Wednesday, January 31, 2024

UFO Or Gravel?!?


What is this, some kind of UFO or "UAP" come to rest in the greensward of the Compound's vehicle park? No, it was not, just a load of aggregate arriving to "improve the ground" and make it "code compliant." Whatever that means in today's movable feast of  civic virtue.

Aggregate and a Rig

Far-sighted readers will remember the Code Cops paid us a visit a few days ago because someone had made a formal complaint about vehicles parked on our attractively grassy lot and demanded they go unless the "ground was improved."  After a congenial conversation about Glocks, I assured the Code Constables that there'd be a solution.

Sure enough there was, with D turning up with serious amounts of aggregate and gravel. He told me he'd do it and he did, I respect that, well done. Next step? March across the way to the church which generously hosts your rigs on its erstwhile grass. He tells me he will, after all, it's his local.


Hey, I can't complain, all that "ground improvement," ahem, doesn't come cheap. Thanks, D, 'preciate you, what a good neighbor.

In Rure,


Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Charles I


It's the Martyr King's Feast today; they killed him on January 30th, 1649. We do not forget this Christian monarch who rode into Edgehill I in golden armour. That was, when you think on it, the last shout of the Middle Ages, and what a chivalric shout it was. But let's not forget Henrietta Maria, here she is:

You'll note her very well deserved pearls. No Bishop No King, eh?

Your Pal,


Well Done Team


Here's the thing, an old wooden house needs looking after or it falls apart and doesn't work, not unlike a gun. That in mind, the front porch of the Compound needed fixing and that's exactly what happened, Salvatore turned up, pencil behind ear and made it happen.

First off, get rid of the old wood and reinforce the beams that undergird the Compound. Next up? Shore up a pillar and replace the old deck with tongue and groove. Then paint the thing, and so they did.

Well done, boys, looks good. Quite unlike the hideous New World order envisaged by our Elite Billionaire Overlords.



Monday, January 29, 2024

Lay Down


Let's hear it for awesome not a Devil Witch Melanie:

There was no "rule." Well yeah, it was like that.

note Melanie in lower left infographic



Farmers Revolt


You may not have noticed that there's been a farmers' revolt in France, Germany and the Netherlands because our honest as the day's long objective media won't report it, but there has. 

Thousands of farmers in tractors have been taking to the Autobahns of Garden Europa to protest their beloved WEF, DAVOS elite rulers from driving them out of business in the name of Climate Change, snerk.

As in, "We have to close your stupid little farms down and buy them for pennies on the Reichsmark or the icecaps will melt and you'll all freeze to death in the new Ice Age and be eaten by migrating Polar Bears, because it's colder because it's hotter, thanks to you, methane spewing "farmers."

The farmers aren't too keen on this blatant land grab and accordingly blockaded all the roads leading into Paris. Quite a move. I read somewhere that the blockade will be for five days, maybe make that thirty? Just a thought.

And behold the sheer genius of our agitprop. We, the ultra rich, want control over everything so that we can rent it out to you, if you're lucky, and get even moar richer. But how? Tell your rainbow worshiping people that it's "green" and watch them bay for more, even as they shout for war.

Good luck, farmers, starve 'em out,


It's All Going On In The Country I Tell You


One of the things that happens here is I let some of the neighbors park their rigs and vehicles in the grassy pasture that is the Compound's parking lot. They mow the grass and all of that in return. But this beneficent arrangement seemed to come to a crashing end today.

There I was on the back deck, scanning Zerohedge, when up come two men in polo shirts with Glocks on their hips, "Sir, can we have a word?" Of course they could and were welcomed into the rural fastness with a sunny hello, "What's up, guys?"

A Typical Kitchen Glock

Turns out they were from Code Enforcement, yes, we have such a thing, and someone had the literal brazen temerity to make a formal complaint about the vehicles parked up on the grass. It broke the code and couldn't be tolerated because, you see, the area's zoned residential and enormous lifted trucks and everything else have to be parked on "improved ground," such as gravel.

