Friday, September 20, 2013

No Desertion, No Surrender

Solemn High Mass

The Society of the Holy Cross, (SSC) is a priestly society founded in 19th Century England to defend and strengthen the spiritual life of its members and promote the catholic faith and mission of the Church. The Society's spread beyond England and includes an American Province, which met this week in Dallas. 

Some of the Crew, Requiem

I was Head of Transport and chartered a school bus to ferry the priests about from hotel to church. "Are you on the bus, or off the bus?!?" was my Keseyite cry. They mostly were, though some rented cars and many of the Texans had their own trucks. 

View over Oak Lawn

The SSC motto is No Desertion, No Surrender! Part of that means no goof-off rainbow clowns.

Goof-Off Rainbow Clown

God bless,



LL said...

Why doesn't the church excommunicate the "goof off rainbow clowns"? Anyone who would preach homosexuality or abortion is completely at odds with all holy scripture and needs to go. They can become unitarians or something.

LSP said...

I couldn't agree more, LL. On that theme, why are people like Pelosi still allowed to receive Holy Communion? Misguided charity? Baffling.

LL said...

Why doesn't God "call Pelosi home" to pay up? What if she choked on the wafer? -- just kidding around -- sorta.

LSP said...

"call Pelosi home"? I sense a campaign coming on, LL.

And yes. What if the Host came back to choke her? Terrifying thought.

Anonymous said...

Is that the Planned Parenthood logo on his head?

LSP said...

Rumour has it, Anon, that it's photoshopped.Sure looks real to me.