton becoming Commander-in-Chief. No sir.

Spot the Operator

But maybe that's a fading prospect, along with the chances of SCOTUS upholding what everyone has always thought obvious. Namely, that marriage is something that occurs between a man and a woman.

If they don't, as appears likely, I will disobey their law and so will the Missions.

Train hard, think positive, fight easy.


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Problem? Solution #LukeyaStyle

Here at Team LSP, we like to think of ourselves as Solutions Providers. That's why we support Baltimore's recent Light Rail Initiative (LRI).

Let's have more and better trains!

Carry on,


Baltimore's New Mayor?

Perhaps all is not lost. Are we looking at the next Mayor of Baltimore? The current one is clearly useless.

More, please.


America, We Have A Problem

If anyone doubts that America has a serious problem in any one of its many urban hellholes, they should look at Baltimore.

The only question is where next. Detroit, Chicago, DC, Gary, LA, St. Louis, New York, Philadelphia? The list goes on.

In the meanwhile, the National Guard has deployed to Baltimore's Inner Harbor and elsewhere in the city. So if the purpose of yesterday's looting, arson and rioting was less aggressive policing, I'd say it scored an own goal.

You can read Freddy Gray's rap sheet here as you ponder Matt Drudge: "The country could fall."

Maybe it won't.


Monday, April 27, 2015

Cooking, With LSP

You can't cook with LSP, you mutter, darkly. Ah, but you can, and this is how it's done. Get a rifle, maybe a .270, a 30-06, or a .303, even a 5.56 will do, whatever, and go out and shoot a ferocious hog. Smaller is better.

Paint the Deck, LSP

Turn the vicious tusker into spicy sausage. That done, slice up the meat into patties and put it in a frying pan. Smile contentedly as you dial up the heat, and watch that sausage fry, filling your house with the delicious smell of sizzling wild pig.

Serve it up with eggs, any style you like, and mushrooms, or with nothing at all, there's no rule. Then say grace and eat your meal like a warrior.

And that's cooking, with...


Lebyterians Run Amok

The Lesbyterian branch of Big Gay is running amok in America, suing Christian businesses for refusing to make gay cakes and pizza.

Aaron and Melissa Klein of Sweet Cakes by Melissa were sued by Lesbyterian activists, Rachel and Laurel Bowman-Cryer, for refusing to bake them a gay wedding cake in 2013. Last Friday, an Oregon judge awarded the Lesbyterians $135,000 for "emotional distress," effectively bankrupting the Kleins, who were forced to close their business and have to pay the fine out of personal funds.

Nice Ball Cap, Rachel

Rachel and Laurel cited 88 examples of "emotional distress", including:

“acute loss of confidence,” “doubt,” “excessive sleep,” “felt mentally raped, dirty and shameful,” “high blood pressure,” “impaired digestion,” “loss of appetite,” “migraine headaches,” “pale and sick at home after work,” “resumption of smoking habit,” “shock” “stunned,” “surprise,” “uncertainty,” “weight gain” and “worry.”

Weight Gain, Laurel?

Who knows, maybe they felt so emotionally hurt that they've had to start wearing cargo shorts and ball caps. In the meanwhile, the Kleins won't have the money to pay their mortgage or feed their children, they're ruined. So much for emotional distress.


Earlier this month, an out of control Lesbyterian threatened to burn down Memories Pizza, in Indiana, for refusing to cater a gay wedding. Memories was forced to shut down for 8 days but has since reopened, unlike Sweet Cakes in Oregon, which is shut for good.

The Oregon ruling sends a powerful message to American Christians. Holding a Biblical, and up until now normative view of human sexuality, is discriminatory and punishable when deployed in the public square. At least in Oregon.

How much longer will we have to wait before the view itself is illegal thought crime?

Maybe never, because Big Gay is all about tolerance and inclusion and the rainbow colored fist of stainless steel liberal fascism.

I stand against that.


Sunday, April 26, 2015

Good Shepherd Sunday

It's Good Shepherd Sunday and Bishop Iker came to the Missions to preach, celebrate the Mass and baptize. Unlike many bishops, Jack Iker is a good shepherd, who cares for the flock and protects it against the wolf.