Huh. I assured the officer that it'd be sorted out before tickets had to be issued or any other equivalent nonsense. So that was good, but what about guns. "How are you finding that Glock?" I asked, glancing down at the fella's two-tone 9mm variant.

Behold, Legally Parked on Gravel. FFS

"I like it a lot and shoot pretty good with it and you know, it was weird, when I went to the Police Academy, they asked 'how many of you have shot pistols?' and I was the only one in the class who didn't raise his hand because we never had pistols where I was, just shotguns for quail, pheasant and dove. You know what, I ended the course shooting a lot better than some of those country boys because I was taught right, from the start."

Good call. So we talked Glocks and pistols and became friends and off they went into the pastoral hinterland. Flash forward several hours to me getting back from Walmart and there's D, remonstrating in the car park, not a happy man. Code Enforcement had not been kind to him and he was ticked, having put out for local LE & Co a lot over the years. Someone had made a complaint.

Note, why is his finger on the trigger? Maybe because he's an actor

We speculated on the identity of this malefactor and he asked me if it was OK to spread some gravel and "improve" the parking zone. "Remember I asked you if I could black-top and you said 'no, I don't want that (well said, LSP, Ed.), get gravel, but I need to get the church's permission.' Do I still need to get that?"

I looked at D, who wasn't very happy, and he looked at me, "You have the church's permission, knock yourself out on that gravel. I'll help you spread it, even." But that wasn't needed, "I've got a tractor at the shop and I'll bring it in tomorrow morning with the gravel. Thanks, man." Thanks indeed, "'preciate you, brother. Come to church, it's about time." He agreed and off we went, friends.

I call this installation Casa Blanca, keen-eyed readers will understand

So there you have it. Problem, solution, right here in sunny Texas' North Central Exclusion Zone.



Saturday, January 27, 2024

Malfeasance Oppression Tyrannical Partiality


Looks like you crossed some kinda line, Fani, and now you have to pay the price. Which she might be able to do because Fani's net worth is mere 8 million socialist dollars. You can read all about it on Zero, here.

Bushcraft, bringing home the bacon

In sum, massive corruption. What are we, Zimbabwe? Something like that, but with far greater amounts of DEI cash to sling around the Malfeasance Zone which is our governance. Come back, Selous Scouts, all is forgiven.

Your Old Pal,


#BorderCrisis Memes


Well it's all going on, eh?

And then some

Fire up the grill


And let's not forget our brave farmers

And Montana too

And on and on, but maybe the old memes are the best memes.

Pro Patria,


PS. Bonus memes:


Friday, January 26, 2024

I Won't Back Down


Situation developing, but it seems like Governor Abbott is holding the line, he's not backing down and neither are some 25 other states. Who can blame them? They're not enthralled at the prospect of being flooded with hundreds of thousands of invaders. Likewise, they're not too keen on the new Democrat import-a-vote crookery, which threatens their jobs, and no wonder, they'd lose the local power they've worked so hard to gain.

So here we are. The Old Crook's told Abbott he has to back down by end of play today or else. Or else what? Are the Feds gonna go and arrest Abbott in the Governor's Mansion? Maybe III Corps will roll outta Fort Hood on Austin with armored phantom fury. Who knows, maybe local LEO will simply close in and arrest Abbot and put him in gaol. Hunh.

Or, on the other hand, perhaps some court will declare Texas an insurrectionist state and bar it from the electoral college in 2024. Boom, guaranteed Blue Tsunami except that the Rainbow Party will have to disenfranchise 25 other states, with their military, with all their guns and all of that; I don't see it. We are, it seems, at an impasse, make of it what you will. Whatev, here's a song to aid reflection:

Go Abbott,


Thursday, January 25, 2024

Hoist The Black Flag


This seems appropriate, right about now.

Ride on,


Fighting Talk


Governor Greg Abbott made history yesterday on the 160th anniversary of the Battle of the Wilderness, throwing down against the Old Crook and his gang of traitors in DC. Here's the statement, in case you haven't already read it several times over:

"President Biden has instructed his agencies to ignore federal statutes that mandate the detention of illegal immigrants. The failure of the Biden Administration to fulfill the duties imposed by Article IV, § 4 has triggered Article I, § 10, Clause 3, which reserves to this State the right of self-defense. For these reasons, I have already declared an invasion under Article I, § 10, Clause 3 to invoke Texas’s constitutional authority to defend and protect itself. That authority is the supreme law of the land and supersedes any federal statutes to the contrary."

