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Monday, October 26, 2020

Amy Coney Barret Confirmed

Just in. Catholic constitutionalist Amy Coney Barrett has been confirmed by the Senate. She'll take up her place on SCOTUS shortly, cancelling out Justice Epstein's Island Roberts.

A blow for liberty against the big tech, big corporate, big media, bankster corrupt establishment? Yes, in short, a spear in the eye of the Illuminati NWO and their bought and paid for puppet shills.

And on Hillary Clinton's birthday too, to boot. Savor the moment. Here's a video:

As Marxists wail and gnash their pointed, revolutionary teeth, we salute you. Well done, ACB, and thank you Mr. President.


Saturday, October 17, 2020


Yesterday was a big day. Great shooting enjoyment in the morning and then evening rodeo in Waco. 

OK, it's no fun to drive to Waco but the Extraco venue's a great place to see the event, far better than a massive stadium because you're closer to the action, especially with a ringside view.

Good, too, to be with some of the people who organize the competition, which makes everything more personal. But regardless, I like the excitement of the thing.

So much suspense: will she make that barrel, will he get stomped by a raging bull? Why is that USMC veteran a rodeo clown? How long will he stay on the ferociously bucking horse and will he die if he's thrown off into the arena? And so on.

I tell you, adrenaline's up and at it. And guess what, none of the people there took a knee for the national anthem. They're patriots who do not disrespect the flag. The PRA's very different to, say, the NFL or the NBA and thank God for it. 

All that in mind and more, what a great night out. When I got back to the bucolic haven that is this small rural farming community, my eldest called in from Korea. 

"Hey, dad, what's up?" I told him and learned that he 's fine and enjoying army life. Thank God. But exactly what this entails is a bit of a mystery because he steadfastly refuses to send photos of anything beyond being in the "motor pool." Though I've been told beaches are involved. Hmmm.

Therein lies another post. 

Ride on,


Monday, October 12, 2020

Happy Columbus Day

Some people don't like the remarkable navigator and explorer Christopher Columbus. They hate him and his discovery of America, and they hate the country his exploration made possible. Such evil, colonialist, racist oppression, said no one when US forces liberated Dachau.

1945 aside, the Compound's neighbors, Eduardo, Maria and friends seem to have forgotten Columbus Day is an evil homage to racism. That's why they've been partying for two days solid, and I'm not complaining. Music fills the air along with the delicious aroma of constant BBQ, doubtless cooked up in some kind of underground kiln in their backyard version of the homestead south of the border. Nice.

Columbus' Tomb

Speaking of the evil of this incredibly evil day, I like this, from the White House:

Sadly, in recent years, radical activists have sought to undermine Christopher Columbus’s legacy.  These extremists seek to replace discussion of his vast contributions with talk of failings, his discoveries with atrocities, and his achievements with transgressions.  Rather than learn from our history, this radical ideology and its adherents seek to revise it, deprive it of any splendor, and mark it as inherently sinister.  They seek to squash any dissent from their orthodoxy.  We must not give in to these tactics or consent to such a bleak view of our history.  We must teach future generations about our storied heritage, starting with the protection of monuments to our intrepid heroes like Columbus.  This June, I signed an Executive Order to ensure that any person or group destroying or vandalizing a Federal monument, memorial, or statue is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


Good work, speechwriters, and thanks Mr. President for standing up for the country you lead. Seriously, it's about time we stopped apologizing, pandering and kowtowing to the people who would tear us down. There's a lot to celebrate about the West, not least its current standard bearer, America.

Following the light of the sun, we left the Old World.

I love that,


Thursday, October 8, 2020



What a great night. Good, honest, straight-up, friendly people, tasty food, plenty of drink and a lone busker to boot. 

He was out of Nashville, he told me, and I tipped him for the tale. The rest of the crew were rodeo stars, cattlemen, judges and all else in between. The occasion?

A church couple's 40th wedding anniversary. I listened away to stories of "out of Cheyenne," and "blood was spilling out of her shoe after a horse span on her toe. So we took her to ER and I cut the toe out of her boot and she was racing barrels the next day." All very Florence Nightingale. Thanks, MC.

With that, a glass raised and a salute to LSP, "He's got a story too, tell him about your hip!" Three screws in the upper femur and an Arab later the tale was told, and kudos to me, badly damaged by a horse like everyone else in the room. But whatever.

Such a good evening, and here's the thing. These people are not demonstrative, politically. They consider it bad manners, but I'll tell you this, they are mighty pissed about the state of the nation. Let the reader understand.

Ride on,


Friday, October 2, 2020

Cooking With LSP - Fish on Friday

Cooking with LSP? That's a great idea. Look, enough of your sarcasm, here's how it's done. Get on a boat and catch some Striper, then watch in awe as your Guide fillets the fish in a fraction of the time it'd take you. Guide magic, but hey, it's his job. Next step?

