Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Opening Day!

Just hanging out

September 1st was a Sunday and there I was on the front porch, sipping a coffee and listening to the gunfire echoing around the town as everyone tried their hand against the fierce dove. I wanted to be there too, jousting against the avian acrobats, but I had to say Mass, twice, which I did.

A bit chilly

Then it was shotgun out, ice in the cooler, and off to the dove fields with GWB, my philisophic friend and all 'round sportsman. We set up under some trees in knock-you-dead heat and waited for the birds to fly. They didn't much and when they did I missed.


Must take some time out for skeet and remedial shotgunnery. Still, a good time was had by all; I managed to catch a good size Bass and took a pic of a Preying Mantis.

Get out in the field

Then the sun set and it was time for home. More dove hunting later.

I love getting out in the field.

God bless,



Third News said...

Since I learned they mate for life, I've never understood the appeal of killing a morning dove.

Aside from their visual and tristisonous ornithoscopic pleasure, I was just reading that their continual courtship is nature's way of guaranteeing life as "both parents are required to successfully fledge young"

Aren't their pheasants or quail to kill? Since I've caught and [lucked the former, I can guarantee, they are just food

Adrienne said...

Please, please, don't post pictures of dead doves. I'm a fragile soul who hates to see such things.

LSP said...

The problem, 3rd News, is that they've shot all the quail in this part of Texas, while blaming their absence on fire ants. Bad.

I like "tristisonous ornithoscopic" and will quote you.

LSP said...

Adrienne, I'll hold off. For you.

Third News said...

"...they've shot all the quail in this part of Texas"

That's a business opportunity then. If I had the land, I would repopulate quails, and offer hunting trips. Breeding for aucupation is a proven method of conservation.

"...and will quote you" I love macaronic language, and archaic words.

LSP said...

Definite business opportunity -- quail lease, type of thing.