Wow, that went from 5 to 80 in about a second. 

So far 25 states have come out in support of Texas and our border, of the country itself. It seems, dear readers, that we're fast moving into 1850s territory; so what's the Power gonna do, go to war against Texas and it's allies? Let's see and hoist the Black Flag while you're at it.

Fighting Talk,



160 Years Ago, the Battle of the Wilderness:

Scarce had we moved a step when General Lee, in front of the whole command, raised himself in his stirrups, uncovered his grey hairs, and with an earnest, yet anxious voice, exclaimed above the din and confusion of the hour, “Texans always move them!”

Never before in my lifetime or since, did I ever witness such a scene as was enacted when Lee pronounced these words, with the appealing look that he gave. A yell rent the air that must have been heard for miles around, and but few eyes in that old brigade of veterans and heroes of many a bloody field was undimmed by honest, heart-felt tears. 

Leonard Gee, a courier to General Gregg, and riding by my side, with tears coursing down his cheeks and yells issuing from his throat exclaimed, “I would charge hell itself for that old man.”
- Private Robert Campell, 5th Texas Infantry

Wednesday, January 24, 2024



A friend sent this, via Rod Dreher's substack:

"It is not that they love the millions of migrants and illegals more than their own countrymen. They hold us both in contempt: they are content to see the migrants exploited and trafficked, and to see us swamped and erased. Their approach signals their inmost selves, cruelty masquerading as compassion. The desperate girl trafficked from the Darien Gap to Dallas, raped and sold along the way, laboring to pay a fraudulent debt at an off-the-books job, is the apotheosis of progressivism’s achievement."


Wish I'd written that,


Tuesday, January 23, 2024



It's that time of year when our diocesan clergy go on retreat at the Jesuit set up on Lake Dallas, Montserrat. It's good to get away and refocus on the spiritual life. 

It's been good, too, to hear a series of excellent meditations by Bishop Iker. What an outstanding bishop. But more on this later, it's time for Mass.



Saturday, January 20, 2024

Cleanse The Palate


The UK still has some soldiers, not many, hardly any, but some. Do you think UKGOV got rid of their Army because they thought it was disloyal to GloboHomo power? As in can't have those Praetorians hijack our rainbow power grab.

Maybe so, and weird calculus given the UK is baying for war. Anyway, here's what's left of the Scots regiments, doing  their thing:



The Curse Of The Skinny Suit



Look, I know there's a lot of terrible things going on the world, like the stars aligning for WWIII, the rank apostasy of Western institutional religion, the trans climate rainbow cult, a demented Old Crook in the White House and so much more. But have you noticed this, the Skinny Suit?


The Skinny Suit is a suit that's cut several sizes too small for the wearer and I noticed them, in abundance, in London last year. There were all these guys walking around in these stupid skinny suits, as if they'd been bought a suit by their parents for their 18th birthday and... kept wearing it into their 30s.


Why, we ask, do people spend money on these hideous looking so-called "suits" which don't fit them? Is there some kind of message in this, some weird and distasteful message? Possibly, but whatever's behind this hideous trend, it needs to stop. Look, here's a real suit, perhaps you can spot the difference.

awesome, note sharkskin

House Cut,


Friday, January 19, 2024

Is Nico Good Or Bad?


What's your take on Nico, punters, Andy Warhol's Velvet Underground songstress? Described as "half goddess, half icicle" Nico sang with the Underground, obvs, was pals with Jim Morrison, went solo and died in the '80s in Ibiza, from a brain haemorrhage. On a bicycle ride, curiously.

dear readers, note skag skin

My take. This inconsequential mind-blog scorns heroin and all of that, but I feel her voice was haunting. Perhaps this is a sign of weakness in me; feel free to disagree. In the meanwhile, here's a tangential tribute:

Stay Healthy,