Take the fillets back home and put 'em in the fridge, only to be taken out later in the day. Behold their piscine glory and as you do, pour an inch or two of oil into some heavy metal (dutch oven), put this on medium/high heat along with a candy thermometer. As the oil does its thing, wash the fish, salt and pepper it, and leave it on a cutting board while you prepare the batter. This is easy.

Put 1 cup of flour into  a mixing bowl, glass or plastic, your call. I use glass, not being Eastern European. Then add 1 teaspoon of baking powder, a pinch of salt, some cracked pepper and whisk it about. 

Job well done, pour in a bottle of beer or soda water and stir it up. The mixture should end up like thinnish pancake batter. But that's not all, put half a cup of flour in a bowl next to the batter, you'll use this to dredge the fish.

Done? Salute your endeavor with a glass of wine or something else, your call, no rule, but don't take too long, there's oil to be watched. So glance over at your heavy metal and check the oil's temperature. It should be between 365-70 degrees.

This is important. If the oil's too hot it'll ignite and destroy your kitchen like some kind of air bomb, you don't want that. If it's not, whatever's being fried will sit in the unpleasant oil and become a greasy mess. So, make sure it's hot, I recommend 370*, this will fry your fish without it becoming a grease nightmare.

This achieved, take a piece of fish,  dredge it in flour, coat it in batter and place it in the heavy metal. Watch it boil and fry as you add more fillets to the cauldron. You'll know when they're done, crispy, golden brown awesomeness. 

And just for kicks you can do the same thing for a side, I went down the onion ring route, you may choose differently, your choice.

Then fall upon your scoff, like a warrior,


Tuesday, September 29, 2020



Yes, the Rising Sun didn't look too bright but that's because it was rising over the waters of the lake as we went in search of Stripers.

Yes, a BOAT

Stripers are predatory, voracious beasts and they love live shad. And that's what we were armed with as we headed into the waters of the dammed Brazos, Lake Whitney.


OK, that's all very poetic in a very minor key kind of way, (really? Ed.) but how do you catch the fierce Stripers, what's the method? First off, have a Guide who knows what he's doing.

Looks boring, isn't

We chose Pat because he's good at every level. Friendly and helpful as opposed to sneering because you're not a Guide and, most importantly, gets you on the fish.

Good Guide

Which is what happened, we got on the fish and then some, limiting out in about 45 minutes. Big Striper action, rod goes double once, twice, hookset! Then reel that monster in. Big fun.

Look at that Leviathan on the left!

That done, we headed back to the ramp, mission accomplished. And now there's fish in the freezer for the next few weeks or so.  But seriously, if you want a good Striper Guide on Lake Whitney, go for Pat. He'll get you on the fish.

Fish on,


Monday, September 28, 2020

C'mon Man! Yet More Elder Abuse And Thuggery


C'mon, Man, have you no pity? Good question but we have to ask why the Democrats aren't even pretending to campaign, much less running the most useless, pathetic, hollow, fake of a candidate in living memory.

Surely they don't know they'll lose and aren't hedging their bets on voter fraud or some kind of coup. Heaven forbid, and this raises a serious point.

Jacob Blake Dindu Nuthin

The Left hypocritically refused to accept the result of the last election and, on form, tell us they'll refuse to accept the result of this one if it goes against them. Don't concede under any circumstances, says Hillary to Joe.

Saint Breonna Dindu Nuthin

So much for liberty, representation and our constitutional republic. But they care nothing for that, they want power and want it badly, at any cost. Devil, literally, take the hindmost.

Angels we have heard on high Dindu Nuthin

Be prepared, when 45 becomes 46, for Democrat cities to burn themselves down. Natural selection? Quite. In the meanwhile, a black pimp is running law enforcement on the streets of Seattle.  He's a Street Czar, no kiddin, and they're paying the pimp $150k a year. You couldn't make it up if you tried.

Big Pimpin Dindu Nuthin

In the meanwhile, our Marxist necromancer friends at Black Lives Matter have been paid millions of dollars, conservatively, by guilt ridden opportunists and we have to ask; how much of that not inconsiderable amount of cash has been used to help the life of even a single black person in our country's multiple, Democrat run slums?

Monkey Dindu Somethin

I'm not a betting man, but I'll wager the fighting monkey against six of your priestesses that the sum's not a penny.

Guinea on the monkey, what?

Your Old Friend,


Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Boy's Alright


Hadn't spoken with the Private for a while and Mama LSP was a bit worried, "How's he doing?!?" sort of thing. Probably well, I assured her, suggesting no news is good news. And so perhaps it is; the kid's doing fine, taking courses and getting the most out of the Army so far. Well done. Fit to fight.

