Monday, September 30, 2013


Today is the Feast of St. Michael and All Angels (transferred). What are we to make of the angels? Our image of them depends, it seems, on classical antiquity. 

the ole samothrace

Here we find winged supernatural beings, messengers of the Gods, which become messengers of the God, whose perfection demands angelic ubiquity. Every person, Altar, and planet, for example, has its Guardian.

rich old margarine demon

I shouldn't hesitate to invoke that assistance, but be careful how you go.

Defende nos,


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Nice Day at the Beach

Beach Kit

I went for an armed stroll over at what my philisophical friend, GWB, calls "The Beach." The Beach is this swampy, snakey series of ponds out by Brandon. I thought that there might be fish and possibly dove or other small game, maybe squirrels, rabbits, even an unwiley coyote or a careless hog. You never know.


So I got all quiet and tactical and went to scout out the Beach; there were plenty of dog tracks in the dark earth, which was still wet from all too rare rain. A big coyote had passed through recently and as I pondered that I saw a gang of turkeys. They were very unafraid and would have been an easy shot in season. I'll remember that spot for later in the year.

Spot the Bird

At the Beach proper I was disappointed to see there weren't any fish, but there was a large turtle who eyed me quizzically from the turgid depths of the pond. The air was thick with dragon flies and I waited, still, in the silence, which became loud with insects and birds.

The Beach

If I'd waited long enough something would have shown up and I would have shot it, but I picked my way through the swampy brush, keeping an eye out for arrowheads and associated archeology. You never know what you'll find, certainly not any dove, annoyingly.

I see there's a Putinist subculture in America. Well go figure.

Good hunting,


Monday, September 23, 2013

Go on, Piers, Take the Challenge!


Infowars' Alex Jones has thrown down the gauntlet, inviting his unpopular rival and well-known Illuminati shill, CNN's Piers Morgan, to a vaccine challenge. Jones is is offering the disliked expat Brit $1 million dollars to take 1000 vaccine shots over two weeks.


Piers Morgan was once Editor of the left-leaning Daily Mirror, before being forced to resign over fake stories of British troops torturing Jihadi terrorists. Known by many as the "most hated man in journalism," Morgan was the target of an unsuccessful campaign to have him deported back to the U.K.

Illuminati Shill

Despite popular grass-roots attempts to remove him, Piers Morgan remains in the U.S., where he champions gun control, the New World Order, and vaccinations. After early successes with Oprah Winfrey and iconic radio personality, Howard Stern, Morgan's ratings have been dismal.

So come on, Piers. Turn those ratings around and take the Vaccine Challenge! Or go back to England, or both.


Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Carp Fishing

Aquilla Tailrace

It's not always possible, but I like to shoot, ride or fish after Sunday's Masses. If I lived in a city, like London, or even Dallas, things might be different, but here in the country it makes sense to get out and enjoy yourself in a field sports kind of way. At least it does to me.

Shooting Bag

With that in mind I decided to go carp fishing at lake Aquilla's tailrace; I knew the carp were there because I've seen them, lots of them, gliding like submarines under the water and scooting along the banks of the channel. No doubt about it, sure as you can say "Jihadi Savages" or "Pelosianite Space Creature," you can say for a surety that carp are there in that water.


I rigged up a couple of rods and to European carp experts my setup will seem childishly crude: 2 Shakespeare Ugly Sticks, one a baitcaster, the other a spinner, each with 12 lb mono ending in a barrel swivel, followed by a braid leader and a #10 treble hook. No weight. The idea behind the weightless rig being that it won't spook the cautious carp, likewise with the small hook and braid leader. Nothing fancy for bait, just corn loaded onto the hooks. 

Carp Action!

Did the rig work? Sure enough, as the sun began to set and the fish started to jump, one of the lines went tight, the drag opened up and there was a carp on the hook. It was a good fight, not as aggressively scrappy as some Bass but still, plenty of go. I put it back, which some people don't do because they think carp are "trash fish." I'm against that; they can be eaten and they make good game fish, apart from anything else, so let the creature go to live and fight again another day.

Heading for Home

Soon it was getting dark and I headed for home, well satisfied with the carp result and an evening by the water.

Fish on,


Saturday, September 21, 2013

The State Is Your Friend.

Nice Little Bass

I got up at a ridiculously early hour, braved Battle of Britain traffic to get to church, said Mass, had a coffee, went to a lake and caught a fish. I feel somehow pleased with that progression. 

The State Loves You

It would have been better, obviously, if I'd managed to shoot something, but all good things in their time.


Less pleasing is the new comsymp lib/progressivist dinner party trick of referring to the Government as our "Federal Family." What? Look here, you lot, the State isn't your friend. It can't be, because it's not a person. Neither, of course, is Nancy Pelosi, but we've known that for years.

Speaking of which, when will the Lord call her "back home"?



Time Traveler McCain Blasts Putin!

Time Traveler?

