Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Big Brother and the Holding Company

Big Brother, or Big Nanny, wants to get hold of even more bullets, with the Department of Homeland Security looking to purchase 62 million rounds of .223 ammunition. 

This follows the DHS's 2013 purchase order of 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition, which lead to nationwide shortages of popular calibers, especially .223 and 5.56, which are used in AR 15 rifles. It also comes after the ATF's failed attempt to ban M855 ammo earlier this year. 

Could it be that Big Brother wants to hold all the ammo so that you can't, effectively doing a home run around the 2nd Amendment? Surely not. The DHS needs all those bullets and the Administration doesn't want to stop you owning a gun. Except that it does. 

1.6 billion rounds is estimated, by Iraq War standards, to be enough for a 20 year shooting war.

It's all conspiracy theory until it's conspiracy fact, my friends.



LL said...

The Department of Homeland Security isn't the Department of Defense -- they are looking in, not looking out.

We will need to wait for the next administration to sort all of this out. We will never get satisfaction from the ObamaNation.

LSP said...

It does seem like an awful lot of bullets -- looking inwards.

jenny said...

The irony of you posting this on tax day is not lost on me. So glad that they are allocating the resources they take out of our wallets (or weaken our currency to create) on purchases to use against us.
We'd best start sharpening our tomahawks.

Mattexian said...

A few years ago another blogger strongly suggested making April 15th into "buy a gun" day, so the ATF could pass it up the chain of command the numbers of more pissed-off, armed Americans.