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Monday, October 3, 2016

Rod & Gun

It was tranquil on the big pond and large Bass were surging just out of casting range, which got the adrenaline up. Would they come in to the bank, or stay where they were, voraciously feeding off swarms of fry? 

They stayed where they were, wisely, and I didn't catch anything, despite the enticing promise of a 10" Texas rigged red ribbon tail worm. A bird was keeping an eye on the fish too, from the vantage point of a pipe. 

After casting about, I drove off to some hay bales with GWB and we set up in hope of shooting some dove. Like the fish, they wisely stayed away.

Later, back at the Compound, I cooked up some Toad in the Hole and onion gravy and I tell you, it was right tasty.

In other news, Kim Kardashian, who is not a hobbit, has been robbed in Paris. Good work, Team.

Gun rights,


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Cooking With LSP, Smothered Dove

Cooking with LSP? That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard, you say with a snort of condescension, and I don't blame you, who'd have thought it. But there is a way and here's how.

Go on, Shoot Some Dove

Drag yourself away from Hillary Possessed By Satan! headlines, I know, it's hard, and go out and shoot some dove. Breast the birds and season with salt, pepper and Cavender's, which is made to an "Ancient Greek Formula." Who knew that the Athenians of old had Hydrolysed Corn Soy Protein? Well, now you do. 

Dove, Onion, Heavy Metal

Take time to stand back and admire your handiwork, thinking yourself fortunate that the kitchen's protected by a .38 Special, or a Glock, or a mighty .460 Magnum, or whatever. The gun's up to you.

Set it Aside!

Next step, fry some bacon in a piece of heavy metal, set it aside when crispy, and brown the dove in the drippings along with a chopped onion and some extra Ancient Greek Formula. That done, put the dove and onion aside with the bacon and congratulate yourself on a successful evolution. Good thing you've got that pistol, right? 

Random Dogs on a Rug

Add 3 tablespoons of flour to the drippings and stir it up, don't be scared, whisk away! As it starts to thicken, open a can of chicken broth and add that, too. Stir, and ponder the delicious aroma rising from the heavy metal. Congratulations, you've made gravy, just be sure you don't get it on your elitist inside-the-Beltway tasseled loafers.

Come Together

Reverie over, add dove, onion and bacon to the pot and stir it around. Cover and bake at 350* for an hour and serve with Yorkshire Pudding, or rice, or mashed potatoes, your call. Maybe include a vegetable of some sort, like carrots, it's up to you, there's no rule.


When it's all together on the mahogany, fall upon your scoff and eat it it, like a Sovereign. And that's cooking, with...


Saturday, September 3, 2016

Mission Accomplished

Farsighted readers of this country life mind blog may remember that today started off with a plan. Viz. Put rod, reel and gun in the rig and head out for action, and that's what happened.

First stop, the Big Pond, hook up for Bass and cast off. I used a pink worm, I don't know why, it just seemed right. Perhaps I thought the sluggish-heat-of-the-afternoon-fish would be stirred up by the shocking pink plastic of the thing.

Whatever the case, it worked, and before too long out came a very decent Bass. Good result, they want the pink worm, so keep it coming. Sure enough, I didn't have to wait long before the hook was set and the line was playing out again. In a big way. 

It felt, in my mind, like a Leviathan Bass or a big Catfish, so imagine my surprise when I finally reeled in a turtle, a big one. Both it and the Bass lived to fight again another day.

Then it was time for dove and I joined some of the team, who were merrily shooting down an avian acrobat the size of a Condor. No kidding, it was a huge dove and that got my hopes up. I've entered the Land of the Giant Dove (LGD), I thought to myself. But it was a false peak, the birds weren't flying, though it was fun to look out on the bucolic paradise of Olde Texas in eager expectation.

After an hour or so of that, everyone fell back to HQ for a grillout and fun and you know what? That's what it was, a lot of fun in the countryside, and there's nothing wrong with that, at all.

Your Old Friend,


The Plan

So what's the plan? It's simple, read up on  Luke's Gospel, drink some coffee, fry up a steak and couple of eggs, then load some rods and a gun in the truck and get out in the field. And who knows, maybe catch a fish or two and shoot some birds. I think you'll agree, a clear, compelling, achievable plan.