Senator John "Weathervane" McCain has blasted Vladimir Putin in his reply to the Russian leader's touchdown scoring op-ed in the New York Times

Entitled, "Why Russians deserve better than McCain Putin," McCain's reply was written for, a well-loved online successor to the famous Soviet newspaper of the same name. In his article, McCain criticizes Putin for being against gay sex and the female Punk band, Pussy Riot, who blasphemed the Virgin Mary in Moscow's cathedral and were imprisoned. 

Vladimir Putin, Reincarnation of St. Paul?

The Senator goes on to launch a blistering attack against Vladimir Putin.

"President Putin doesn't believe in these values because he doesn't believe in you. He doesn't believe that human nature at liberty can rise above its weaknesses and build just, peaceful, prosperous societies. Or, at least, he doesn't believe Russians can. So he rules by using those weaknesses, by corruption, repression and violence. He rules for himself, not you."

Pravda, which means "truth" in Russian, was quick to run reactions to the Senator's article. "Vladimir Putin wins presidential elections," quipped one columnist, "Senator McCain loses them."

Bear Rider v. Rainbow Pony 

Experts have questioned John McCain's temporal point of origin, with several chronometrists arguing that the Senator was genetically engineered in 2086 and warped back in time, in a failed future-world bid to change U.S. and Russian Presidential history. 

From the Future?

Vladimir Putin, hailed by some as the reincarnation of St. Paul, remains in power, with political pundits speculating on the possibility of his election to yet another term  in Russia's highest office. 


Friday, September 20, 2013

No Desertion, No Surrender

Solemn High Mass

The Society of the Holy Cross, (SSC) is a priestly society founded in 19th Century England to defend and strengthen the spiritual life of its members and promote the catholic faith and mission of the Church. The Society's spread beyond England and includes an American Province, which met this week in Dallas. 

Some of the Crew, Requiem

I was Head of Transport and chartered a school bus to ferry the priests about from hotel to church. "Are you on the bus, or off the bus?!?" was my Keseyite cry. They mostly were, though some rented cars and many of the Texans had their own trucks. 

View over Oak Lawn

The SSC motto is No Desertion, No Surrender! Part of that means no goof-off rainbow clowns.

Goof-Off Rainbow Clown

God bless,


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Terrifying Clowns


A mystery clown has been terrifying the unpleasant English town of Northhampton. Taking his cue from prominent U.S. Klowns, the anonymous British jokester doesn't appear to have a coherent agenda, other than standing around, grinning and staring inanely.

Stop Scaring People

This angers some victims: "You've been spotted now get out of the clown suit and start acting like a grown up," said one Northhampton resident, "and stop scaring people as some people do have real fears of clowns and you are terrorising them despite what you may say."


People in America, Britain and around the world are often terrified of clowns. Symptoms include feelings of dread, increased heartbeat, sweating, nausea and anger.

At Large

The Northhampton Clown and its U.S. counterparts are still at large. Experts have written off U.S. foreign policy as "largely a joke."


Monday, September 16, 2013

Axe Attack


A church member was telling me about his father yesterday, after Mass. He remembers his guv'nor charging his neighbor with an axe. The neighbor had a 30-06. Careful with that axe, old chap.

Moral of the story? We're not that far here from the Frontier.


Sunday, September 15, 2013

You Thief!


I stole this photo from LL, who tells us he took it from Woodsterman, who took it from someone else again. And who can blame us?

Ride on,


Dallas Wilderness

Where I Get My Hair Cut

One of the things I like to do, when not testing out new crossbows, or trying to hook or shoot things, is explore Dallas. Sometimes you can even combine the two, but seriously, I had no idea that there was such wilderness within the city. 

Dallas MixMaster

Urban wilderness sure, but not the natural sort. Still, there it is, right in the metroplex, wild hogs, exotic birds and monster 7' Gar, all dependent on the winding Trinity. Here's a photo, taken from the unpleasant Audubon Center:

The Trinity

Not that long ago, well within the memory of people's Great Grandfathers, this part of America was just beginning to be mapped. Reflect on that for a moment.

Dallas Pigs

It is very different indeed to England.

God bless,


Saturday, September 14, 2013

M4 Tactical Crossbow

M4 Tactical Crossbow

It's not every day that one of your old friends sends you an email saying that a crossbow is on its way to you in the mail. But that's exactly what my old pal, the Suburban Bushwhacker, did the other day; and not any old crossbow either, no, he sent the M4 Tactical Crossbow (M4TC). I was pretty excited when I read that email because I've been eyeing crossbows recently, thinking, "I want one of those."

In The Box

I was even more excited when it arrived and whipped out the trusty Spyderco Persistence to open the bow's box. Like it's namesake, the M4, this bow is black and has a synthetic stock. Unlike the M4 and its civilian variant, the AR, the M4 Tactical Crossbow fires 1/8" steel ball bearings, as well as featherless arrows. It comes complete with a premounted 4x32 scope and an adjustable fore grip. 

