Monday, April 30, 2018

Ye Gods, I've Caught The Carp!

Unlike Satan, I try to take a day off, on Mondays, and what better way to spend part of that than checking out a new place to fish. It's not hard, put some rods in the bed of the truck, buy some kolaches and strong covfeve and off you go.

I arrived at the top secret Texan objective around Noon, after an intensive bout of front office porch work with the flock all morning, and sized things up. It looked right, smelled right, sage and cedar, and felt right. But would it be right and produce a catch?

Sure enough it did. Right out of the gate fish were tugging and thumping against my complex, scientific lure, a worm on a #6 bait holder allied to a single split-shot weight. Nice and easy does it, and then pull, a fish was on the hook and up came the first of five catfish. Good result.

Remembering that movement is a sign of life, I changed position and gently twitched the almost free floating bait along the bottom, but not for long. Something like Jan Sobieski's Hussars plowed into the hook with the kinetic energy of an ironclad phalanx.

Was it a monster catfish, a Leviathan Bass or something else, perhaps a dolphin? Hard to tell, as the monster of the deep dived, pulled, thrashed and eventually came to the surface. A carp, a huge great carp. Back you go, my friend.

Another even fiercer carp blew up the line again, in just the same spot, and I reeled it in only lose the hook as I brought the beast to land. But so what, we'd battled and one came out the victor. Sorry, carp, you lose this round.

And that was that. Pretty much a fish with every cast and we didn't even have a boat.

Tight lines,


Sunday, April 29, 2018

Beat The Drum

What kind of countryman are you, so-called LSP? All you do is post creepy photos of Barbie dolls dressed up like wimmyn priests.

Hey, I get your dissatisfaction. So to put things straight I put a couple of rods in the pickup and headed for water. Intuition and experience said try the other side of the dam, and that's exactly what happened. 

It was deserted and the river flowed clear. So clear, in fact, that you could see that there weren't any fish apart from a small posse of Carp, guarding the spillway entrance to the once mighty Brazos. Therein lies another tale, but undaunted I set up on the empty grid of the pier and cast off with worms and carp bait.

Within seconds something was tugging at the juicy worm/strawberry dough bait combo. Nice, then out pulled the line  with that steady, mindless-hunger, piscine determination and I snapped the rod up to set the hook. Action! 

Only to pull the hook up through empty water. What was this, a fish without parts that didn't occupy space? No, just a Gar who sensibly dropped the enticing strawberry chummed worm.

Knowing that persistence in the face of adversity is key, I cast off again, expecting nothing but hoping for everything. And there it was, a tug, a dive and fish on in the form of a voracious little Black Drum. I hauled him in.

Next, a decent sized Bluegill; up you come, predator, and back you go to fight again another day. And this little menace was followed by another Drum. Then something big hit the line. 

BOOM. One minute you're waiting there on the pier, looking out over Texas and the fabled Brazos, and the next? Something's charged into the hook like a Trump Train on full loco. Rod double, drag out, fast and furious action. Then up came the fish.

It was a big 'un too, no foolin', and a larger  adversary hit the line at the end of the expedition. Big action from a big fish, which annoyingly snapped the 12Ib test as I brought it up, defeated. 

Then it was time to head back to the Compound, under the light of a shining moon.

Fish on,


Saturday, April 28, 2018

The Sheer Awesomness Of Women Priests

Wherefore, in order that all doubt may be removed regarding a matter of great importance, a matter which pertains to the Church's divine constitution itself, in virtue of my ministry of confirming the brethren (cf. Lk 22:32) I declare that the Church has no authority whatsoever to confer priestly ordination on women and that this judgment is to be definitively held by all the Church's faithful. Ordinatio Sacerdotalis

Are women priests awesome? That's what we've been lead to believe, anything else is simply discriminatory and "weird." Here's Rosie Harper, a UK priestess, arguing in favor of women bishops.

“I would like to take a moment to look at this from the outside in.
“I would like to name the sheer weirdness of a community arguing about discrimination in the 21st century – people out there don’t care enough to be angry but they do dismiss us as weird.
“If we are serious about our mission, and I know this is a very basic point, we really do have to stop being weird.”

