Friday, September 13, 2013

Loaded For Bear

Klown Swallowed Alive

Who knew that Russia, (remember Soviet Russia, where Christianity was pretty much not allowed?), would someday be the only power to stand up for the Faith publicly.

Far-fetched I know, but that's what's happened; Vlad Putin is the only world leader speaking out in defense of Christianity. The only one.

Don't Flinch!

America, England, France and the rest of the West, especially their rulers, hate Christianity. Why? Because it isn't gay, for a start and that's curiously threatening to them. Islam's O.K., of course, and we can ponder the reasons for that.

Bear growls, Klowns Blink 

Meanwhile, Russia has said no to bombing Syria, leaving our limo-lib socialists scrabbling for something meaningful to say and do other than standing around, looking dumb.

Who knows, maybe the war's off.