Bill Clinton has a plan, too. He plans to fill Detroit with Syian refugees. Well, hey, they've got to go somewhere and Martha's Vineyard is already booked, by millionaire socialists.

Champagne all 'round!


Monday, October 6, 2014

Sunday Shoot

Sunday evening seemed like a good time to drive out to a friend's ranch and shoot some dove, which is exactly what me and GWB tried to do.

We set up in a favorable treeline and waited for the birds to fly. We had high hopes, shotguns, a Mojo decoy and we'd seen plenty of dove while driving in.

An hour later it was getting near dark, a very beautiful twilight, to be sure, but no birds. So we fell back to the pickup, unloaded the guns and reached into the Yeti for a couple of cold ones. The lack of action was a disappointment but not by much, it was just good to get out in the field and enjoy that time when night is setting in over the fields.

Then, just as the first sip of the right stuff went down, two dove shot over. "Did you see that?" I asked GWB. "Unh hunh," he answered perceptively. Two more flew over, then a small wave, followed by a larger one and on and on. Just a lot of dove and well within range.

Kindly Old LSP

"I guess we know where to find the birds," I uttered with rare rhetorical insight. "Oh yeah," replied the parser of post-structuralist word games, "right above the beer concession."

I was tempted to do a quick reload and have at it but no, we had had our chance, and the birds had theirs.

God bless,


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Nice Day at the Beach

Beach Kit

I went for an armed stroll over at what my philisophical friend, GWB, calls "The Beach." The Beach is this swampy, snakey series of ponds out by Brandon. I thought that there might be fish and possibly dove or other small game, maybe squirrels, rabbits, even an unwiley coyote or a careless hog. You never know.


So I got all quiet and tactical and went to scout out the Beach; there were plenty of dog tracks in the dark earth, which was still wet from all too rare rain. A big coyote had passed through recently and as I pondered that I saw a gang of turkeys. They were very unafraid and would have been an easy shot in season. I'll remember that spot for later in the year.

Spot the Bird

At the Beach proper I was disappointed to see there weren't any fish, but there was a large turtle who eyed me quizzically from the turgid depths of the pond. The air was thick with dragon flies and I waited, still, in the silence, which became loud with insects and birds.

The Beach

If I'd waited long enough something would have shown up and I would have shot it, but I picked my way through the swampy brush, keeping an eye out for arrowheads and associated archeology. You never know what you'll find, certainly not any dove, annoyingly.

I see there's a Putinist subculture in America. Well go figure.

Good hunting,


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Opening Day!

Just hanging out

September 1st was a Sunday and there I was on the front porch, sipping a coffee and listening to the gunfire echoing around the town as everyone tried their hand against the fierce dove. I wanted to be there too, jousting against the avian acrobats, but I had to say Mass, twice, which I did.

A bit chilly

Then it was shotgun out, ice in the cooler, and off to the dove fields with GWB, my philisophic friend and all 'round sportsman. We set up under some trees in knock-you-dead heat and waited for the birds to fly. They didn't much and when they did I missed.


Must take some time out for skeet and remedial shotgunnery. Still, a good time was had by all; I managed to catch a good size Bass and took a pic of a Preying Mantis.

Get out in the field

Then the sun set and it was time for home. More dove hunting later.

I love getting out in the field.

God bless,


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dove Mojo

Dove season's over, at least until December, and most weeks I've been able to get out in the field against the  avian acrobats. The result? An awful lot of sound and shotgun fury along with a small but steady stream of birds for the frying pan or grill.


In previous years I'd beat the treelines and fields hoping to surprise the feathered adversaries and shoot them as they broke cover. There's an excitement in that; you hear the birds feeding and move in their direction, senses sharp, then bang, they explode from cover and bang, off goes the gun. Sometimes you get a hit and there's a bird or two for the bag. But more often than not they have your measure and fly before you're in range.


This year involved a bit of that but the focus was on the set up. Conceal yourself in a likely place and wait for the dove to fly in. GWB introduced a Mojo decoy, which is a plastic dove on a spike with battery powered wings. I was skeptical. Surely the keen eyed birds would scorn the fakey lure. Not a bit of it. They'd fly straight in, dive bombing the Mojo, leaving you to break cover and snap off a shot.

But remember, if the birds see you skulking about the Mojo they won't take the bait.