Right on, Rosie. If the church is going to get down with mission and fill those achingly empty pews, it'd better get serious about not being weird and consecrate some women. Anything less is an obvious, discriminatory injustice, so much so that society won't take the church seriously.

Leaving aside the knotty issue of the church's interaction with secularist culture, let's focus on discrimination, which is at the heart of the argument. It runs like this: Discrimination is clearly wrong, and not ordaining women as priests and bishops is discrimination, so not ordaining women is wrong. 

And wrong in a big way because, now that we've reached the 21st century, we're really clear about, you know, injustice. So stop being a weird bastion of intolerant discrimination, church, and maybe you'll get some converts. 

Sounds good, right? Stop being an evil discriminator, weirdo. But not so fast, Rosie & Co.

The first bishops and priests were all men, women weren't allowed to fulfill that office, which makes the apostolic setup wrong. In fact it makes it sinful according to Rosie's logic, because it excludes women, which is an obvious evil. And what weirdo put such a  clearly oppressive, wicked, intolerant and unjust system in place? 

That would be Jesus. And if Christ was so blind to such a clear-cut evil, what does that make him? Hardly God. After all, God doesn't sin, but that's exactly what Rosie et al. implicitly accuse Jesus of doing, of setting up a system of ministry that was heinously wrong.  

"If you love me you will keep my commandments," says Jesus. We have to wonder at the quality of the first in the hearts of people who play so fast and loose with the second.

Regardless, ordaining women will apparently make the church less weird and get it on mission. Perhaps that's why the Episcopal Church, and the Church of England have been losing members ever since they tried the experiment.

Or to put it another way, why should disbelievers go to church to have their lack of faith reflected back to them?

Make of this what you will,


Thursday, April 26, 2018

Fish After Mass

One of the many benefits of LSPland is that you can go fishing after Mass, which is what we did, right there on Lake Whitney as the sun was beginning to sink in the large Texan sky.

It was a tranquil scene, no doubt about it, but excitement was in the air as first one then several ferocious Bass surged up out of the water to prey on insects and small, unwary birds. Time to get on the fish, gentlemen.

I tried a variety of lures, a mid size shad, some kind of minnow thing and several topwater torpedoes, to say nothing of worms real and plastic along with delicious strawberry fish treats. But the fish were having none of it.

We weren't catching anything, the anglers to the left and right weren't catching anything and neither was man across the way. And that's just the way it was.

No fish on, we fell back to the Compound for a tasty meal of fried chicken and a celebratory glass of the right stuff in honor of Melania's birthday. 

It's Not Over, Fish. Not by a Long Shot

Would fried fish have been better? Sure, but that's for another day, when the fish are biting.

Your Old Friend,


Wednesday, April 25, 2018


That is all,


Citizen Kanye

You don't have to agree with trump but the mob can't make me not love him. We are both dragon energy. He is my brother. I love everyone. I don't agree with everything anyone does. That's what makes us individuals. And we have the right to independent thought. Kanye West

Well done, Kanye, for doing your part to make America great again and fair play Chance, you're doing your part too, along with Joyvilla and other clear thinkers.

Remember, DNC, black people don't have to be Democrats and roll on the black wave. And  while you're at it, what did 8 years of the Magic 0 do for you? Nothing, cubed.

You can support Kanye here, with dragon energy.

Kick out the JAMS,


Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Melania Mondays! White Hat Special

America's popular and glamorous First Lady succeeded yet again in dazzling viewers with simple elegance as she welcomed Rothschild toy boy, rainbow Napoleon, NWO puppet Macron and his his weather beaten wife, Brigitte, into the White House.

Melania stunned onlookers with her custom Hervé Pierre white hat. Even CNN had to admit the state visit was Melania's moment. 

Without speaking a word, dressed in a white Michael Kors Collection asymmetrical blazer and skirt -- and an eye-catching, custom-made Hervé Pierre hat -- Melania Trump spoke volumes. This was her house, her dinner and her terms.

Here at Melania Mondays! we've known this all along. Don't cross the First Lady, and if you do, you're a fool. Take note, Vogue, Vanity Fair and all the rest of the lying, corrupt, impure, mendacious, smug, hypocritical mainstream media.