Who is the wolf? Satan, of course, along with his allies within and without the church, those who tear, rend and attempt to destroy the Body of Christ. People like:

"heretics, hypocrites and Lollards, who with their wretched doctrine hardly every cease to deceive the meek and the simple in the Church. Against them the faithful shepherd must fight strongly with the keenness of the words of sacred scripture and, given his pastoral staff, with the threat of censure."


That was written in the Middle Ages but it's true today. The wretched doctrine of our contemporary heretics is in the ascendant, especially in Western Anglicanism, though no denomination is immune. 


Pray for more good shepherds, men like Bishop Iker, who will be faithful to the flock and fight against the enemy.

God bless,


Saturday, April 25, 2015

Breaking -- Jenner Withdraws From Race

Belinda, formerly Bruce, Jenner has announced her/his intention to withdraw from the race to become Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church.

Jenner looked set to become the world's first ever openly trans bishop, but after disclosing that she/he was a Christian and a Republician, the famous athlete took its name out of the running for the tiny denomination's top job.

"Belinda was a famous athlete, who is now trans, and we welcome that," stated one cathedral canon, "But being a Christian Republican obviously disqualifies her from the position."

So who will be the next PB?

In the meanwhile, the Episcopal Church is as trans as planet Nibiru's orbit is long.

God bless,


Friday, April 24, 2015

Storm Front Trans Apocalypse

There was an eerie stillness, then the sky turned green, the wind picked up and the clouds opened to bursts of thunder, as rain lashed down onto the metrosprawl, backlit by lightning.

So what, you say. This is Texas, it's a big country and it has big weather. True, but this was especially big, with a tornado warning in effect. Perhaps the twister touched down in the merrie olde suburbs of Mansfield and Arlington. I hope not, for their sake.

We wait for reports of apocalypse, destruction and chaos, with magazines loaded, a round in the chamber, and vicious kukris honed to a razor edge. Maybe some crew of street punks will chance their luck, here at HQ. They'll wish they hadn't.

In other news, Bruce Jenner has announced his/her intention to become Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church and the world's first ever trans bishop.

What can we say but good luck Bruce! Anyone that says you're a freakish, blasphemous, parody of a woman is a hater. Obviously.

Carry on,


Is Hillary Clinton Run by a Broken AI?

There is growing concern in the Intelligence community that Hillary Clinton is being run by a malfunctioning artificial intelligence (AI), code named HARRIDAN.

"Her mistakes are beyond human comprehension," stated a  source who prefers to remain anonymous for reasons of personal security, "The only explanation for this series of catastrophic blunders is HARRIDAN. The AI that's been running her is clearly broken."

Hillary has been plagued by a catalogue of embarrassing revelations ever since she announced her bid to become President of the United States of America, and the most powerful woman in the world. These include:

Preferred treatment to businesses that donated millions of dollars to the Clinton foundation, including Russian owned Uranium One.

Millions of dollars paid to the Clintons in speaking fees by businesses, such as Goldman Sachs, Barclays Capital and Deutsche Bank, who donated heavily to the Clinton Foundation.

False tax returns, which failed to list foreign government donations to the Clinton Foundation while Hillary was Secretary of State.

Using private emails and a private server to conduct government business, during Hillary's time as Secretary of State. These emails were subsequently deleted and the server "wiped clean."

Falsifying blame for the Beghazi massacre, in which a US Ambassador was tortured and killed.

Claiming to be poor, when in receipt of $200k+ speaking fees and the possession of multiple homes and mansions.

Pretending to be the champion of "ordinary Americans" while admitting to not driving a car since 1996.

Hillary Clinton dismisses these and other allegations as "absurd conspiracy theories." Is this yet more evidence that HARRIDAN's Truth Algorithm is broken and that her Personal Power AI (PPIA) has run amok?

Sources deep within US Intelligence believe that it is.

You be the judge,


Thursday, April 23, 2015

LL Flies to Texas

Some people don't have much to say and what they do say is depressing, negative, boring and stupid. None of these things apply to LL, and I know this because he broke free of California and visited Texas this week.

The conversation was varied, ranging from drones and kukris to Atlantis, soteriology, and everything else in between. Of course most of this is classified, but not all; here's a paraphrase, as we were taking a break at the range.