Other children take a different course, they want to stick it to the Man because they're revolutionaries and hope to bring about an Anarcho-Communist utopia. It's a beautiful vision, playing out right now in real time in Kentucky. But what's gonna happen when push comes to shove?

I'll cut to the chase. One section of one one platoon would sort out our Marxist friends in about as many seconds as it'd take to say the Biden crime family's corrupt as hell. And don't think for a moment that the rank and file aren't ready to move from safe to fire.

Or do. Give it a go and find out. Regardless, the kid's enjoying S. Korea and levelling up. Well done.



Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Melania is Very Awesome

This is Melania, America's popular and glamorous catholic First Lady.

Melania speaks five languages and used to be a model. She loves our troops.

And they love her. She's the honorary Colonel of many regiments.

Others aren't. Do you think Melania could ever be mistaken for a man?

That is all,


PS. Follow @LoneStarParson on twister. Same message, different platform. Cheers.

Saturday, September 19, 2020

A Constitutional

Leftist heads are exploding across the universe at the prospect of a new Supreme Court Justice to replace Ginsburg. But the mighty Brazos flows on, oblivious to the dying wish of America's iconic  expert on the South African constitution.

Still, the bluffs at the lake stood strong, though the water was high. Higher still and higher until the dam lets out. Not dissimilar, when you think about it, to the pent up fury of the Democrats who stand to see their revolution thwarted by yet another SCOTUS pick.

But that's the point of it all, elections have consequences and there's nothing in the Constitution which says a President can't nominate someone to fill a Supreme Court vacancy in an election year. Rage, froth, and foam all you like while your head explodes, it just isn't there.

So who's the candidate, Amy Barrett? Ted Cruz? Let's see how the deal goes down, but we don't know yet, and neither did the ducks who happily fought for food along the bank. In a few months they might be targets, but not now, right now our target's the Supreme Court and flattening the Marxist curve for decades.

Yes, decades. In the meanwhile, all hail Texas.

Come and take it,


Thursday, September 17, 2020

Yet More Signs

Signs are appearing in this small Texan farming community.

Trump signs, everywhere.

And that's interesting because this town is traditionally Democrat. It has been since the Civil War, when the county raised a brigade of cavalry to fight for the Cause.

So what's happened. Could it be that people aren't impressed by four years of "Trump's a Russian agent!", the Mueller hit job, Kavanaugh frenzy, impeachment and now the spectacle of BLM Marxists and their anarchist friends burning down Democrat cities? 

In short, maybe the hysterical, media-backed, ongoing coup attempt by a party which couldn't accept the fact of its own defeat doesn't sit well with people. 

Who knows, perhaps being told by the Left that America's inherently evil isn't a vote grabber in this town. As in Look at you, you're white, you Nazi, so you'd better repent or we'll burn down your house and loot the supermarket. That's why you have to vote for us. Uh huh.

That in mind, there weren't any Trump signs here in 2016, or very, very few, and that's changed.

Let's see a landslide in November.

Your Pal,


Saturday, August 22, 2020

Lake Whitney Goes MAGA - Boat Parade

I've always liked Lake Whitney, Texas, and now I like it even more after an awesome MAGA boat rally. OK, it wasn't Florida but it wasn't shabby either, with some three or four hundred patriot boats flying the flag.

Marinas and boat ramps served as staging areas and then the armada set off in great good humor, like a Trump rally but on the water. Is Biden holding rallies? Sure, but they're all about destruction, burning down "the system."

Why? Because they're filled with hatred, not least for the country they live in. This was different, everyone had a good time out on the lake in their boats, loving their country. The Left calls this Fascism and hates it, but since when was loving your country, patriotism, synonymous with Mosely and Mussolini? As in, "You love your country? Wow, literally Hitler."

No, idiots, exactly the reverse. This little regatta was all about saying no to our would-be globalist overlords and yes to our autonomy and freedom as a people. To put it another way, we love our country so stop burning it down, shipping our jobs overseas and erasing our borders so that you, the transnational elite, can make even more cash than you already do.

Or something like that. Were the boats armed? Good question, it'd be a terrible thing if someone lost all their weaponry on the waters of lake. Were there any protesters throwing Greek Fire upon the surgingly patriotic seas of Lake Whitney? No. Did everyone have a good time? Yes indeed, what a lot of fun.

So there you have it. There's an energy to the MAGA thing, evident today, which the Left lacks. And no wonder, they destroy, we build.

We say make America great again, they say it's been evil since conception. They ship our industry overseas, we bring it back home. They destroy our nation by removing its borders, we establish sovereignty by protecting them. They erase our personhood by calling it a construct, we affirm it as God-given. We're pro-life, they enthusiastically kill it in the womb and call it freedom. 

Yes indeed, the freedom of the Pit, which is no kind of freedom at all, and that's precisely what's at stake. 

Well done, Lake Whitney, a good day was had by all.