Just sayin'.


Monday, October 15, 2012

Get Out and Hunt

There's few things I like better right now than getting out in the field after Sunday's Masses and roving about with a shotgun in search of dove, or small game. Going solo is good, just you, the countryside, senses sharpened in search of game and the satisfaction of something for the pot if things go right. If they don't? An armed ramble about the fields and treelines is good too. But I prefer to go out with company, which lately means GWB and his bird dog in training, JEB.

We shot a couple of the feathered acrobats and missed far more, they'll fly again to fight another day, and most of our time was spent set-up in silence along the edge of a big field waiting for the dove to fly. I like that silence. After a while you start to hear the sounds of the country, insects, birds, livestock, far off dogs and... dove! Then it's up and at 'em with a vengeance.

But they're canny rocketeers. They'll swerve to miss the shot, take off at impossible angles like gravity defying UFOs and otherwise defy the shooter. One seemed to play dead yesterday, stumbling in mid arc, nosedive falling straight down towards the ground, then taking off like an insane experiment out of the Peenemunde proving grounds. Well flown.

Then it was back to the tailgate to clean the birds as the sun was setting and back to HQ to eat them.

Fried up the breasts with onion, garlic and chili sauce on a toasted bun with mayo -- sandwich style.

Tasty, followed up by a glass or two of the right stuff on the porch and the usual banter about Angelic alphabets, Benchmade v. Spyderco, the wickedness of Yoko Ono and the perversity of thinking that the more you're taxed the richer you'll be.

God bless,


Monday, September 17, 2012

I Love dove Hunting

first birds in

Sunday evening seems to be turning into Dove Hunt Evening, which is just fine by me. It was raining this time and I wondered if the birds would be flying but didn't much care because getting out in the field with guns is fine as it is. Still, I wanted to shoot some of the avian acrobats.

two gun shoot

With that in mind, there seems to be a general consensus that dove don't much like a cold front and fly before it, the trick being to catch them them as they do. Not much chance of that, I thought, because Texas had changed to "Wales in summer" weather conditions, with rain and drizzle for the best part of a week. 

find the bird, yo.

But I needn't have worried; as soon as we parked the vehicles and loaded the guns, birds started flying like fury out of the trees where they'd been taking cover from the rain. GWB made short work of three with his old-school Browning 20 gauge. I let off a veritable flak barrage with a Mossberg 12 pump... and missed! Useless. I'd forgotten to concentrate in the right out of the gate excitement of the thing.

all hail the new truck!

So that was good and goes to show that just because it's raining you can't get out and hunt dove; we settled down on a treeline and got several more as the evening progressed and I'd like to think I redeemed myself with a decent, aimed this time, long shot or two.

Dove's in the freezer now, waiting for next Sunday and the grill and more birds... hopefully.

 I love dove hunting,


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Worker's Paradise

My philisophically inclined Ivy League friend and sportsman, GWB, sent in this self-portrait with the legend:

let's hunt some dove, LSP!
"Objects in the mirror are even further to the right than they appear."



Monday, September 10, 2012

Eat Dove


After a decent Sunday shoot with my philisophical friend GWB, it was time to put the dove on the grill. First you remove the small breasts from the bone and soak them in brine.

note the Benchmade
Next you chop some Jalapeno peppers in half, scoop out the insides and fill them with cream cheese. Place the dove meat on the peppers and wrap them in bacon; skewer with a toothpick and place the poppers on the grill for 20 minutes of indirect heat.

bacon makes everything good

Tasty as you like.


It's good to eat what you shoot, provided it's edible.



Shoot Dove

I like September because you can get out in the field to shoot dove, which is what I did on Sunday evening with GWB.

GWB, all about Wittgenstein...

We started off by walking a tree-line or two and a large field; one dove was flushed out and went down before we set up on the edge of some tree cover and waited for the birds to fly. 

They did that soon enough and after some brisk action we had a modest amount of dove for the grill. I always enjoy the excitement of the snap shot and the satisfaction of seeing the bird drop, for that matter, it's good in itself to be out at dusk in the Texan countryside. It's still, when the guns aren't firing, and gives well needed space to recollect.

get out in the field!

Thanks, GH, for letting us shoot on your land. A good time was had by all.

Shoot straight,