  "I say, old chap," I asked, adjusting the settings of my thermal visioning monocle, "What d'ye think of Preppers?"
  "Preppers?" Growled LL, channeling General Patton, "I've always been a prepper, because I've always been prepared, but some of these guys are too narrow. Their plan lacks perspective."
  "How's that?" I replied, cutting the head off a snake with a handy, razor sharp kukri.
  "Well, I turn up at their fort with a canon, a Civil War cannon, that has a range of not much less than a mile, and I start pounding that compound with hot shot. What then? Yeah, maybe they run out, perhaps they sally forth. I want that, I want them in my kill box."
  "A Civil War cannon?"
  "Right. A Civil War cannon. Maybe a trebuchet. I could make both of them, so could you."
   "So perhaps the redoubt should be underground?"

After some ranging about we drove south to meet friendly forces. Rumors of hedgehogs are entirely without foundation.

Texas, which is perfect, is nonetheless a poorer place without LL.

God bless,


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Happy Earth Day!

Everyone loves Earth Day, and no one more so than us at Team LSP. So here's a little Gaia prayer to help us with that.

Our Mother whose body is the Earth,
Blessed are you,
And blessed are all the fruits of your womb.
You give us this day our daily bread,
And we share it with others.
Our Mother whose body is the Earth,
We love you with all our hearts,
And our neighbors as ourselves.

Beautiful, isn't it.


Monday, April 20, 2015

Dire Wolf

The Missions had a clean up day on Saturday, which meant I worked as a kind of laborer, helping to shovel up debris and hauling off the odd tree branch; it was good to get out with some of the men of the church.

One of them talked about his time as a young man on his parents' ranch in Ontario, where he somehow adopted a timber wolf as a pet. The wolf was loyal and friendly to him, but to no one else.

On Sunday, I said to him, "Good story about the wolf." He replied, "You have to be two things to have a wolf for a pet. In your early 20s and very, very stupid."

I liked that.

God bless,


Saturday, April 18, 2015

Meet Your Overlords

Wikileaks has revealed that Green Elite Overlord, Leonardo DiCaprio, flew by private jet 6 times in 6 weeks last year. Each flight cost tens of thousands of dollars in jet fuel, luxury and millionaire socialism.

Some have accused this progleft NWO shill of hypocrisy. Well that's weird.

You can read all about it here.


Juke Box Saturday

Texans everywhere are rejoicing over the imminent end of almost 150 years of repressive anti-constitutional legislation, that prevented supposedly free citizens from carrying handguns openly.


That looks set to change, soon. And sorry, Piers Morgan, you lose. Again.

Kick out the Jams,


Open Carry Passes Texas House of Representatives

Open Carry comes one step closer to Texas, with the state's House of Representatives voting 96-35 to allow citizens to openly carry handguns, provided they have a CHL (Concealed Handgun License).

A similar measure passed the Senate last month, and the two bills must be squared before being sent to Governor Abbott to be signed into law. Abbott has said that he supports open carry and stated, in December, 2014, that he would "sign whichever open carry bill withstands the legislative process and makes it to my desk."

Texas is one of only six states that forbid citizens from openly carrying handguns, thanks to repressive legislation that dates back to the post Civil War Reconstruction Government.

In anticipation of open carry finally becoming law in the hopefully near future, joyous Texans are playing Honky Tonk Heroes on a continuous loop.

If you do not like Honky Tonk Heroes, you are in grave error.


Friday, April 17, 2015

Michelle Obama Gorges, American Children Starve

While First Lady, Michelle Obama, gorges on fried chicken and White House delicacies, American children are being starved by her gulag-style school food menu.

Photos from a Virginia school show what appears to be a small brown bun resting on a piece of fish, with a handful of what may be corn. A concerned parent posted photos of the starvation diet school lunch on social media. Portsmouth Public Schools were quick to defend the food.

“The meal in this photo and other meals served by Portsmouth Public Schools meet nutritional and USDA requirements,” stated a food service coordinator, Jim Gehlhoff.

Children around America have complained at Michelle Obama's healthy school food initiative, posting photos to Twitter of inedible lunches under the hashtag #ThanksMichelleObama.

Is this yet one more example of the maxim that whatever the progleft libs enact or propose, produces the exact opposite of its intended effect? In the meanwhile, American children starve.

Chow down, Michelle.