Thursday, April 16, 2015

And Then There Were Two

Once there was only one gas-driven monster in my armory, a lowly CMMG carbine. Now there are two of the little beasts, and I took them both out for a spin today. 

A Lead Sled proved they shot rather better than I do, which was pleasing, and the new AR was a lot of fun to shoot off-hand. Very fast and smooth, and I'm looking forward to trying out its Primary Arms 1x6 scope at distance. 

This has a 1 MOA dot surrounded by a horseshoe, and bullet drop compensation out to 800 yards. The reticle also includes a fairly intuitive ranging system along with holds for wind. It's illuminated (red) but the markings are etched into the glass, so if your battery dies the scope still works. Is it a Trijicon? No, it's not, but the price is right and it works.

The carbine's more of a red dot barker, but that shot well too. At least one reader of this family blog has suggested I make it a truck gun. Maybe I will.

Are these ARs tactical? Yes, very. You can tell that by their pistol grips. Are they deadly assault rifles? I think it's obvious that they are. Do they enrage, terrify and disgust progleft libs, like a pork chop in Ramadan? Yes, they do, and that's a bonus. They're also a lot of fun and if you have to shoot something, they get the job done. So it's benefits all 'round.

Keep squeezing the trigger,



LL said...

Soon, you'll need to register the DLC with the US Department of Homeland Security so that it can get its free 5.56 ammo to defend the homeland from deviates and people from San Francisco.

Fredd said...

Automatic weapons are great for military purposes, and I was in the US Army and had plenty of practice with M-16A1 rifles.

But now that I am a civilian, I only have a need for a defensive weapon: one that I can keep loaded and know that when I absolutely must have it, all I need do is grab it, point it at the bad guy and pull the trigger.

With an automatic weapon, it is not that easy: they often have a safety selector that must be switched off. Then likely you have to jack a round into the chamber by pulling back and releasing a spring operated bolt. Then you can pull the trigger.

I have a revolver. It does not have a safety. It has all 6 cylinders loaded. No chance for failure.

jenny said...

If you're going to have a friendly face, it's good to have fierce guns to hide it behind.

LSP said...

I want that free ammo, LL!

LSP said...

I think I need a wheel gun, Fredd (apart from the .38 Special snubby that I enjoy).

Do you hunt?

LSP said...

That is a very good point, Jenny.

Owl21 said...


Those are not "fully automatic," but civilian semi-automatic battle rifles.

As far as "easy" goes, that is a relative point. You may or may not wish to set the safety selector. However, if you do, then one trains to flick it off as their finger moves to the trigger once the weapon is on target. With proper training, two targets can be engaged in less than two seconds from the low ready position, safety on.

As for your "bad guy" scenario, what happens when it's more than one? More than two? More than 6?

AR = RTR, move to cover, engage targets, reload fresh magazines as necessary.

Wheelgun = oops! I'm dead, my wife and children are left defenseless and... (let your imagination roam)

My AR's have never failed me, and hold 30+ rounds ready to rock... (and in my case, my wife will be flanking the enemy with her fully loaded AR.)

Just sayin'

LSP said...

Did someone say "fully automatic"?

Must make friends with, ahem, Ted Nugent.

With that in mind, very pleased with these semi gas monsters.

I think a .308 variant is on the way...

lukeya said...

I find them very ecclesiastically appropriate Padre. Happy shooting!!

LSP said...

They're proper little blasters, Lukeya.

You should find some light rail pretext to consult with DART and come for a shoot.

Anonymous said...

M203 to complete the project?

LSP said...

Here's a review of the civilian variant, Anonymous:

Brighid said...

Lots of "Oh Shiny" there Padre.
I'm one rifle and one shotgun away from having a royal flush.

LSP said...

Nice one, Brighid.

Bravo Tac said...

The MOE+ Grip has the addition of an anti-slip overmolded rubber coating for enhanced weapon control in wet conditions or when hand is sweaty.

LSP said...

Looks like a good grip.