Saturday, April 18, 2015

Meet Your Overlords

Wikileaks has revealed that Green Elite Overlord, Leonardo DiCaprio, flew by private jet 6 times in 6 weeks last year. Each flight cost tens of thousands of dollars in jet fuel, luxury and millionaire socialism.

Some have accused this progleft NWO shill of hypocrisy. Well that's weird.

You can read all about it here.



LL said...

We need Al Gore's travel stats as well...and Oprah's. We know how often Barack and Michelle take separate jets on vacation.

Fredd said...

All of these liberal green asswipes are raging hypocrites, every stinking one of them, with the possible sole exception of Ed Begley, Jr.

Ed truly gives it his best shot to live like a caveman, but doesn't really pull it off. He still gives it his best college try, though. Nobody likes to visit him anymore, since his house is either freezing or boiling inside (no carbon powered HVAC, just that unreliable sun).

But the rest of those aforementioned asswipes simply want all of US to live like cavemen, while they jet off to Cabo San Lucas for lunch, horking down their brie and caviar in air conditioned luxury all the while excoriating the rest of us for even LOOKING at an H1 Hummer.

Asswipes, all of 'em. (with the possible exception of Ed). Pardon my language, Reverend. Even thinking about these a-word people gets my blood boiling.

LL said...

Ed Begley Jr. lives in a residential area of Tarzana (as I recall), in the San Fernando Valley (not all that far from the movie studios in a community that may have 20% of its residents employed in some capacity of the film industry). Yes, I think that he walks the walk from an environmental perspective - but (pardon me) Ed is really weird. I like his comedic films -- but he's weird.

LSP said...

Very good point, LL. Just what are GorePrah's jet bills?

LSP said...

There's definitely one law for our Elite Masters and another one for their serfs, Fredd.

The language is certainly deserved. In fact, you're being polite.

LL said...

It's tough to know what Mistress Oprah's jet fuel bills are because she flits from place to place and only the IRS knows for sure what she's writing off.

Same with Gore.