Monday, April 13, 2015

Hillary Clinton for President?

Despite being enmeshed in a never-ending stream of scandal, Hillary Clinton is running for President because she wants to be the most powerful person in the world. What qualities will she take to the job? 






Good luck, America.



Fredd said...

Now, Reverend, let's give the devil his (or her) due: she did quite the bang up job managing Bubba's 'Bimbo Eruptions.'

Each and every one of Bill's bimbos' that came forward, their lives have been destroyed by Hillary. All of them. Kathleen Willy, Juanita Broderick, Jennifer Flowers, Paula Jones and Monica Lewinsky. None of these women are doing well. Not one of them.

Quite an accomplishment, Hillary has batted 1.000 in containing Bimbo Eruptions, beat that.

LSP said...

Hillary 1. Bimbos 0.

Well done, Hillary!

LL said...

Look at those thick glasses, those yellow teeth, that boundless ambition and ask yourself if she's not the perfect person to sit on Barack's throne.

Owl21 said...

We are not going to vote our way out of this. Neither of the two TPTB present for our approval/disdain will do any better than the other - just different sides of the same coin.

What I always find most interesting is that the most powerful people in DC are appointed without congressional approval, yet we rarely ever question their power: i.e. the Chief of Staff.

You vote. They appoint. You cry. They laugh. You protest, they care not.

I train.

infidel de manahatta said...

Hillary Clinton for President. Because. Serfs. Vote for her or else Serfs

LSP said...

i think she's a shoe-in, LL.

LSP said...

I get this feeling, Owl21, that you lack a certain trust in our Inside-The-Beltway governance?

I share that.

LSP said...

I was very impressed by your street art, Infidel!

Good job.

LL said...

The pictures of all those things that you're not supposed to say about Hillary show her with reptilian eyes...

That show "Ancient Aliens" has just started a new series. I'm hopeful that one episode is about Hillary, who is clearly both ancient and inhuman.

LSP said...

I'm not entirely sure, but I think she might be a Sumerian demon. Who is also an alien.

The evidence points that way, right?