Sunday, September 8, 2013

Fireforce LSP 1: Terrs 0

for goodness sake

We've had a bit of God, a bit of Church and, in a way, Country Life, because most things that take place in LSPland are in, well, the country. But what about Guns? What's happened to them?

rod & gun

I'll confess that they've taken a bit of a back seat to the rod lately, as fishing's become so much more affordable than shooting. Back in the old days of pre-stealthban America, you could buy box loads of cheap ammo and fire it off at targets, to improve your marksmanship skills and, of course, for fun.

I love fishing

But that was in the old days, back before we thought gay marriage was normal and Al Qaeda were our friends. Which they are, because we'd never help them out with poison gas, or anything.

win the firefight

With that in mind I bit the proverbial bullet and drove off to my friend's range after Mass, mostly to shoot some of the .45 rounds I've been stockpiling against the Eschaton. Now here's the weird thing. I shot in the 9/10 ring (mostly) at 20 yards. Well done me. I shot in the 8/9 ring at 35 yards, more consistently than in the previous evolution and at 50 yards got in the x ring once, with the rest of the fliers coming in slightly high center mass in the 8/9 ring.

kind old Fr. LSP

What does this mean? 

Don't discount your pistol at range and remember, the .45 is flatter than you might think.


Shoot straight,


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