And just to reinforce the point, White Hats rule this town now. Well done Melania, for doing your part to make America great again.

Always MAGA,


Monday, April 23, 2018


America loves a superhereo and here at the Compound we're no exception. Enter Wall Might, battling against the Shadow Government and Swamp Creatures, with the help of E Pluribus Unum, his power source.

Now in its third printing, My Hero Magademia is:

America's champion, and the Shadow Government and Swamp Creatures aren't happy about it! They are unleashing a relentless barrage of attacks on those they've dubbed 'The Deplorables', men and women who tap into and grant Wall Might his power. 

Up-and-coming young hero Maiku wants nothing more than to defend his homeland from the forces both assaulting it from outside and poisoning it from within. An unexpected invitation from his hero puts young Maiku in a trial by fire adventure as the Swamp Creatures lay siege to the highest office in the land.

With Wall Might's guidance and a sample of his power source, the E Pluribus Unum, Maiku-kun will find the strength to fight... AND TO WIN!

My Hero Magademia comes from the creators of the hit graphic novel, Thump The First Bundred Days. 

Thump had stellar reviews,  "Deplorable, but adorable. I love these drawings and believe that every true Trumper should have one on their coffee table to confound whatever liberal friends they have left," Chuck Dixon. 

You can buy My Hero Megademia here and Thump here.



St. George's Day

It's the Feast of St. George, so here's a prayer.

FAITHFUL servant of God and invincible martyr, Saint George; favored by God with the gift of faith, and inflamed with an ardent love of Christ, thou didst fight valiantly against the dragon of pride, falsehood, and deceit.
Neither pain nor torture, sword nor death could part thee from the love of Christ.

I fervently implore thee for the sake of this love to help me by thy intercession to overcome the temptations that surround me, and to bear bravely the trials that oppress me, so that I may patiently carry the cross which is placed upon me; and let neither distress nor difficulties separate me from the love of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
Valiant champion of the Faith, assist me in the combat against evil, that I may win the crown promised to them that persevere unto the end. Amen.
England forever.

God bless,


Sunday, April 22, 2018

Macron Loves Putin

Unpopular French leader, Emmanuel Macron, expressed his love of Russian President, Vladimir Putin, in a recent interview, calling Putin "strong," "tough" and "smart."


"He's strong and smart," said the French leaderene, who isn't gay and went on to applaud Putin's virility. "He is extremely tough," gushed Macron, whilst claiming intimacy with the Russian strongman.

Don't Say Abra

"I respect him. I know him. I'm lucid. I want to work with him," stated 36 year old Macron. The French Premiere then put himself on a pedestal, likening himself to Putin.


“I am an equal of Putin," declared Macron, "By the way, Putin understands me. And I decided to strike Syria in order to convey to Putin that we are also part of this.”


Macron claims that he is not a homosexual degenerate. He is happily married to his 64 year old wife, Brigitte.

Repugnant False Flag

Vladimir Putin remains Russia's autocrat Czar and, some would say, new Constantine.

A third Rome there shall never be.

Go hard,


Saturday, April 21, 2018

Illuminati Sex Cult Exposed

Allison Mack

Have you heard of NXIVM, the self-help marketing organization founded by Keith Raniere in 1998? You know, the one that had a top tier of wealthy female sex slaves, branded with Raniere's initials and forced into a life of servitude and strict diet. 

Keith Raniere

Painful, surely, and if it looks, sounds and acts like an occult group of rich, Crowleyite, Thelematic degenerates, so be it. But hold on, this has to be the stuff of conspiracy and fantasy? Not so fast. 

A Typical NXIVM Brand

In March, 2018, Raniere was hauled out of his getaway $10k a week Mexican villa by police and brought to justice in the US, where he faces charges of sex trafficking and forced labor.


Smallville actress, Allison Mack, who'd been hiding out in Mexico with Raniere, was also arrested on similar charges. Mack allegedly ran Raniere's sex slave ring.

Also, according to Twitter, Mack's all in favor of Marina Abramovic. You might remember Abra, she's the hermetic performance artist behind spirit cooking.

Connect the dots or not, it's up to you.

Carry on,