Stuff it Comes With

What makes this crossbow tactical? It's black, for a start, and it comes with a red dot laser light, a blue "Wolf's Eye" light  and a 600 lumen flashlight. All these can be fitted, tactically, to the body of the bow. But does it work? Sure it does. Simply pour ball bearings into the bow's interior magazine. Then cock the bow, which is easy, release the safety, squeeze the trigger and shoot.

There's a Crossbow on the Table!

I tested the beast out against its sturdy cardboard packing case, firing from around 20 yards, and was pleased to see the scope was pretty much zeroed in. Is it powerful? Powerful enough to knock chunks off a pecan tree and shoot through the cardboard box. I'd imagine it'd make short work of a rat or a squirrel. Mine didn't come with arrows but if the ball bearing action was anything to go by I'd wager it works alright with those too.

Add caption

All in all a fun bit of kit. Good for backyard range fun and more powerful than your average BB gun, not least because it fires the monstrous 1/8" steel ball bearing. It's tactical too, which is important; make sure you wear your night vision monocular so you don't trip over the bow in the dark!

Nice Little Group

You can purchase the M4 Tactical Crossbow from Tactical Tech Zone. It's not cheap, at $249+, but if you're after hours of ball bearing amusement, well, it's worth every penny.

Thanks, SBW, nice one.


Friday, September 13, 2013

Loaded For Bear

Klown Swallowed Alive

Who knew that Russia, (remember Soviet Russia, where Christianity was pretty much not allowed?), would someday be the only power to stand up for the Faith publicly.

Far-fetched I know, but that's what's happened; Vlad Putin is the only world leader speaking out in defense of Christianity. The only one.

Don't Flinch!

America, England, France and the rest of the West, especially their rulers, hate Christianity. Why? Because it isn't gay, for a start and that's curiously threatening to them. Islam's O.K., of course, and we can ponder the reasons for that.

Bear growls, Klowns Blink 

Meanwhile, Russia has said no to bombing Syria, leaving our limo-lib socialists scrabbling for something meaningful to say and do other than standing around, looking dumb.

Who knows, maybe the war's off.


Excuse Me? Schori, Stop Klowning Around!

Krew of Klowns Chaplain, Jefferts Schori

Everyone, even the White House, admits that Putin "now owns" the Syria question, everyone that is except the Krew of Klowns famous boy bishop chaplain, Katherine Jefferts Schori. 

A Couple of Clowns Goofing-Off in Church

She thinks her team's floundering antics are due to far-sighted bravery on the part of Klown Kommander Obama. From Anglican Ink:

The situation in Syria continues to evolve. The death and violence that have been wrought on the Syrian people are a humanitarian tragedy of the first order. I do not believe further violence is likely to end the tragedy, but rather seems likely to increase or prolong the disaster. I applaud President Obama's restraint and willingness to look for diplomatic solutions -- changing position requires courage of the first order. It is a sign of profoundly care-filled leadership both to test the possibility of other, more creative and life-giving solutions and to put the needs of vulnerable populations ahead of one's own image or reputation.
No Fooling

No, Schori. The Klowns aren't going to war for cannibal Jihadi savages in Syria because they're "care-filled" but because they were spanked by Putin. Even your favorite newspaper, the toxic New York Times, admits as much.

So stop clowning around.


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Putin Scores! Klowns Go Down.

Game On

And it's a goal! No doubt about it, Vladimir Putin's been on top of his game and scoring all the points against the Krew of Klowns, and on their home turf too, the hated New York Times.

Klown Kaptain

The Klowns kicked off with aggressive bravado that soon turned to bluster and then blunder as veteran Krewman, John "Kerry the Klownsman", dropped his shot against opposition defense Assad and the rest is history.


Putin streaked in from reserve, taking the ball through the seemingly paralysed Klowns, leaving them stunned and confused as he scored a flawless touchdown followed by a near perfect goal. "It made me want to vomit," said New Jersey Klown, "Bob" Menendez. Meanwhile, Klown Kommander, B. H. Obama, was left pathetically speechless and immobile.

Kerry the Klownsman

Here's a replay of the last moments of Putin's goal:
My working and personal relationship with President Obama is marked by growing trust. I appreciate this. I carefully studied his address to the nation on Tuesday. And I would rather disagree with a case he made on American exceptionalism, stating that the United States’ policy is “what makes America different. It’s what makes us exceptional.” It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation. There are big countries and small countries, rich and poor, those with long democratic traditions and those still finding their way to democracy. Their policies differ, too. We are all different, but when we ask for the Lord’s blessings, we must not forget that God created us equal.
Judging by Putin's performance, some men are created more equal than others. Is this the end of the Klowns? Is Putin the New Constantine? Or will the ill-fated Krew make a comeback?

Putin and Lead Klown Offense

The world waits.